"Hey mister, can you buy this player for me?"

Anyone who has ever wanted to drink before the age of 21 have probably found themselves in the following predicament: I want booze, but the store won't sell it to me.

So what was a solution? SHOULDER-TAP!  For those who are responsible and mature enough to not know what this practice consists of, it is when an underage person walks up to a stranger who is clearly of age and asks them to buy booze for them while offering them some sort of small compensation (10 bucks or so).  Sometimes it works.  If you are my friends and me, you shoulder-tap an off duty police officer.

My point is that the Redskins are trying to keep us from getting Haynesworth (and possibly other players) because we have Washburn, we are in the division, and Haynesworth has proven he can be one of the most dominant D-Lineman in football under the right leadership.  He was voted the strongest player in the league by the players themselves.  Clearly, the Redskins don't have the right leadership and Haynesworth won't/can't produce there. The Eagles do.  What does Snyder and company say?  Lots of dumb things! One being that they want to keep McNabb for the next season.  Stupid.  The other, which was reported a few days ago here on BGN, was that they would keep Haynesworth from becoming an Eagle at all costs. Not stupid... just kind of... rude?  I don't know.  But this reminds me being a kid again looking through the glass at all those beautiful bottles of Captain Morgans and Malibu Rum that I can't have.  Gross. What was I thinking?

Now you may ask yourself why I am so verbose when trying to make a simple point.  The answer is I don't know.  But you probably shouldn't talk to yourself. It's weird.

As a disclaimer, I do think that Fat Al will be cut.  I don't think anyone would take on that huge contract plus give up a pick/player for such a high risk player.  His value has plummeted.  I am also not convinced that he would make a great fit for us.  So whether you think this is the right move or not OR if it's for the right price, you can still help me with my question:

Can we ask a team to trade a pick/player for another player FOR us with a guarantee that we would give them the same compensation back plus a player (most likely one we would cut) or a 5th or 6th round pick?

This question was brought up in the comments of another fanpost earlier, and the only response I got was "Yes, that's a three-team-trade, those rarely happen in football."  My rebuttal was that this isn't really a three team trade.  Those trades go like this (where [R] = redskins, [b]= random team, and [E] = Eagles): [R] gives x to [b], [b] gives y to [E], and [E] gives z to [R]. Everybody passes a card to the left, right?

What this trade would be is two separate trades between three teams.  So [R] gives x to [b] for y, then [b] gives x to [E] for y+z.

Now I understand that another team's draft pick has a different value than ours would.  It wouldn't make sense for the Seahawks to give up their 4th rounder knowing that they'll get our 4th round back because chances are we would end up with a better record rendering our 4th rounder less valuable.  But, of course, there are ways around that and they might think our 6th rounder plus our 4th is worth the drop in value for their 4th.

Does this make any sense? Has this happened before? Can this happen or are there clauses against it? Would this be a wise move?  Would it be ethical? Let me know what you think please.

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