One More about Kolb/Vick...

Then I promise I won't mention Kolb anymore if he gets traded once the league year starts.

I haven't been around too much lately, so people haven't had to deal with my often-contrarian BS, but I wanted to touch on this one more time before Kolb inevitably gets dealt. 

I think Kolb should be kept on the Eagles this year.  At the very least, he should be kept up until the trade deadline.  I understand the basic arguments against it: "Get something for him now or let him walk as a FA and get nothing next year."  and "This team is built to win now, and Vick is a winner; Kolb is unproven."  And I get that most of the arguments in favor of keeping him are oversimplified and not well argued.  Particularly that Vick spends less time injured than he is often reputed to.

With that in mind...

1.  "This team is built to win now.  Vick is a winner; Kolb is unproven."

First of all, good.  A team should be built to win every year.  Second of all, if the goal is to make that deep (championship) run this year, then why not do it now, while we have a somewhat known commodity as a backup, rather than a Kafka or an Unknown Veteran QB?  Kolb's starts have ranged from mediocre to awesome, and I'm not going to bring up numbers since they're likely to be shit on anyway.  Spoiler: they're solid, not great.  Like, way above average backup solid. So if we're really trying to win this year, why not keep a good backup that we already have under contract around for another season.


2.  "Get something for him now, rather than letting him walk for free later." 

Yeah, letting a prospect who at one point very recently was considered the future of the franchise for free is a prospect that is at best questionable, at worst one of the most foolish decisions imaginable.   But consider this for a minute:  What if they kept him as a contingency until the trade deadline?  It might cause for a reduced offer (or it might not).  I seriously doubt that any of the half dozen or so teams who have been linked to Kolb would be less interested in him as a midseason trade, if it means they can still get him.  Why wait, though?  Because...


3.  Vick is still a kind of a question mark.  I'll leave stats out of it, since anyone reading this is probably pretty well versed in what Vick did last year, but he wasn't exactly dominant all year.  He showed flashes of historic greatness, but he also showed flashes of being thoroughly outplayed by Joe Webb.  There was a drop off towards the end of the year, like it or not.  I'm not saying this is a durability issue, but I'm not going to say that is is absolutely not a durability issue, either.  The point is, i don't know.  Yeah, Vick has only missed X number of games due to injury, and therefore doesn't qualify as "injury-prone," but you can't honestly say that he doesn't play a style of football that is conducive to injuries. 

And then there's the thought that I always get flamed for:  Vick, as a career football player, is nothing special.  Last year he was something special for 7 or 8 games, it'd be dumb to say otherwise.  But looking at his career as a whole, he's been... unspectacular, specifically in completion percentage.  (Again, leaving stats out, look them up yourselves.)   The thought of trading Kolb and having Vick regress towards his mean leads to thoughts like being a perennial third-place team in a stacked division, and getting there by going from having two starting quality QBs to none is positively nightmare fuel. 

I'm not going to sit here and say that I think Vick is going to get hurt, or that I think he's going to regress to the mean, but those are both things that could happen, and if either (or both) of them did, I'm pretty sure trading Kolb becomes immediately regrettable. 

Okay, I'm done.

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