H20's FA wishlist offense

I've been pondering who I would like to see in an Eagles uniform next year since they fell to the Packers in the first round of the playoffs last year. Now with a cap floor Philly has a ton of cash they are forced to spend. But, Spending money just for the sake of spending money isn't what I want I want to place it in a few key spots on younger FAs that will provide a starting caliper player, serviceable backup, or quality depth / rotational player. So without further a due lets get it started.

Position: QB

Overview: This is currently a position of huge strength on Philly's roster. It features names like Michael Vick, Kevin Kolb and, Mike Kafka:

Michael Vick is the most exciting player in the game rived by only his teammate DeSean Jackson, however, he takes a lot of hits during the course of a season and as good as he is, if he's on the sideline nursing broken ribs or a bruised sternum he dose us no good. Starting a season outside of Manning (the real one), Brady and, possibly Breeze there is not a player in the game I would rather see under center.

Kevin Kolb: Went into last season as the "QB of the future" the man who was going make us forget the name McNabb, the pocket passer that we've been looking for since "You can't win with a mobile QB". That all changed week 1 just before 1/2 time when Clay Mathews did a number on him. Steeped in for an injured Vick and subbed superbly in 2 1/2 games and is expected to be traded as soon as the new CBA is signed.

Mike Kafka: I'm not sure what to think of him. I've heard he has all types of potential with everything from both a cannon and a wet noodle for an arm. I watched him in limited action in a preseason game he looked good not great but, good. What I think is he could be someone worth keeping an eye on however, should Vick go down I'm not sure I would want him taking the reigns just yet.

The class & wishlist  *should Kolb be traded

Matt Hasselbeck (SEA) – It’s been four years since Matt Hasselbeck has been a statistically good quarterback when he posted a 91.4 QB Rating in 2007. However, there’s been a clear drop-off in the level of talent on the Seahawks roster since then as well. Hasselbeck may be the best back-up option on the free agent market on a team with talent, like Jon Kitna in Dallas. Though it’s not out of the realm of possibilities, I don’t expect Pete Carroll’s team to re-sign him, but instead go in a younger direction.


Marc Bulger (BAL)

Bruce Gradkowski (OAK)


Position RB

Overview: On the surface I ask myself why would we add anyone well we have 1 big name LeSean McCoy after that it's not looking good. In the past there has always been a Buckholder on the roster that could step in and, the drop off wouldn't be too noticeable not the case with this roster.

McCoy: You could make an argument that he would be a starter on anywhere from 25 - 30 NFL teams. Fits Andy's scheme perfectly and, reminds everyone of a young Westbrook.

Eldra Buckley: Has shown flashes of greatness but, most of the time has been unimpressive the rest. I'm not willing to say he's anything more than a 3rd string guy.

Owen Schmitt: As a FB passed the eyeball test after fan favorite Lenoard Weaver tore his ACL. The drop off from Weaver to Schmitt was noticeable however, Weaver was considered by many to be the best FB in the league. Didn't record a single rushing attempt in 2010 but, did catch 19 passes for 136 yards.

Stanley Havili: Former FB out of USC. Used primarily as a blocker. Has more receiving yards than rushing and will fight for a roster spot with Owen Schmitt.

Dion Lewis: I read a great article here at BGN about this kid comparing his numbers to McCoy's while at Pitt. From what I've read I wouldn't mind seeing him the number 3 guy.

The Class and wishlist

Darren Sproles (SD) – With Tolbert seizing the hype out of San Diego, the need for Sproles may have diminished enough where the Chargers may allow him to leave in free agency for a more lucrative offer elsewhere. They heavily utilized him as a receiving back where he eclipsed the 500 yard mark on around 60 receptions. Including returns, he averaged about 10 touches per game, which is probably his ideal number.


Brian Westbrook (SF)

Jerome Harrison (PHI)


Position WO

Overview: Wow ..... nuf said

Thank you Bob

DeSean Jackson: So much has been said about him nothing I can type here will do him justice.

Jeremy Maclin: Great hands, great route runner, break away speed, elusive in space probably one of the most well rounded receivers in the game today.

Jason Avant: In 2009 he did not drop a pass....not one. Last year I remember he dropping a few in the end zone overall a good slot receiver. Rebound may not be the best word however, back on the track of improvement in his catches yards and TDs.

Riley Cooper: At 6'3" 222 LBS he's a big boy. With only 7 catches in 13 games I would like to see his roll increased this season.

Chad Hall: Has been described as a poor man's DeSean Jackson however, I'm not sold and, it wouldn't shock me to see him on or off the roster next year.

The class no wish list here (figures the first time in history that Philly is set at WO it's a nice group)

Vincent Jackson (SD) – The Chargers still have a lot of progress to be made in retaining their own players. Philip Rivers found great success even without his big name receivers earlier in the year, which seems to make Vincent Jackson more expendable. Coach Norv Turner has paid complements to his star receiver, saying he’s a better player this year than he was last, which sends a message to the front office that they shouldn’t hesitate to bring him back in 2011 and onward.

Steve Smith (NYG) – Smith was the perfect slot receiver for the Giants’ terrific threesome and was on his way to his second consecutive 1000-yard season before an injury derailed him in the middle of the year and leaves the start of his 2011 season in jeopardy. The Giants will know his situation best and are therefore the frontrunners for Steve Smith.


Sidney Rice

Santonio Holmes

Braylon Edwards


Position OT

Overview: It's difficult for me to gauge the play here. At times our guys made vick look like he was a 13 YO princess with a chastity belt on... others a college girl who is on birth control for the first time in her life.

Jason Peters: Monster, big, strong, good side to side, one of the top 5 in the game.

Winston Justice: Good but, not great. He had a great 09 season than regressed a bit in 2010. Clay Mathews took his lunch money again and, again and,.... But, when playing against the 4-3 Defenses he looked like he belonged in the Pro Bowl. Once again I'm not sure how I think about him.

King Dunlap: On PFT he grades out very well. However, I don't remember him passing the eyeball test last year. I think he would be a great backup / spell guy but, I would like to see something more from him.

Austin Howard: I read going into the preseason that he looked great and was one of those "Gems" that everyone talks so much about. Than the back injury.... Played in 4 games last year started 1 (the cowboys backup game) and, for what it's worth I don't remember him being bad.

The class & wishlist

Doug Free (DAL) – After parting ways with lifelong Cowboy, Flozell Adams, the Cowboys may have found their left tackle for the next decade in Doug Free. He isn’t quite the same run blocker, but he’s proven to be a significant upgrade in pass protection over what Adams has been the last several years. Free has 7 false starts this year, but has also only allowed 5 sacks. This would be a huge win.

Matt Light (NE) – Light will be 33 next season and coming off his worst season in several years giving up double digit sacks on the left side. 2nd year right tackle Sebastian Vollmer is coming off an All-Pro caliber season at right tackle and has proven capable of stonewalling pass rushers from the left side as well.*As a 1 year deal insurance policy.


Jermon Bushrod

Willie Colon

Position OG / C

Overview: We suck so I'll go straight into the wishlist

Logan Mankins (NE) – The return of Logan Mankins has reinstalled some more nasty into the offensive line and bolstered protection for Tom Brady who has been able to sit back in the pocket and not force throws. With his return, the Patriots have sustained success in the run game with Green-Ellis and Danny Woodhead, an unlikely tandem. Though he isn’t playing at quite the same level he was the past three seasons, Mankins continues to be one of the top guards in the league and will be handsomely rewarded this offseason.

Harvey Dahl (ATL) – Ask opposing players who have faced Harvey Dahl and they’ll tell you that the right guard brings some extra nasty with him every week. He and Clabo combine to form a physical, dominant right side for the Atlanta Falcons, which allows the offense to control the line of scrimmage. Expect both to re-sign in Atlanta.

Ryan Kalil (CAR) – The Panthers have an uphill battle to return to the playoffs and seemingly have holes at nearly every position. However, center is not one of them, with Ryan Kalil playing consistently good football for them for the entirety of his rookie contract. Re-signing Kalil is the biggest no-brainer the Panthers have this year outside of drafting Andrew Luck if he decides to come out. Just don’t expect the team to use the franchise tag on him as offensive linemen are grouped together for the tag values, which means he’d be making the money of an offensive tackle.

Position TE

Overview: Fix the Line and our TEs will shine.

Brent Celek: Much has been said about his decline last year however, he was asked to stay in and block much more so his diminished numbers should be a shock to no one.

Clay Harbor: Not sure how to think about him so I'm going to refer to the BGN overall view of he's got potential but, needs time and opportunity.

Cornelius Ingram: I have said on this website that you will be the steal of the draft, he's going to be a monster, everything you're looking for in a TE, the 2nd coming of Chad Lewis. I hope you can get healthy but, hope is not a strategy and, at some point this team may be thinking about cutting it's losses.

The class and wishlist

Zach Miller:  A top priority for the Raiders following a new labor deal will be to bring back impending free-agent TE Miller. Miller may be an unrestricted free agent depending on the rules. Or he could be retained with a first- and third-round tender applied before the lockout. The chances of the team bringing Miller back are considered very good.

Kevin Boss: No reason to think he won't be back in a Giants uniform ... Except they are broke and this may leave Boss searching for a new team.


Donald Lee

Jeff King



And BobQ I referred to your posts a few times thank you for making my work a bit easier.

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