Free agency



Andy Reid: Well the lockout is almost over .. time to get to work.. how is the free agent class looking

Howie roseman: Well andy i was on BGN the other day and someone mentioned the name vonta leach



AR: Come again?

Howie: Vonta leach .. hes the full back from the texans who blocked last year for arian foster leading to his break out season

AR: What the hell is a full back?

Howie: A full back lead blocks for the running back so they can run the ball effectively

AR: we already have some quality fullbacks on this roster howie

Howie: who are you refering to?

AR: First of all im not sure what this running the ball is .. but I think mike can fill that postion very well

Howie: But coach we dont have any FBs named mike

AR: Sure we do.. mike patterson .. i know my own team thank you



Howie: Hes a defensive tackle though!

AR: You said block for the running back.. thats what defensive tackles do .. whos the coach here ..

Howie: ok coach speaking of DTs what do you think about bringing in albert haynesworth


AR: Hey now theres an idea i like

Howie: Did coach washburn talk you into that?

AR: No i just love the big guys. Us big guys need to stick together, unless its at old country buffet than its every man for himself

Howie: Well coach i dont know about your logic, but i do like the idea of bringing in albert. He could really anchor our defense, plus he thrives in jim washburns system

AR: Get it done! tell him about our pregame meal and the Cheesesteaks! no one can resist the cheesesteaks .. thats how Jeff got me.. he had me at wiz with

Howie: Coach what do you think we should do about our corner back spot?

AR: we have asante and ellis hobbs dont we?

Howie: i dont think hobbs is ever going to play again coach


AR: damn thats a shame! we better find someone, i dont want that bum dimitri patterson on my field again

Howie: Coach thats the first intelligent thing ive heard all day.. what do you think about Lindley? Some kid wildeagle has written me 1000 letters telling me he is going to be the next rod woodson

AR: Who the hell is wild eagle?

Howie: Good point coach. We better find someone... asomugha is available .. hes one of the better corners in the league if not the best


AR: Absolutley not! theres no way i can pronounce that name .. i couldnt even pronounce terell .. thats why i had to get rid of owens

Howie: i thought he was let go beacuse of other reasons

AR: are you crazy.. that man almost won us the superbowl on one leg .. hes a beast! damn i wish we could of kept him .. why couldnt he have changed his name to ocho uno .. that would of been perfect




Howie: well coach he is a free agent but im not sure we need any WRs, except maybe plaxico buress .. he keeps calling and asking for you


AR: Plax! thats my boy .. he will certainly be an eagle .. hes good friends with my sons .. they were in the same cell block

Howie: i wouldnt mind adding him if he came cheap, he could be a nice red zone target for vick. Besides, desean seems to really like him too

AR: Give him like 5 million a year .. thats my boy

Howie: well leave the contract talks to me coach. back to the main issue here,, what are we going to do about this cornerback postion

AR: who else is out there?

Howie: well theres asomugha, ike taylor, brent grimes, jonathan joseph

AR: Wait did you say jonathan joseph! stop right there ive heard enough. JIBTA was just telling me the other day that he was one of the best young cornerbacks in the game ... get it done! if JIBTA says hes good than i want him .. that guy is a genius



Howie: Well i cant argue with that.. he did tell us to get Vick, draft jack, and rreplace akers.. hes a pretty smart guy .. Joseph will be the first call i make




AR: what a shame about jack He would have been our probowl Corner if that crazy fan from BGN didnt jump him and reinjure his knee! They just couldnt let JIBTA BE RIGHT

Howie: well coach one last thing.. what do you think we should do about our linebackers .. bradley and sims are both question marks.. should we bring them back?

AR: I dont think we should.. they didnt do anything to impress me.. i like sims cuz hes athletic fast and black, but i could do with out him.. Bradley cant even dress himself .. ill pass on him to

Howie: ok well i know Chaney will be starting .. what about fokou?

AR: he sucks .. try and trade him .. i dont like his name either

Howie: but coach we do need to have some lbs to play defense

AR: howie relax , i have trotters number on speed dial



Howie: isnt he like 40 with two bad knees?

AR: nonsense, Trotter is a great linebacker.. the best ive ever coached

Howie: well dhani banjo jones, mark simeneu, and carlos emmons were pretty decent

AR: Howie it was an air guitar get it strait .. and JIBTA tells me we may have found a gem in brian rolle .. he thinks hes gonna be special



Howie: wow JIBTA said that .. damn maybe we will be ok than ..Dreadlocks too! Brian rolle and chaney will give us two good young lbs along with casey mathews .. but ill still look and see if there are any veterns worth bringing in

AR: Well i think we will be ok.. im heading to Golden corral .. we can discuss this more next week howie

Howie: ok coach ... ill take care of everything dont worry

AR:Dont worry howie, cuz  i never worry

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