Without Vick will the Eagles season remain flightless?

It looks highly likely that as soon as the lockout is lifted, (if it is lifted) a move might be imminent for the Eagles Kevin Kolb in the free agency market.

Kolb has already made it clear he wants to be a starter in the NFL and judging by Vick's phenomenal season in 2010 it doesn't seem likely he will feature in the Eagles plans any time soon.

Kolb has already been linked with many teams in desperate need of a QB, the latest being the Cleveland Browns. This move seems unrealistic however considering the Browns already have Colt McCoy in his second season with the offence and the last thing Kolb needs is a fight for starting position with a player he might not be able to better.

No matter where Kolb ends up I fear it could leave the Eagles looking very bare in the quarterback department.

Starting quarterback Michael Vick returned to the NFL emphatically last season, producing clutch touchdowns and key downs when required. Many question whether he can produce the same performances that he did for the upcoming 2011 season however.

In 2002, for the first time Vick started every game with the Falcons. He threw for just under 3,000 yards, 16 touchdowns and 8 interceptions. This season proved to be the most impressive and he never bettered this performance during his time at the Falcons. Interceptions and fumbles became more apparent, and his quarterback rating dropped. So will we see a similar outcome again at the Eagles?

Admittedly Vick had his most positive season to date last season with the Eagles, posting his first quarterback rating average above 100, but did he produce this because he had a point to prove?

Defences will be more weary of his abilities next season as well. The Eagles thrived on their big game changing abilities in 2010 which I doubt will be so accessible again.

Vick showed his toughness and ability to get the job done when required, but his physical and stubborn method of obtaining yards could see him get into trouble. It was clear he was a huge target for many pass rushers and with Kolb out of the picture, and Vick ailing, it begs the question of whether Eagles hopes of the playoffs will greatly diminish in this scenario.

Currently without Kolb or Vick the leadership responsibility could fall to Mike Kafka. Kafka, 23, was the fifth QB selected in the 2010 draft behind Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow, Jimmy Clausen and Colt McCoy. He is quick, able to run like Vick but still has a lot to learn.

Kafka is yet to feature in his first NFL game, having only played in the four preseason matches of 2010. In those four matches Kafka threw three picks and one touchdown but it was all very valuable experience for the youngster.

Kafka still obviously has weaknesses at present in his strength and accuracy so will he be able to cope with the pressure in the event of a Vick injury, or will Andy Reid be prepared to pick up a replacement in the free agency?
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