BGN NFL Draft Thread #6

There have been some rumblings about an all NFL draft where we could put together NFL teams and we just needed someone to set it up. I've got nothing but free time now that I'm out of school until August so I'll do the honors. Explanation and rules after the jump.

New Schedule is up.

Welcome to the NFL Fantasy Draft here on BSPN, where each person who participates will compete to put together the best fantasy team. Here's the way the fantasy draft works. Any player in the NFL is eligible for you to draft (including rookies). The draft order will be determined at random by The draft will continue until each team has fills each of their 31 spots, there are no requirements at any position other than you must be able to field a starting line up (at least 1 RB and 2 WRs on offense for example).  Each team can pick its own defense and offense to play. You can run a 4-3 or 3-4. You don't have to draft a FB if you want 2 TEs, Etc. And feel free to move people around too. Do you want Ndamukong Suh to play 3-4 DE? Go for it. Would you like to move Trent Cole to OLB in your 3-4 defense? Go right on ahead. Feeling like moving DeMarcus Ware to 4-3 DE? Do it. Do you want to draft Jason Peters as a RT? Shoot. You could even draft Rex Ryan as a defensive coordinator and Marty Morninwheg as a head coach if you would like. Move players around just be aware that bad switches could hurt you in voting. Ultimately, your roster should end up looking something like this:



Extra Player Of Your Choosing:

KR: No extra picks for these two spots so draft wisely.

Head Coach:
Offensive Coordinator:
Defensive Coordinator:

So you will be making 31 picks in total. This will be a snake draft.

When making a selection, please post (1) the name of the selected player and a picture if you can; (2) identify the position the player is being drafted to play; and (3) and if you have the time, the reason for making the pick. We are free to discuss each team's pick and rationale, etc. Just like the NFL draft, if a team is late in making its selection, the next team drafting can jump over that team. After each pick, this thread will be updated to reflect the team's roster. We are going to ask each team to draft at least 2 players per day. When all of the rosters have been selected, we will put them to a vote (no cheating, I'm looking at you DDay).

Once we get enough people to get this going I will make a separate thread for player selections that will be used for player selections only. This thread will be for discussion purposes, feel free to talk smack about someone else's team, debate whether or not a pick was a good one and if you're brave enough to tip your pick you can talk about guys left on the board that you like. It's free game in here but the other post is going to be strictly business, picks only please.

Here is the link to the selection thread.

Here is the draft order:


Round 25



Team & Time

Pick 303

Imp (1:00)

Pick 304

BigBlueIntervention (1:10)

Pick 305

Rockstaar02  (1:20)

Pick 306

Talon Talent (1:30)

Pick 307

Anuj (1:40)

Pick 308

D-jackfan10 (1:50)

Pick 309

WarGeist (2:00)

Pick 310

Starship 007 (2:10)

Pick 311

Wild_Eagle (2:20)

Pick 312

Dday (2:30)

Pick 313

Udalango (2:40)

Pick 314

Mr.electric10  (2:50)

Pick 315

Number5 (3:00)


Round 26 Draft Order



Team & Time

Pick 226

Number5 (3:00)

Pick 227

Mr.electric10 (3:10)

Pick 228

Udalango (3:20)

Pick 229

Dday (3:30)

Pick 230

Wild_Eag;e (3:40)

Pick 231

Starship 007 (3:50)

Pick 232

WarGeist (4:00)

Pick 233

D-jackfan10 (4;10)

Pick 234

Anuj (4:20)

Pick 235

Talon Talent (4:30)

Pick 236

Rockstaar02 (4:40)

Pick 237

BigBlueIntervention (4:50)

Pick 238

Imp (5:00)

Pick 239

Dterpfan (5:10)

Pick 240

EaglesandRavensFan (5:20)


Round 27




Pick 241

EaglesandRavensFan (5:20)

Pick 242

Dterpfan (5:30)

Pick 243

Imp (5:40)

Pick 244

BigBlueIntervention (5:50)

Pick 245

Rockstaar02 (6:00)

Pick 246

Talon Talent (6:10)

Pick 247

Anuj (6:20)

Pick 248

D-jackfan10 (6:30)

Pick 249

WarGeist (6:40)

Pick 250

Starship 007 (6:50)

Pick 251

Wild_Eagle (7:00)

Pick 252

Dday (7:10)

Pick 253

Udalango (7:20)

Pick 254

Mr.electric10 (7:30)

Pick 255

Number5 (7:40)


Round 28



Team & Time

Pick 226

Number5 (7:40)

Pick 227

Mr.electric10  (7:50)

Pick 228

Udalango (8:00)

Pick 229

Dday (8:10)

Pick 230

Wild_Eag;e (8:20)

Pick 231

Starship 007 (8:30)

Pick 232

WarGeist (8:40)

Pick 233

D-jackfan10 (8:50)

Pick 234

Anuj (9:00)

Pick 235

Talon Talent (9:10)

Pick 236

Rockstaar02 (9:20)

Pick 237

BigBlueIntervention (9:30)

Pick 238

Imp (9:40)

Pick 239

Dterpfan (9:50)

Pick 240

EaglesandRavensFan (10:00)

This schedule isn't the end all be all. If the person in front of you already made their pick feel free to make yours. If we've got everyone here and we're flying through it we most certainly can knock out more than is scheduled. If you've got the first pick the next day you don't have to wait until 5:30 to make it, you can make your pick whenever you want. This schedule is only the baseline to keep things organized and let you guys know when you're on the clock not to regulate the entire thing. The one thing is though that if someone makes a pick early the person behind them isn't off the clock until their pick expires according to the schedule.

I will also do my best to update the rosters of your teams in this post but I'm not going to be able to get to it all the time (I sleep and work after all) so try and keep track of your own teams and who has and hasn't been picked for yourselves as well.

Results Thus Far:

Round 1:

1. Michael Vick
2. Aaron Rodgers
3. Joe Thomas
4. Tom Brady
5. Troy Polamalu
6. Ndamukong Suh
7. Drew Brees
8. Philip Rivers
9. Nnamdi Asomugha
10. Darrelle Revis
11. LeSean McCoy
12. Calvin Johnson
13. Dick Lebeau
14. Patrick Willis
15. Adrian Peterson

Round 2:

16. Matt Ryan
17. Clay Matthews
18. Haloti Ngata
19. Andre Johnson
20. Ben Roethlisberger
21. Arian Foster
22. Sam Bradford
23. DeMarcus Ware
24. Chris Johnson
25. Peyton Manning
26. Ed Reed
27. Jake Long
28. Trent Cole
29. Mario Williams
30. Jamaal Charles

Round 3:

31. Brandon Lloyd
32. Jerod Mayo
33. Justin Tuck
34. Julius Peppers
35. Jared Allen
36. Larry Fitzgerald
37. Ryan Clady
38. Greg Jennings
39. Roddy White
40. Josh Freeman
41. Asante Samuel
42. Jason Peters
43. Ray Lewis
44. Jordan Gross
45. Jon Beason

Round 4:

46. Elvis Dumervil
47. Tamba Hali
48. Matt Schaub
49. Ray Rice
50. DeSean Jackson
51. Eric Berry
52. Cameron Wake
53. Kyle Williams
54. Dwight Freeney
55. Logan Mankins
56. James Harrison
57. Terrell Suggs
58. Chad Greenway
59. Maurice Jones-Drew
60. BJ Raji

Round 5:

61. Maurkice Pouncey
62. Devin McCourty
63. Demeco Ryans
64. Jay Ratliff
65. Patrick Peterson
66. Jermon Bushrod
67. LaMarr Woodley
68. Brian Orakpo
69. Darren McFadden
70. Mike Wallace
71. Hakeem Nicks
72. Eli Manning
73. Vincent Jackson
74. Vince Wilfork
75. Reggie Wayne

Round 6:

76. Jahri Evans
77. Dwayne Bowe
78. Charles Woodson
79. Adrian Wilson
80. William Moore
81. D'Brickshaw Ferguson
82. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie
83. Vontae Davis
84. Tramon Williams
85. Robert Mathis
86. Kevin Kolb
87. Brandon Flowers
88. Nick Collins
89. Jeremy Maclin
90. Jonathan Joseph

Round 7:

91. Antonio Gates
92. Darnell Dockett
93. Jim Leonhard
94. Eric Weddle
95. Dez Bryant
96. Kevin Williams
97. Osi Umenyoria
98. Nick Mangold
99. Tyson Clabo
100. Jason Babin
101. Earl Thomas
102. Alex Mack
103. Brian Dawkins
104. Carl Nicks
105. Antonio Gates

Round 8:
106. Vernon Davis
107. Matt Stafford
108. Plaxico Burress
109. Leon Hall
110. Albert Haynesworth
111. Dallas Clark
112. Antoine Bathea
113. Lawrence Timmons
114.  David Harris
115. Joe Haden
116. Mike Williams
117. Jason Witten
118. Aqib Talib
119. Michael Roos
120. Charles Godfrey

Round 9:
121. Josh Sitton
122. Michael Griffin
123. Miles Austin
124. Frank Gore
125. Rashard Mendenhall
126. Ryan Kalil
127.Laron Landry
128. Brandon Marshall
129. Harvey Dahl
130. Stevie Johnson
131. Tony Brown
132. Michael Oher
133. Mike Martz
134. Cortland Finnegan
135. Corey Webster

Round 10:
136. Sidney Rice
137. Justin Smith
138. Steve Smith
139. Charles Johnson
140. Brent Grimes
141. Kris Dielman
142. Von Miller
143. Chris Snee
144. Antonio Cromartie
145. Jake Scott
146. Jonathan Vilma

147. Kevin Kolb
148. Tony Romo

149. Todd Herremans

150. Kamerion Wimbley

Round 11:

151. Sebastian Vollmer
152. AJ Green
153. Marcedes Lewis
154. Matt Birk

155. Doug Free

156. Jermichael Finley

157. Santonio Holmes
158. Percy Harvin

159. Anquan Boldin

160. Carlos Dunlap

161. John Abraham

162. Antoine Winfield

163. Sean Smith

164. Marques Colston

165. Lance Briggs

Round 12:

166. Brandon Meriweather

167. Marshal Yanda

168. Jamar Chaney

169. Jermaine Gresham

170. Anthony Davis

171. OJ Atogwe

172. Tyvon Branch

173. Champ Bailey
174. Kenny Phillips

175. Michael Crabtree

176. Mike Sims-Walker

177. Kenny Britt

178. Brandon Mebane

179. Richard Marshall

180. Osi Umenyoria

Round 13

181. Braylon Edwards

182. Chris Long

183. Matt Forte

184. Stephen Tulloch

185. Pierre Garcon

186. Charles Tillman

187. Wes Welker

188. Richard Seymour

189. Cullen Jenkins

190. Nick Fairley

191. Joe Staley

192. Sean Weatherspoon

193. Tony Gonzalez

194. Brandon Carr

195. DeAngelo Hall

Round 14

196. Jairus Byrd

197. Antrel Rolle

198. James Farrior

199. Rolando McClain

200. Ray Edwards

201. Brian Waters

202. Calais Campbell

203. Rob Gronkowski

204. Sedrick Ellis

205. Steven Jackson

206. Matt Shuaghnessy

207. Cliff Avril

208. Justin Blalock

209. Paul Posluszny

210. Kevin Burnett

Round 15

211. Jacoby Ford

212. Zach Miller

213. Jonathan Stewart

214. Steve Smith

215. Anthony Spencer

216. Curtis Lofton

217. Geno Hayes

218. Peyton Hillis

219. AJ Hawk

220. Andre Gurode

221. Barrett Ruud

222. Marcel Dareus

223. Ryan Diem

224. Karlos Dansby

225. Jeff Otah

Round 16.

226. Jared Gaither

227. Brandon Pettigrew

228. DeAngelo Williams

229. Mike Iupati

230. Aaron Curry

231. Brian Cushing

232. Brandon Spikes

233. Ben Grubbs

234. Brent Celek

235. DJ Williams

236. Leonard Davis

237. Malcolm Jenkins

238. Benjarvus Green-Ellis

239. Mike Pouncey

240. TJ Ward

Round 17

241. Kendall Langford

242. Roman Harper

243. Davin Joseph

244. Rashean Mathis

245. Prince Amukamara

246. Will Smith

247. Brandon Moore

248. Bart Scott

249. LeGarrette Blount

250. Bill Belichick

251. Brett Keisel

252. Rey Mualuaga

253. Keith Rivers

254. Michael Turner

255. Antoinio Garay

Round 18

256. Gerald McCoy

257. Glenn Dorsey

258. Marcus McNeil

259. Mike McCarthy

260. Jason Smith

261. London Fletcher

262. Matt Light

263. Russell Okung

264. Eric Steinbach

265. Vladmir Ducasse

266. ???

267. Tyson Alualu

268. Brodrick Bunkley

269. Donald Penn

270. Tony Moeaki

Round 19

271. Eric Winston

272. Antonio Dixon

273. Duane Brown

274. Mike Williams

275. ???

276. Donte Whitner

277. David Diehl

278. Michael Huff

279. Steve Hutchinson

280. Tommie Harris

281. Steve Spagnuolo

282. Chris Kuper

283. Kyle DeVan

284. Phil Loadholt

285. Jason Brown

Round 20

286. Tracy Porter

287. Rex Ryan

288. Mike Pollak

289. ???

290. Olin Kruetz

291. ???

292. Kellen Winslow Jr.

293. Dawan Landry

294. Amobi Okeye

295. Derrick Johnson


With all that said, let's get this started and have some fun during these tedious NFL times. And if you could please rec this to keep it at the top of the page that would be great.

And please note the schedule, it has been adjusted to reflect yesterday's results and progress.

Also three more things:

1. Please try not to comment in the selection thread. I accidentally did it myself but we don't want to clutter it up. We want it as simple, clean and easy to read. And no The Real LT, there is absolutely no reason for you to say things in that thread, none at all.

2. For the record, if you’re not able to make your pick in on time, post your big board in here not the other thread if you’re going to do that and someone will put the pick in for you. If you do not want to tip the pick then you can email your list to someone who will help you or DM them on twitter or something. If someone makes a pick before the person picking in front of them, the pick is void and you will be skipped until you return to thread. NO EARLY PICKS.

3. Send someone a big board!

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