The Linc - NFL Gets Its Day In Court

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - MAY 17: NFL lawyer Jeff Pash (L), NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Art Rooney II (R), president of the Pittsburgh Steelers arrive for court ordered mediation at the U.S. Courthouse on May 17, 2011 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. As the NFL lockout remains in place mediation was ordered after a hearing on an antitrust lawsuit filed by NFL players against the NFL owners after labor talks between the two broke down in March. (Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)

NFL, union to square off in St. Louis courtroom - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
Although there is no guarantee of a 2011 NFL season, the league and its players are set for the Super Bowl. Of litigation, that is.

Reid is no Buddy to Eagles players | Philadelphia Daily News | 06/03/2011
THE EAGLES ONCE HAD a football coach who so publicly sided with the players during a work stoppage that it likely began the chain of events that got him fired 3 years after the strike was over.

Iggles Blitz " Blog Archive " More On Plaxico As A Possible Eagle
Plaxico caught 26 TDs in his last 41 games as a Giant. Plenty of those came in the Red Zone, and more than a few came against us. Just ask Sheldon Brown. I’m sure he still wakes up in a cold sweat at times when having flashback nightmares. Plaxico wouldn’t be an answer to our Red Zone struggles, but he could be a big help.

Ranking the NFC East running backs, individually – Blogging the bEast
Yesterday, we got the punters out of the way, so today we’ll do one that’s a little more fun – the running backs. As always, these are not just rankings of who the best player is.

Local Girl Wins Scripps National Spelling Bee - Four For Four - SB Nation Philly
Sukanya Roy of South Abington Township, PA spelled the word "cymotrichous" to win the 84th annual Scripps Spelling Bee. Does this count as a title for our area?

We've got more after the jump, including a great quote about the Dallas Cowboys.

Eagles' Maclin, Kafka work out again in N.J.
Jeremy Maclin and Mike Kafka welcomed a light workout in New Jersey Thursday morning after Wednesday's intense session in 90-plus degree heat. By Dave Zangaro

Danario Alexader joins Jeremy Maclin for workouts - Turf Show Times
St. Louis Rams WR Danario Alexander joined his former Missouri teammate for workouts today. A number of Maclin's other Mizzou teammates are in South Jersey as well.

Everyone enjoys a little Cowboys schadenfreude | ProFootballTalk
Paul Zimmerman used a quote for his 1988 book Duane Thomas and the Fall of America’s Team that seems appropriate here. It was written by Terrence Gallagher of the Instrument and Apparatus News back in 1982, but still rings true: "There are three types of people in the civilized world," Gallagher wrote. "There are those who love the Dallas Cowboys, those who hate the Dallas Cowboys, and those who don’t know who or what the Dallas Cowboys are. "I call these people Group A, B, and C, respectively. I have never met a Group C person, but reliable sources informed me they do exist — they live mostly along the west bank of the Amazon. "Group B people are paragons of mankind. They are superior in every way to Group A and Group C. Group A (except those living in or near Dallas, who have been brainwashed since birth and have long ago lost all ability to make rational decisions) should be shunned at all costs. They are not to be trusted."

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