A Look at 14 Big Name Potential Off-Season Eagles Additions

The lockout has had several negative effects despite not missing training camp. We can't sign our rookies yet. We can't sign undrafted players. Worst of all we havn't had free agency. Just about every potential free agent has been rumored to be a possibility regardless of whether we have a need for set player or how they would fit in our system.


Matt Hasselback- This is all about Eagles' fans and writers having no faith in Michael Vick's body making it through a season and Mike Kafka being a reliable backup. Hasselback knows the West Coast Offense and has played for Andy Reid's former mentor/boss, Mike Holmgren. He would be a good backup but unless he is coming here for a ring he would probably cost a little bit much for just a backup. I also seriously doubt his desire to be a backup after leading his team to a playoff win last season. I think he signs a one year deal to stay in Seattle or possibly longer deal and remains their starter for at least one more season.

10% chance we sign him


Bruce Gradkowski- Familiar with the WCO from his days playing for Jon Gruden in Tampa Bay. Never been a full time starter and his numbers aren't very appealing. A lot of people seem to like the idea of Brucey being our backup but to me he isn't worth it. How is he that much better as a backup option than Kafka? I'd rather see us stick with Kafka as our backup and sign some undrafted QB as a project to develop.

5% chance


Reggie Bush- Another popular player for us to sign. He would make sense as he can catch as well as he can run and he could be our return guy. But here's the problem, he is willing to rework is contract to stay in New Orleans. Even if he doesn't, I think he would want too much money. He can't stay healthy anymore either. I would welcome his ability on our team. He is exactly what Andy Reid wants in a backup RB, but not for his price or injury risk. I like Dion Lewis as our backup, plus we don't run the ball to have two high profile backs.

0% chance, Saints want him and he wants to be a Saint


Darren Sproles- I like Sproles a lot, but this isn't going to happen. Last March the Chargers tendered him with a 7.3 mil deal and it would also cost a team a 1st and 3rd rounder to sign him. He would be a great addition, but maybe not til next year.

0% chance


Lawerence Vickers- Maybe the most underrated fullback in the NFL. Was the lead blocker when Jamal Lewis ran for over 1,000 yards while past his prime in 2007 and 2008 and again when Peyton Hillis broke out last year. He has been under utilized and a team that likes to use the fullback in the passing game like we do could attract him. Vickers isn't going back to Cleveland. They drafted a fullback in the 4th round and absolutley no contact has occured between GM Tom Heckert and Vickers. Don't get me wrong, I like Owen Schmitt but Vickers is clearly an upgrade.

25% chance


Plaxico Burress- We've already debated this pretty hard so I'll make this short. Plax has hinted he would like to play with Michael Vick in Philly. But, there are several teams that would give him more money and a bigger role(STL, BUF,MIA, SF). He isn't going to take less money to get a ring, he got one in 2007. It just doesn't seem likely that he would take on a smaller role and less money unless he just really wants to be around Vick.

10% chance


Tyson Clabo- Many have hinted in Atlanta thay he may be looking for a bigger deal in the open market. He plays the right tackle position, which we already have two with Justice and King. Justice looked terrible in 2010 and though everyone blames it on his knee, who knows if he is really healthy going in to 2011. Clabo would be a perfect fit. He isn't very athletic for a tackle, but he makes up for it by his effort and intensity. He is the ideal player for Howard Mudd. He is 30 though and we do have two offensive tackles who may be deserving of the starting job. Clabo will command a big contract, so we probably couldn't sign Clabo and Nnamdi.

20% chance


Albert Haynesworth- Another hot topic free agent. Coach Wash wants him, Albert wants to play for him-that's enough for me. But there's more, he would dominate the Redskins twice a year. Albert Haynesworth would like nothing more to stick it to Mike Shanahan and I for one don't want our front office to stand in his way. He needs to get back in shape and stop feeling up waitresses, but I don't think that is something Mr. Washburn couldn't handle.

90% chance


Jason Babin- Another Jim Washburn success story. Babin was a former first round draft pick and completley sucked. He goes to Tennessee and has a 13 sack year. He has had one good year in his entire career. In the previous three seasons before his breakout this year, he had a combined 4.5 sacks in 21 games. He has said he would come back to Philly "If the price was right". Yeah, no thanks. Go somewhere else for your big payday, we have guys close to his ability like Tapp who can get the job done. Besides, if we bring in Haynesworth he will have enough of an impact to make his line mates look like HOFers.

30% chance


Charles Johnson- He's only 25 and he is coming off a season with 12 sacks. He isn't proven enough to get ridiculous money, but could get a  big contract in the open market. I don't think Carolina lets him go, but if we wants to play for a winner now they won't have a choice. I think he will demand too much money for the Eagles to sign him unless Howie and Andy believe that our pass rush is the top priority. I think if he isn't resinged by Carolina we could offer him a deal, but I think it's unlikely he isn't a Panther in 2011.

19% chance


Nnamdi Asomugha- I think we beat this to death a while ago. Nnamdi is the best cornerback on the market, we need a cornerback like LeBron James needs courage. Nnamdi is the best and if he teamed up with Asante we would have one of the best corner duos in NFL history. He would cost at least 15 mil a season, so that would cut back on our other needs. There our cheaper alternatives that aren't on his level, but are a vast improvment over Dimitri Patterson.

50% chance


Johnathan Joseph-   Our backup plan or plan B. Maybe. The Bengals are a mess and their owner is tighter with money than Alan Harper. If JJ decides to test the market he should bring in about 7-10 mil a year. He is only 27, so he has more long term benefits than Nnamdi who is in his early 30s. Joseph is coming off a down year but was spectacular in 2009. The money we spend on Nnamdi would be pretty close to the money we spend on both Albert and JJ and maybe a backup QB if we go that route. If Nnamdi isn't our #1 goal in free agency, JJ would make a ton of sense.

25% chance 


Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie- Not a free agent but a lot of trade rumors surrounding DRC coming here. He is the cheapest option by far, his next two years he is set to make a whopping 2 mil with a player option for 650K in 2013. We could trade for him and let him start for two years and than let Lind or Marsh replace him and maybe both if we release Asante after the 2012 season.



Steve Weatherford-  Okay, this is probably the least talked about player on my list. He was the Jets punter but is now an UFA. Sav Rocca hasn't been bad but he is just okay. His average is only 0.1 yards better than Sav, but did down 20 punts inside the 10 yard line last year compared to Sav's 3. Weatherford also has ability as a kickoff man, something we will need with Akers leaving and rook Henery having not much recent expereince on kickoffs. Weatherford is currently just 28 so we could lock up our punter spot for the next 7 years.


1% chance, I just don't think our front office cares that much about the punter spot. We probably sign someone undrafted to add competition in training camp.

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