My top 5 targets in FA.. and my 5 "no-go" guys.

Loooong offseason with nothing to talk about...


Well here's basically what this is.. A wish list for the 5 players I'd like to see in Eagles Green (in order) and why.. Now this doesn't mean I expect to get anybody, this doesn't mean that I'm crazy, I'm not looking at cap, I'm just listing the 5 guys I want (there are more but I could write for years)... 


I'm going to list the 5 guys I think the Eagles should avoid and my justification as to why.... 

***Note, I'm assuming under the new CBA UFA's will only need 4 years.

Top 5 FA's.

5. Bruce Gradkowski, QB (Oakland)- Bruce is a guy who pretty much plays like Jeff Garcia. He's a fiery type of guy, doesn't have elite mobility but enough to move up and makes some plays, he's got a decent arm and is generally pretty accurate. The reason I have him in at #5 is because we're pretty much certain to deal Kolb and while I love Kafka and I know the Coaching staff does to you just have to get somebody in who can back up Vick for another year or two. Gradkowski's that guy, he did it in Oakland where he was actually leading the team to wins before he got hurt, he did it with the Buc's for a few years.. He's basically a Jeff Garcia clone in my mind.

4. John Kuhn, FB (Green Bay)- Kuhn was tendered, which under the leaked CBA beliefs would make him available. Now people let's not jump off the deep end here.. With Weaver most likely being finished, Havili being a rookie whom I don't give two turds about and Schmitt being solid-yet-unspectacular we need to bring in a guy, and Kuhn would instantly upgrade the FB position and he's got a pretty good ability to actually run the ball like Weaver did in 2009.. Now if we cannot get him then we stick with Weaver or Schmitt.

3. Quintin Mikell, FS (Philly!)- Not ready to let this guy go yet, he's still got some left in the tank.. We need a veteran presence who can stay healthy in our Safety core to help Nate Allen and Kurt Coleman mature a little more, and teach Jarrett how to be a SS in the NFL. I think resigning Mikell would be a smart idea especially with Nate Allen saying he's only 85% as of right now.

2. Nnamdi Asomugha, CB (Oakland)- Best CB in the game of football, he'd make us instant contenders and would really make our D a top 10 caliber group. I don't think I need to say anymore on him since we all pretty much have this wrapped up.

1. Doug Free, OT (Dallas)- Free's one of the better OT's in the game, he's played RT up until the 2010 season and he did a pretty good job at LT last season. Signing him would take our OL which was boarderline decent and make it special, and with his ability to block the blindside of the QB and his background at RT it'd be an easy transition for him.. That and it'd cripple the fuck out of Dallas which is what pushed him to my #1.


My 5 to avoid:

5. Antonio Cromartie, CB (Jets)- Cromartie's the biggest joke I've seen, he's not physical, he's not a ballhawk, he's unspectacular and he's just plain stupid. I don't want this guy anywhere near Philly, I'd rather play Hobbs at RCB than this clown, and I hate Ellis Hobbs as a player.

4. Richard Marshall, CB (Carolina)- Somebody put it like this in the comments of one of the other fanposts (can't remember who it was or which fanpost so sorry bud)... Take a guy who guesses as much as Asante but fails 80% of the time and that's Richard Marshall for you... 

3. Thomas Davis, LB (Carolina)- I actually love Davis as an LB, I like the way he plays, I like how he plays, he's a guy who 2 years ago or even last year I would've taken in a second.. But in 2010 he suffered his 2nd ACL tear in 2 years and that's what's landed him on my avoid list. I'll admit if the Eagles sign him for cheap I'll be ok with it but I'd rather just avoid this Marlin Jackson-like player.

2. Ray Edwards, DE (Minnesota)- Ray Edwards is a guy who everybody overhypes. Put anybody opposite of Jared Allen and next to the Williams Bros and they'll do what Edwards does. At 6-5 270lbs and being decently quick for his size he SHOULD be dominating opposite of Allen, the thing is that he plays like he's unmotivated and like he's just waiting for a big payday instead of earning it so what happens once he loses the only motivation to play well? I certainly don't want to find out first hand.

1. Gloxico Burress, WR (Prison)- We don't need Plaxico, we don't need another guy who's come out of prison, it worked with Vick yes, but we're not miracle workers (we being the coaching staff).. You all will say "But we need a big WR who's a RZ threat" and I'll reply with Jeremy Maclin had 7 of his 10 TD's in the Redzone and was actually one of the better RZ receivers in the NFL in 2010.. You'll say "we need a big body who can win jump balls/run the fade route" and to that I say Riley Cooper, he's 6-2 222lbs and has a 33 inch vert. Also Cooper excelled at the Fade and jump ball situation as UF, trust me as a Kentucky Fan I saw plenty of them.. My final point as to why we should avoid Gloxico is that picking him up would completely kill Coopers growth, Cooper would move to 5th on the depth chart, Hall would be gone and Cooper would probably never see the field til he's dealt or Plax shoots himself again.


Please feel free to make a list of your own on this comment section, let's try to avoid 40000 fanposts on the same subject.

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