Should the Eagles make a strong push for Ray Edwards?

Before I start, I would like for you all to remember how you felt on January 9, 2010. For those of you with a short memory, it was the 2nd straight beatdown given by the Cowboys to our beloved Eagles, ending our 2010 hopes for a SB and also ending the McNabb era in Philly. There are many reasons why the Eagles lost those two final games, including defensive pressure (or lack there of). The Cowboys converted a great deal of 3rd downs by passing the ball in that game with limited pressure on Romo.   Cole had a pretty good game, but the rest of the line played below standards (and seemed to have continued that trend until the hiring of Washburn). I was bummed after that game and couldnt wait for any team to whoop on Tony Romo in the following weeks. Well I didnt have to wait too long.....

The next week the Cowboys played the Vikings and their beast of a DL dominated Romo and his OL all game. Ray Edwards became somewhat of a hero for me in that game (I just wanted to see Romo in the dirt on every play).


Now I am in no way underestimating the talent that the whole DL had that year, but boy was it ever nice to see someone step up that day.

There has been a few rumors around Philly about the possibility of acquiring a guy like Jason Babin for next season. Babin had a great year last year and a lot of it was credited on the Washburn system. I happen to believe that even though part of that may be true, Babin showed great potential in the pre-season with the Eagles, and could have very well had a great year opposite Trent Cole, given the chance. Some guys peak later in their careers, it's not an anomaly. However, my thoughts remain that Babin will be looking for a long term deal, which could be a risky proposition for the Eagles, given Babin's age and upside (unknown).

Insert possible better option here: Ray Edwards.

Edwards has also just come off a career year (by his standards). Although he only ended the year with 8.5 sacks in 2010, he was the NFL's 3rd best  Edge Rusher in 2010. The Vikings tendered Edwards at the end of last season but with recent new CBA rumors it appears as though restricted FA tenders might be worthless in a few weeks. As Mike Florio wrote last week:

"We’ve been saying for weeks now that, if/when a new labor deal is reached, the minimum number of years for unrestricted free agency will move back to four years.  Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that, indeed, the pre-2010 rules will return.

It’s no surprise.  The limit moved from four years to six in the uncapped year.  For more than 15 years prior to that, the limit was four.

As a practical matter, it means that plenty of money will be flowing once the market opens, and those restricted free agency tenders applied to players with four year and five years of service, such as Vikings defensive end Ray Edwards, become meaningless."

My guess is that Edwards price may be about the same as Babin. However, Edwards is younger and has, IMO, a higher ceiling.

So I ask again, should the Eagles make a strong push to aquire Ray Edwards?

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