MWEF's 2011 Depth chart

What the hell, why not? Everyone's doing it. I am going to take a crack at the 2011 depth chart. I have seen a lot of them lately and I am going to approach it a little different. I don't play Madden so I havn't tried this on my Sega Genesis or whatever the kids are playing today(Super Nintendos are still cool right?). Using to give me a good understanding of what is realistic to keep my wildest dreams in line. I am also giving my reasoning so you have an idea of where I am coming from.

QB- Michael Vick Mike Kafka Jeff Garcia

Yeah call me crazy on this one, but I believe 1) the front office won't want to spend money on a overrated, high profile backup quarterback and 2) Andy and Marty have a ton of confidence in Kafka as the backup. Garcia will be the 3rd string in case Kafka plays awful if he is called upon. He can also help mentor Kafka a little bit, but will moslty a long for the ride to try and get a Superbowl ring. He played for the UFL Omaha Nighthawks in 2010. This is payback from Andy Reid for what Garcia did for us in 2006.

RB- LeSean McCoy Dion Lewis Stanley Havili

I like Dion Lewis a lot, ignore his 40 numbers. He is a damn good running back and would be a solid backup. Of course being a backup running back in our offense is almost as exciting as being Peyton Manning's backup. Okay, that's a major exaggeration, but we won't spend money on a backup running back when we have other needs. Jerome Harrison was tendered last March but it is unclear what that will mean in the new CBA. If the tender still stands, which is worth a 2nd round pick in return, I believe we will trade him when someone loses a starting running back in preseason. He didn't perform well in short yardage situations last year so I doubt Andy Reid really wants him. I like Stanley Havili a lot. He catches the ball well and will turn into a good short yardage back. Good value as a 3rd running back and a backup fullback.


FB- Owen Schmitt

Leonard Weaver is still a year away from really being able to comeback, maybe. Schmitt is our fullback for 2011.


WR- DeSean Jackson Jeremy Maclin Jason Avant Riley Cooper Chad Hall

Pretty boring. We have talked about Plaxico and I would welcome him, but he will get offered good of a role for too much money than what we will offer him. He has already won a Superbowl so that probably won't motivate him enough for less money and touches. Unless he is just dying to play with Vick, which isn't totally insane, he isn't coming here. Chad Hall isn't a given by a long shot, I just went with the safe pick. Sinorice Moss has a good shot too if he is healthy.  Riley Cooper will have a much bigger impact in 2011, hopefully he didn't learn too much from Hank Baskett early in his rookie campaign.


TE- Brent Celek Clay Harbor

There will probably be a 3rd tight end but not on the active roster. They 3rd guy will either be on the practive squad or deep in the inactives. WIth an improved O-line, Celek will do more in the passing game. Harbor is a more complete tight end then when he started his rookie season last year. Two pretty good players that should help more in the red zone. Also, just cut Corny Ingram, I am so sick of hearing about him. Wake me up when he does absolutley anything.

Offensive Line- LT Jason Peters Austin Howard LG Todd Herremans Julian Vandervelde C Jamaal Jackson Mike McGlynn RG Danny Watkins Jason Kelce RT Winston Justice King Dunlap

I like all three of our rookies. Julian Vandervelde is a very good prospect and will be able to serve as a backup right away. Danny Watkins is already a good starting guard and has great potential. Jason Kelce isn't really a backup guard but will eventually backup either Jackson or McGlynn at center. Jackson is the better player at center but he has to prove he is healthy and can stay there. McGlynn is in the last year of his deal and if Jackson can get back to form McG will be able to pursue a starting gig next year. If not, Mike will be our guy and gets a long term deal this season. Kelce will backup one of them in 2012 and will serve as a emergency backup guard this year. We could sign a veteran backup guard, but I am leaning on Mudd and Reid trusting the guys we have.


DE- Starters Trent Cole Jason Babin

I am not totally sold on Jason Babin being an elite defensive end, but I think we sign him. He wants to be back with Wash and the feeling is mutual for our legendary line coach. We didn't hire a guy like Washburn to ignore him when he recommends players for his unit. Babin will come a little cheaper for us, I hope. Washburn will get the most out of him and with Brandon Graham recovering from a late ACL injury last year we need another capable starter so our pass rush doesn't fade again.

DE- Reserves/Rotation guys- Darryl Tapp Phillip Hunt Daniel Te'o-Nesheim Brandon Graham Ricky Sapp

Seven DE's is probably way too many but I believe in all these guys. Maybe Brandon Graham will land on the PUP or IR list. Jaqua Parker will be cut to save money when we sign Babin. Victor Abiamiri will finally be cut loose. Darry Tapp is a very good backup. Sapp and Hunt are good fits for Wash's system and it may be hard to cut either one of these guys. Te'o-NeSheim is my least favorite guy at this position but Reid isn't going to cut a 3rd rounder from last year's draft.


DT- Albert Haynesworth Antonio Dixon Broderick Bunkley Trevor Laws

Albert gets his wish, a reunion with Coach Wash. Dixon will be the other starter but Bunk and Laws will get a lot of reps in obvious passing downs Patterson is the odd guy out because he is very tradable and makes the most money out of the other 2010 DT's.


WLB- Keenan Clayton Brian Rolle

Clayton has some experience at the position from last year and his speed allows him to cover the entire field as well as backs and tight ends. I wouldn't rule out Brian Rolle either. His biggest strength is his lack of height. It motivates him to a whole nother level. It gave him the extra edge at Ohio State and it will do the same in the NFL. I expect him to become a starter eventually but Clayton's experience and speed gives him the edge.


MLB- Jamar Chaney Casey Matthews Greg Lloyd Jr

Jamar Chaney looks like the real deal as a MIKE, why mess that up be moving him to the weak side or having him backup injury prone Stew. We have too many other needs to bring back Stewart Bradley. We have other, younger and more capable guys who can play MIKE and SAM so why bring him back? I have Matthews as a backup at MIKE because he is more ready than Lloyd but I think he could also be the backup WILL as well. Matthews has excellent cover skills and could push Clayton for the starting job. I like Greg Lloyd Jr a lot. His famous dad was a monster and his promising football career was almost ended with a really bad ACL injury in 2009. I can't help but root for him. Great value in the 7th round, I think if he can prove himself to finally be healthy during training camp, he will be a lock to make the team.


SLB- Moise Fokou Rashad Jeanty

In 2009, MoFo finished his rookie year starting the final four games. In 2010 he was a backup to Akeem F-ing Jordan for the first four games. We gave up 555 yards on the ground in those games. He got his starting job back in week 5 and the next four games we gave up just 273 yards. Juan Castillo is a really smart guy, he won't let us and MoFo down. Jeanty is a very solid backup and has starting experience. Jeanty was cut last August from Cincy for failing a physical. He was not yet recovered froma broken fibula he suffered in January, 2010. He should be good to go in 2011.


LCB- Asante Samuel Trevard Lindley

Trevard isn't ready to start but will continue to backup the start he backed up last year. Asante has 3 years left on his deal( 9+ mil in 2011, 9+mil in 2012, 11+ mil in 2013). I see Lindley taking over in 2013 after we release or trade Asante to avoid his huge cap hit while Samuel is entering his mid 30's. Lindely will be ready then, I think he isn't quite there yet. Not for a Superbowl caliber team.


RCB- Nnam-I mean Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie Joselio Hanson Curtis Marsh

Sorry guys, I believe we are passing on a 5 year 90 mil deal with Nnamdi and taking DRC's massive final 3 years 3 mil deal. Hanson will still be our nickel back(for probably one more year) and Marsh will be nothing more than a student this year. WIth DRC we save about 15 mil a year over Nnamdi and the dropoff is there, but it's not that bad. We nearly beat the eventual Superbowl champs with Dimitri Patterson so we will be improved if promoted Joselio. Bottom line, we get a huge upgrade at RCB with DRC and we pay him next to nothing.


FS- Nate Allen Colt Anderson

Allen should be healthy by the start of training camp and I think Colt stays because of his special teams ability.


SS- Jaiquawn Jarrett Kurt Coleman

I don't think this position is automatically going to Jarrett, but he is certainly talented enough start over Kurt. I love Coleman as a backup, he can play either safety spot but can is more suited for strong safety.


K/P- Alex Henery Sav Rocca

Pretty simple, we saw this coming when Henery was drafted in the 4th round. Sav is a decent punter but we havn't brought anyone that can challenge him for his job, so he remains our starter.


Final Thoughts- I am one player over with Jon Dorenbos, so one player will have to be cut on this list, either Ricky Sapp or Jason Kelce probably. Kelce could maybe be tucked away on the practice squad,but I don't know if he would stay there. It may come down to Ricky Sapp or Phillip Hunt being the final cut player on this list. Marlin Jackson is the wildcard on this team, if he actually stays healthy and returns to his 2007 form, he could be our backup FS and another corner as well.

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