Addressing the Speculation

Free Agency cannot start any sooner. Every day the lockout continues, a new rumor or report comes out where some so-called expert's sources know who are front office will be going after. So I thought I'd address all the speculations before all the 12 year old kids on this site have at it.


Nnamdi Asomugha- In my opinion, the best cornerback in the NFL the past five years. Two years ago, it was Reevis without question but he had a down year last year(by his high standards) and hasn't been dominant for as young as Nnamdi has been. Either way, Nnamdi is an elite corner. The Eagles say they have a plan in place for the RCB situation. Nnamdi is by far the best player available but also the most expensive.

Reality- Eagles will make a serious run at Nnamdi, it will depend on his asking price. GM Howie Roseman allegedly really wanted Julius Peppers last year and I think he will make sure the Eagles get their man this year.

Kevin Kolb- He will be traded when the lockout is lifted. Arizona is the most needy QB team out there. They have no veteran starter like Hasselback and no prospect like Colin Kaepernick either. They have nobody. Kolb will be an Arizona Cardinal. They only reason the Eagles will talk to other teams is to raise the offer from the Cards. The value for Kevin Kolb has been anywhere from a 2nd round pick to a 1st rounder and a starter.

Reality- I know I have said earlier that the Cards will send us Dominque Rodgers-Cromartie and a 1st rounder in next year's draft but I am going back on that. I think we will get a 1st rounder and a mid-round pick. DRC has too much value to give up with a 1st rounder but Arizona isn't exactly a world class front office either. The are in a position of need so I guess it's possible.

Albert Haynesworth- We have his old DL coach now and that is enough for shock jock sports writers to claim he is going to be an Eagle.

Reality- Lots of reason he won't be an Eagle. He is out of shape, he sexually harrassed a waitress, he is a locker room cancer, he will want too much money, he is on the decline, his selfish attitude is contragious etc etc etc.

Plaxico Burress- A lot of reports out there that Andy Reid has always respected Plax and he would be the perfect solution to our red zone woes.

Reality- He probably wants to be a #1 or #2 wideout so why would he play for us, especially for less money then he will get offered by St Louis, Buffalo and San Fran. If he really wants to win a title maybe, but he did already win one. Maybe he would want to play with and learn from Vick who went through everything he did. Doubt he comes here but I would be stoked if he did.

Jason Babin- See Albert Haynesworth

Reality- He is the Eric Dampier of the NFL. He had one good year and now he will demand a huge deal and then continue to disappoint like he had in years past. Not enough of a track record for me to offer him a big contract. Plus we have a ton of depth at DE.

Vince Young- Insert face palm picture here.

Reality- He will demand to be a starter, plenty of UFL teams will take him. Great talent but is a complete moron. He will not start a playoff game ever again. Write that down.

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