Profiles on 2 Potential Eagles

Adam Caplan reported on twitter yesterday that we would recieve a first round pick and a starter in exchange for Kevin Kolb. The most likely suitor seems to be Arizona. They have more to offer, will probably have a better first round pick to offer next year, and they have a lot of pressure to win next season. The Superbowl run they had a few years ago seems to be forgotten and year one after Warner was an absolute diseaster. Larry Fitzgerald is on his final year of his contract and has said he needs to see something from the franchise before he even thinks about resigning. He also said he wants Kevin Kolb as his quarterback. The Eagles hold all the power in this trade as they could use a outstanding quarterback backing up a fragile player like a 6'nothing 200 lb Michael Vick. The Cards passed on every quarterback in the draft at least once other than Cam Newton. I don't think Ken Wisenhut and Rod Graves are going to trust Marc Bulger to save their job this season. Profiles on the 2 players we would most likely recieve from the Cards after the JUMP.

Before I get into the players, I just want to rule out a few players. First of all, it won't be an O-lineman. We drafted 3 interior linemen that fit exactly what Howard Mudd wants out of a OL. All their lineman fit into we what used to want from that position, fat and slow. We aren;t getting Larry Fitzgerald unless he told the ownership that he is leaving after the season, and even if that was true we wouldn't plug him into a crowded recieving core. Anquan Boldin plays for the Ravens now so the Cards can't trade him contrary to what some people think. We aren't getting Darnell Dockett, his contract is huge and he is the only solid DT they have. They are not giving up Patrick Peterson, his skill level is good and his ceiling is higher than anyone on their team. Okay, let's get to who we might get.


Calais Campbell DE/DT 6'friggin 8, 290-300 lbs-

This idea was courtesy of mackjack09, I had completley forgot they had him so he/she/it gets the credit for this. I absolutley loved this kid coming out of college. He is 6'8 which is a huge plus for our midget line. He was a DE coming out of Miami put has been used as a 3-4 DE for the Cards and I believe he can play all over the line. Would need to lose about 10 lbs and get in great shape to play on our line but he could easily do it. Was actually a track star in high school. A freak athlete no doubt. He was All-State in basketball in his junior year in 2003(only junior to do that)and was also a track star where he participated in the shot put, discus, long jump and triple jump. Was originally recruited at Miami to play tight end so he could become a goal line tight end weapon for us(lord knows we need all the help we can get in the redzone). Recorded 13 sacks the past two season playing as a 3-4 DE, comparable to Richard Seymour's 9.5 the past two years playing the same position in the same defense. With Jim Washburn coaching him up in our defense, he could make Julious Peppers look like Jerome McDougle. This probably isn't the starter we will get, but he is the starter I want us to get. I love this kid and will go nuts if we get him. Also, if we get him we can stil sign Nnamdi Asomugha. Campbell is set to make around 2 million this season and is in the final year of his deal, so if he is a total bum we can just let him walk and no harm done.


Dominique Rogers-Cromartie CB 6-2 182-

Probably the most likely starter we get from the Cards that would actually start for us. Has the height we have been lacking at corner, how many times did Plaxico just reach over our small corner back when the Giants could actually beat us. Great speed too, ran a 4.33 40 at the 2008 combine(faster than Patrick Peterson).  In just his first 3 NFL seasons has 13 picks and 4 touchdowns. Good start, but imagine what he could become learning from Asante Samuel. Played in all 48 games in his career including 43 starts. Biggest knock againist DRC I have  heard is his tackling compares to Asante's. He tends to be an ankle-tackler which could bad bad for both corners to be.

Trading DRC would make sense because the Cards have decent young depth at the cornerback position including Greg Toler and Michael Adams along with their 1st round pick Patrick Peterson.


Oh and to the people who were joking about us getting Mike Gibson or Stacey Andrews from the Seahawks in a trade, the Cards have Matt Ware on their roster still.


I asked Adam Caplan on twitter if he thought Calais Campbell would do well in our 4-3 front and he thought he is a 3-4 type DE, but he did say there's a chance of anything happening.

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