Heard the Footsteps: Drafted (Back) Into Action

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Where Has This Guy Been At?

It's been a while, BGN. The days were I'd spend hour-upon-hour traveling this site in order to rip on JIBTA or strike up an interesting conversation have come and gone. For those of you who care, you can blame Jason. He started the eventual progression of me to become Manging Editor of the Brotherly Game.

I've learned a lot in the past five months about running a daily sports news and commentary site. It's tough work and truly draining if you care about your work and the brand that you run and work on. There are days were I just don't want to write whatsoever, but realize that it's important to persevere onward unless the will of my fingers. Jimmy and Bob provide Jason with something that I quickly learned is invaluable - respected, dedicated and trustworthy writers. If the Brotherly Game ever gets to be the size of BGN, I should hope to be so lucky to have half the quality of Jason's supporting cast of characters.

Which brings me to tBG. I know some of you visit every now and then and that not everyone likes soccer... but I'd like to see more of you over there. It's a world to take a hold of because it has yet to garner the same activity levels in the commenting community that BGN, LB, TGP or BSH have. Plus it'll make me come here more often to comment because of the constant reminder. 

Quick Draft Thoughts

  • Danny Watkins is going to immediately improve the offense line: Watch game film on Watkins and you'll immediately be both impressed and take a liking to him. Bruiser with plenty of talent, only his age made the pick at all questionable. He has the wear-and-tear of a teenager, though. Think of him as a higher ceiling Samuel Dalembert, with a lower basement, as he's only played organized football for four years.
  • The end of the David Akers area won't be as bad as you might think: Alex Henery is an absolute beast. Hands down the kicking talent of this draft class. Spending a fourth round pick on a kicker may seem ridiculous, but not when the team is prepared to replace one of the most accurate kickers in history with said draft pick. Henery had a better collegiate career, statistically, than both Mike Nugent and Sebastian Janikowski, who were drafted in the second and first rounds respectively. Oh, and he can punt too.
  • The Eagles drafted a USC "fullback" who cannot block: No, this time it wasn't Nate IIaoa. Thought the Eagles have Owen Schmitt on roster, and the ability to bring back former Pro Bowler Leonard Weaver, the 'Birds spent a seventh rounder on a full back. Every single scouting report says that Stanley Havili cannot block, but is good at receiving out of the backfield. Classic Andy Reid move. I don't think there's a legitimate chance that Havili will make the Eagles 2011 roster.
  • I don't think there's been a draft where the Eagles drafted multiple players that were shorter than me. Two 5'9" or shorter players? Great, I now feel tall at 5'10". Oh, and Dion Lewis could be potentially lethal for the Eagles in a backfield rotation with a few touches.

Coffin Corner

Henery can punt exceptionally well, considering his kicking talent. Skip to 0:46 of the following Youtube video to see his distance punting (and some nice speed and agility), then his coffin corner punting ability.

Alex Henery | 2010 Groza Award Watch List (via HuskerHighlights)

The Rutgers Connection

Rutgers canceled Rutgersfest because of one shooting, multiple stabbings and at least one person getting hit by a car. Eh, not that big of a deal. Went from J Cole in 2010 to Yelawolf and 3OH!3 in 2011. It's better off now.

In other news, pay attention to the basketball team next season. It'll be noteworthy for being good, not simply for getting killed by poor referring calls in a tournament after upsetting a top 10 team earlier in the season. Kadeem Jack leads one of the nation's top recruiting classes. Yes, I did just say Rutgers and top recruiting class together.

The Round Ball

The Philadelphia Union are 4-1-1 heading into Friday night's game against the Portland Timbers. Catch up with the team before it becomes hip to root for a Philly sports team that doesn't let you down. Oh snap.

At home, in PPL Park, the Union have managed a 3-0-1 record, letting up only one goal so far this season. The Union even managed to win 1-0 despite going down to 10 men versus the San Jose Earthquakes, after starting left back Jordan Harvey was sent off in the 41st minute. On the road, the Union started off the season with a 1-0 win in Houston, before heading out to Los Angeles soon thereafter, only to lose 1-0.

The Timbers are equally hard to beat at home, 3-0-0 since JELD-WEN opened. But much like the Eagles of last year, the Timbers attempt to outscore ever opponent because of an inconsistent defense. The Union's offense needs to finally wake up (only five goals in six MLS games this season) to help keep this season's excellent form alive.

Quote of the Week and Random Eagles Stat of the Week

Is it the Browns chance to get their piece of "Corn on the Kolb?"

Thank you, Bleacher Report. Another fine job well done.

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