America: Home of the "solipsistic"

Thank you to everyone that sent me questions.  Keep them coming to bgn.jimmy (at)  Just about all of them were about the draft, and I failed to get a mailbag post up before the draft occurred, so apologies to everyone that sent in questions that I might have otherwise answered on here.  I'm an idiot - my bad.  However, some of them are still very answerable, so here goes:

Hassahn - This team has playmakers everywhere but with Weaver being down, why not move Clay Harbor back to H-Back and draft another TE?  I have visions of Cooley and Clark.

Jimmy - I don't think the Eagles have any plans to use Harbor as an H-back, but I'm excited to watch Stanley Havili in camp.  The kid was a serious weapon in USC's passing game, and not just screens or checkdowns.  They were throwing the ball to him 30 and 40 yards down the field.  You can see what I mean here and here.  He's listed as a FB, but I think the Eagles could potentially have visions of getting creative utilizing him in a number of roles, some of which could include some of the things that Chris Cooley does.

One Cool Customer - Let's assume that Kolb will be gone once a CBA is in place. That would leave the Eagles a little thin at QB (please don't try to convince me that Kafka is ready to step up if Vick should miss a game). What are the chances that the Eagles take a QB high in this year's draft, i.e. 2nd or 3rd round, or would they look to add veteran depth at QB?

JimmyK - First, let me say that there's a 0% chance they take a QB in the draft at all, much less in the first few rounds, haha.  The coaching staff loves Kafka.  They reportedly had offers on the table for Kafka in a trade.  Andy Reid's comments on Kafka : "I think this kid has got a big upside. I really, really like what I see there....  I think he's highly intelligent.  I think he has great tools.  There's a difference between being intelligent in the classroom and intelligent on the football field.  I think he possesses both.  Obviously, he was a good student at Northwestern but he's also able to transfer that to the football field.  He's a good leader.  You can see the guys are attracted to him.  He kinda knows how to use his receivers and make sure that he keeps them involved and on their toes and I think that's a big part of it.  You see guys rally around him.  He's very competitive.  You see the fire that he's got out there....  Every once in a while you see that little bit of nasty come out.  You've got to have that to play that position." Now, in my limited time covering the Eagles in training camp, I didn't see it, but I'm not sure that means squadoosh, seeing as I'm not a scout.

If indeed they do trade Kevin Kolb, it's an absolute certainty that the Eagles will sign a vet.  Matt Hasselbeck would be perfect, but I'm not sure he's ready to concede that he's a backup... nor should he.

Norman - I'm beginning to subscribe to twitter feeds. How about a list of good quality names to add to twitter for updated NFL and Eagle news.

Jimmy - VetsNew guys.

Dennis - Regarding the lockout, if mediation gets close but not close enough, do you think Judge Susan Nelson will lift the lockout before the draft and also make it so that even if the League appeals her ruling will stand in the meantime? Second, if lockout is lifted and Kolb is tradable where do you think he will ultimately go, i.e. who will give the juiciest offer to the Eagles realistically? Third, let's say the Eagles get a 1st rounder for Kolb somewhere from 12 and up. With the 2 first round picks who do you pick up?

Jimmy - Already knowing the outcome, I just got more and more annoyed reading this question.

Neil - Shut up about Mendenhall. He's surprisingly wise and worldly for a football player.  You and anyone else who criticises him, on the other hand, are exemplifying the stereotype of americans as ignorant and solipsistic.

Jimmy - Neal, I don't know what solipsistic means, but I do know that freedom costs a buck o'five.

Dizzy J Holla - You are an absolute (profanity) Jimmy.  I'm sorry, but I've got to be honest.  That site is supposed to be all about speaking your mind.  Thats what I did and I'm sorry if you couldn't handle it.  I notice everyday on your site that there are other people just like me who were using profanity on a consistent basis.  I even saw namecalling and disrespect.  But for you to single me out, thats lame.  Weak.  Its not my job to be professional, its a damn blog site.  But you are not professional Jimmy.  Your site is biased and I'm actually better off not being on it.  It feels good to know that you are scared of my mouth! LOL.  Its too much for you and your followers couldn't handle it either.  There's clear racism displayed in your discussions that you allow.  You're probably racist your damn self, admit or dont.  But you're not black as I am, so I would expect you to laugh and be sarcastic.  But while you say I'm offensive to others, others were being offensive to me.  I name-called because I was being called names that were disrespectful...but yet I'm the one banned.  I have no problem with you banning me, but I'm just letting you know for future bloggers sake.  I hope you guys open your eyes to all parties and stop being so biased.  I say biased more than racist because I dont think your racist, but more biased and you put down certain players that you do not like.  That is not cool.  Like King Dunlap, you guys were riding his tail.  As I've said, thats my homeboy.  I know him and for you guys to be as disrespectful as you were towards him, UNCALLED FOR.  And you call yourself a true Eagles fan? Man get the (profanity)  outta here! LOL.  I get on this past weekend to see what the headlines were and all of a sudden its TAKE A BOW KING DUNLAP, GOOD JOB KING, WE LOVE YOU, this and that, RAH RAH. 
Listen, I'm a real Eagles fan.  I like Kevin Kolb, I honestly do.  I met the man and everything and he's a good guy.  But I think Michael Vick is whats best for this team and I stress it because I really believe it.  You guys just hated that! Lol.  But you are nothing but a fake fan that jumps on the bandwagon of players that do good.  You dont bleed green, you need to change the name of your site (profanity). 
I tried to see eye to eye with you.  But you're clearly not on my level as a fan or a person.  But yeah, just wanted to get that off my chest homeboy.  But crack down on the hidden racism and biased articles as a word of advice.  Because trust me, some players read your (profanity)  and they know you are not a true fan.  Kick rocks Jimmy....oh yeah and uh, Eat a (profanity)  you (profanity) (profanity)  (profanity).

Jimmy - I wanted to print/frame this email and hang it in my office, but my wife wouldn't let me.

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