About a week after the draft and it is no surprise that Andy Reid went O-line. I know every draft expert had them taking CB Jimmy Smith, but as usual Andy never goes with what any draft expert thinks. I am actually a supporter of not picking up Smith b\c I really feel they are going to get a proven corner in free agency.


                                        O-line Picks


First round pick: G Danny Watkins- 6'3 310


Was one of the top rated guards coming out of the draft. His age is a concern; however they do believe he is the most NFL ready guard in the draft. It is great that he is fire fighter and all his accomplishments that he has done to make him a role model. But I'm kind of the typical fan. That’s fine and all but if you can't play NFL football what’s it matter. I will take pretty much any guard over Jean and Cole. Those guys don’t even deserve to where a NFL uniform. They were horrible. With a combination of Justice they made Vick a punching bag. You don’t believe it ask Kevin Kolb


5th and 6th round draft picks: G Julian Vandervelde- 6'2 301 and G Jason Kelce 6'3 280


Two more guards which pretty much tell you Jean and Cole are long gone. Vandervelde has pretty much prototypical size as a guard. He had good success in college rarely missed blocks however he never went against any real studs to show how good he actually is. Kelce needs to put on at least 20 pounds of muscle. Undersized but he also had a very good college career. If it is one thing Andy Reid knows it is O-Line. Howard Mudd will have his work a head of him, but at least when one of these guys go in the game you will not know what to expect rather then putting your head down when the current guards  we have walk in.


                             Running Backs


4th Round draft pick: HB Deon Lewis- 5'7 193


Showed great explosion at Pitt. He broke some of McCoy’s records at bit. Undersized but he hit's the hole fast and has showed that he is relentless when trying to be brought down. I am still hoping the eagles somehow resign Harrison but lets face it guys Andy is never going to give Shady more then 20 Carries so what’s the chance that Lewis gets to show anything?


7th Round Pick: FB Stanley Havili 6'0 227 


I thought this was a wasted pick. There is no way that he is going to beat out Owen for that job. He does have great hands out of the backfield and shows to lower his shoulder coming threw the whole but I feel it was wasted. Also he isn’t good at the number one job as a FB, lead blocking and pass protection!!!! Leonard Weaver probably won’t be ready this season, so hold on to Owen he did the job when we needed him.




2nd Round Pick: Safety Jaiquawn Jarret- 6'0 197


Allot of NFL experts are saying he is the second coming of Brian Dawkins. He is roughly exactly the same size and loves to hit. I am actually really high on this kid also. He tackles almost perfectly and loves to lay a hit. Def will be the most fined rookie because of his aggressive hits. He did play at a temple so he didn’t see great competition and others say he has issues in pass protection. I personally am not worried about that since he will be most likely at SS which is the same side as CB Samuel. We need a guy to set the tone with a big hit. Ask Mikell who got trucked during the redskin’s game.


3rd Round Pick: CB Curtis Marsh- 6'1 197


He is kind of a bigger corner. Allot of experts say that he is not NFL ready. I really don’t know much about this pick but he had good speed and looked good in coverage in all the film I’ve seen. He can’t be much worse then some of the other back-up corners we had on our roster last yr. I like his size though. One thing the eagles need right now is CB. Marsh and Trevor should be competing for the nickel corner job since I believe a free agent corner will be our starter.


4th Round Draft Pick: LB Casey Mathews 6'1 231


By far my and everybody’s favorite pick. If he is even half his brother he is better then any linebacker we have. I am just surprised some other team didn’t reach for him in the 3rd. The rumors are that he is working out with his brother until this lockout problem is fixed, so I am sure all eagles fans love that. I think he may be a day one starter at one of the linebacker positions. He does have competition though.


6th and 7th Round Picks: Brian Rolle- 5'9 230 and Greg Lloyde 6'1 246


Most likely to special team players. The eagles found a steal in the 7th round last yr with Chaney. Rolle seems way too small to be a linebacker. I love his playing style it is aggressive and hard hitting. He also is all over the field. I would actually try him as a blitzing situational linebacker or dropping him as an extra safety. Lloyde has great size, is a little slower then Rolle but can fill wholes. They play a lot a like Rolle just is fast and Lloyde is bigger. My prediction is at best special teams



                        Things I would change this Season!!!!!


RT position: Winston justice and King Dunlap had there chance. They totally blew it. It is Vicks blind side and needs to be the most important change at this time. Lets face it guys if Vick goes down we have no shot at a SB this yr. Kolb is getting traded lets face facts. You all trash me for saying this but it needs to be said. Todd H needs to go to right tackle. That or a free agent. I know Todd and Peters dominate in run blocking on that left side. There’s only one problem with that, Andy will never run the football consistently. So there’s no reason to even mention it. It is the one thing that drives me crazy.  There are some good free agents whenever it hits: CLABO(ATL), GAITHER(BAL), BROWN(WAS), BUSHROD(NO)


DE: Graham will most likely not be ready this season. I'm really hoping Ricky Sapp is ready; he was the fastest DE in last yrs draft and has decent size. If not we need a vet to come in and help. I know babin is a stretch and many don’t want him here. I would still talk him in a heartbeat. Parker I don’t think we are going to get much more out of him, he got worse as the season went on last yr. Tapp showed some activity, but I don’t think they will resign him. There are some decent free agents: BABIN(TEN), EDWARDS(MIN), JOHNSON(CAR)


DT: Bunkley needs to be traded ASAP. He has down nothing for us the last 2 yrs. Patterson showed some promise but def not 1st round worthy in which he was drafted. Dixon played the best and will probably be the starter at one of the positions next yr. Laws showed that he has some talent but was way too inconsistent. I did love that interception for a touchdown though. I can still see it today. They need a big DT, I am so sick of these undersized DT that they consistently pick up or draft. Free agents: WILLIAMS(MIN), MEBANE(SEA), BRANCH(NE)


CB: Everyone knows they need someone opposite Samuel. And everyone is praying Nnamdi .I personally think they go after him. Andy Reid said on the radio yesterday that if we want a guy we go get him. I really think they are going to pursue him and get him. They also said Washington was going after him. After the season ended, Nnamdi said he wanted to go to a contender. He made his money it isn’t all about money he wants a ring that’s why Washington is out!!!. I also see if possible 5th overall Peterson or Rodgers-Cromartie being traded for Kolb. There are other intriguing free agents also: GRIMES(ATL), JOSEPH(CIN), TAYLOR(PIT), CROMARITE(NY)


Sorry about the orginal post it wasnt done by me. and you guys were right it was bad grammer!!!!!!

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