Who could be ready to emerge?

(Insert bitch fest about lockout)... so I'm going to write up some stuff on a few players I feel are ready to make a big jump for our Eagles.

Mike McGlynn:

Height: 6-4

Weight: 315

Experience: 4

Info: McGlynn took over about 3 snaps into 2010 when Jamaal's triceps tore. He played pretty well throughout the year, in fact for a guy who never played center before last off-season in mini-camps he made a tremendous jump and really had a big learning curve to deal with. Think about all the calls he had to learn, he needs to know how deep the QB's going, he needs to know as much, if not more than the Quarterback does about each and every play, on top of that the physical aspects are difficult, try making a clean snap while stepping into your block, it's not easy. I personally loved McGlynn out in space, he moves well for a 300lb man, and he really got out there on screens and sprung McCoy a number of times.

Why I think he'll emerge?.. Mudd's system relies on athletic offensive lineman, and a smart center.. McGlynn physical gifts match what's needed from a physical standpoint, and any man who can learn how to play center in the span of a few months and then come in at the NFL level and play as well as he did is smart as hell.


King Dunlap:

Height: 6-9

Weight: 325lbs

Experience: 4 

Info: King played in 14 games last season, 5 of which were starts. He filled in for Jason Peters for 2 games where he actually shut down Abraham and did very well against Babin, so he stood his ground against 2 of the best DE's in the league last season. Then in the 3 games where he filled in for Justice he held his ground once again against Osi, Tuck, Edwards and Spencer..

Why do I think he'll emerge?... King's not exactly what Mudd looks for in an OLman, however he's got a tremendous skill set and has been improving vastly every season, I could see him making a push for Justice's job considering he's the cheaper option of the two he could end up being our RT.


Darryl Tapp:

Height: 6-1 

Weight: 270lbs

Experience: 6

Info: Tapp seemed to be around the ball whenever he was on the field, the Eli fumble is a big example, the guy just got to the ball. Tapp had 27 tackles, 3 sacks, 4 pass defenses, and 3 fumble recoveries.. He's a pass rusher who's very quick and plays with good leverage.

Why I think he'll emerge?.. LDE is wide open with Graham's injury, Parker being largely ineffective when played to much, and there being no other true veteran presence.. that and I feel (aside from Graham) he's the best fit for Washburns system. What does Washburn ask his DE's to do? Line up and get after the QB.. what does Tapp like to do? Line up and get after the QB.. It's that simple, the system's tailored for players like Tapp.


Marlin Jackson:

Height: 6-0

Weight: 196

Experience: shitty.

Info: Marlin's a walking medical ward, however when he's healthy he's a first round talent and actually looking back at his days with the Colts he was pretty good. We wanted him at Safety, but then he got hurt. Here's to hoping he stays healthy.

Why do I think he'll emerge you ask??? Because he's a very talented player, I think his injuries and such are in the past and he'll be able to give us a few healthy seasons before he's completely spent. I don't think he'll be a starter but right now with the giant hole at RCB and Nate Allen's injury there's no doubt he has a great shot to make this team and play quite a bit.


Let me know what you think, I left some obvious guys like Lindley, the incoming rookies, Chaney etc out because we know so much about them and their chances already.

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