Which eventual superstars did we miss out on in the first round of the NFL Draft from 1999-2008?

Andy Reid has usually made great desicions come draft day, but, he missed some superstars here and there, who were the five picks selected after the Eagles selections?

1999: With the Second pick, the Eagles selected Donovan McNabb

In the first round, these are some of the few players, I would not regret drafting.

Here are the five picks selected after McNabb.

3.Akili Smith

4.Edgerrin James

5.Ricky Williams

6.Torry Holt

7.Champ Bailey

Whoo, thank goodness we missed out on Akili Smith, or even today, we'd be the laughingstock of the NFL.After Smith, all of the next four picks became Pro Bowlers, and three of those four are future Hall of Famers.But still, I will not regret picking D McNabb.



2000:We selected Corey Simon

Simon also is a Pro Bowler, but some stars are selected right after him, that I'd rather have.

7.Thomas Jones

8.Gloxico Burress

9.Brian Urlacher

10.Travis Taylor

11. Ron Dayne

No thanks to Dayne,Taylor or Gloxico, but we missed out on a Pro Bowler in Thomas Jones. We also missed out on one of the best MLB's of this decade.



2001:The Eagles selected Freddie Mitchell

We were thisss close to solving all of our WR issues for the entire decade. I'm not happy to say this, but it may have cost us a Super Bowl victory- or a couple.

26.Jamar Fletcher

27.Micheal Bennett

28.Derrick Gibson

29.Ryan Pickett

30. Reggie Wayne

Imagine, oh imagine what would have happened, if we had REGGIE WAYNE as our starter.



2002: We selected Lito Sheppard


Our defense was feared over the 2000's  with the Troy Vincents, Sheldon Browns, Asante Samuels and in 2002,  Litto Sheppard.Reid made a great pick here and you'll see why.

27. Mike Rumph

28.Jerramy Stevens

29.Mark Colombo

30. Kendall Simmons

31.Robert Thomas

All of these players ended out average, or total busts. None of them made the Pro Bowl. In fact, the next Pro Bowler would be all the way in the second round. Good job Andy, you deserve a donut.




2003:The Eagles selected Jerome McDougie

Ouch,Ouch,Ouch,Ouch,Ouch.The next player drafted would probably make you sick, even though we had Brian Dawkins, I'd rather not have McDougie.Instead we chose a guy who would flame out so fast, he'd be gone in half a decade.

16.Troy Polomalu

17.Bryant Johnson

18.Calvin Pace

19.Kyle Boller

20.George Foster

Honorable Mention: Although he was drafted at pick number 31, Nnamdi Asomugha could have been an Eagle had they not traded up.I won't blame them for not picking him, as we had to star CB's in waiting.

Another Honorable mention: 8 picks later the Colts selected Dallas Clark, a future Hall-Of-Fame Tight End. LJ "Stone Hands" Smith was a terrible TE. Big miss by Reid there.

This was a terrible draft because we missed out on guys like Troy Polomalu, Nnamdi Asomugha, Brent Faine and Dallas Clark. Instead we selected the Eagles worst bust since 1936.




2004: We selected Shawn Andrews

This is confusing because Andrews is a bust/stud. But we did miss out on some star D-Lineman.


17.DJ Williams

18.Will Smith

19.Vernon Carey

20.Kenichi Udezi

21.Vince Wilfork

We were able to blanket McNabb for a couple years, before the flameout of Andrews. Missing out on Smith is somewhat tough, but we would get a steal next year.Yes, I'm talking about Trent Cole.




2005:The Eagles selected Mike Patterson

Patterson wouldn't flame out like Andrews or McDougie, but I expected more from him. The player selected after Patterson is a bit tough to stomach.

32.Logan Mankins

33.David Bass

34.Brodney Poole

35.Our pick again

36.Barrett Ruud

37.Shaun Cody

Two good/great players emerged from the next five picks, Barrett Ruud and Mankins, who I'd rather have on my squad.




2006:We selected Broderick Bunkley

I wish we could take this pick back. While Bunkley isn't a total bust, he went way below expectations, and there are better players drafted after him.

15.Tye Hill

16.Jason Allen

17.Chad Greenway

18.Bobby Carpenter

19.Antonio Cromartie

Though he isn't a Pro Bowler yet, I'd love to have Chad Greenway on my squad.He emerged into a beast with the Vikings, and many wanted him in FA before he was franchised.



2007:We selected Kevin Kolb in the second round (no first)

It was a sign of the end for Donovan McNabb, but his eventual heir didn't suceed. However, due to his immense talent, Kolb is huge trade bait now, and just because of that, I'll not regret this pick.

37.Eric Weddle

38.Zach Miller

39.Justin Bialock

40.John Beck

41.Chris Houston

We missed out on some okay/semi good players, but the trade bait of Kolb is irrefuseable.




2008:The Eagles selected Trevor Laws in the second round

We will pick star Desean Jackson two picks from now.Laws has been somewhat dissapointing and we could have picked another Defensive End with 3-4/4-3 capabilties.

48. Fred Davis

50.Calias Campbell

51.Malcom Kelly

52.Quentin Groves

53.Limas Sweed

Drafting Calias Campbell or Fred Davis would have been a better option.


Heres a redraft of all the Eagles first picks from 1999-2008

1999:Donovan McNabb

2000:Brian Urlacher

2001:Reggie Wayne

2002:Lito Sheppard

2003:Dallas Clark

2004:Will Smith(not the actor)

2005:Logan Mankins

2006:Chad Greenway

2007:Kevin Kolb

2008:Calias Campbell

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