1. Brian Dawkins- He was the heart and soul of our defense for 13 years and one of the most passionate players the game has ever seen. He went 110% every second of his career, and expected the same from his teammates. He is also the only man in recorded history to make dog gonnit a relavant word in a pump up speech. If this doesn't give you chills, you are not an Eagles fan

2. Reggie White- Nicknamed "The Minister of Defense" for his work as an Evangelical preacher, Reggie is arguably the great DE the game has ever seen. Playing 8 seasons with the Eagles Reggie recorded 124 sacks (an Eagles record), and also set an NFL single season record with 21 sacks (1.75 per game). Tragically Reggie died in 2004, but  was posthumously inducted to the Hall of Fame in 2006.

3. Chuck Bednarik- Taken with the first pick in the first round of the 1949 NFL Draft Chuck cemented his legacy as arguably the greatest Eagle of all time after ending New York Giants Hall of Fame halfback Frank Giffords career. He was one of the last great 2-way players and is a native of South Eastern Pa. The award for the best NCAA defensive player is called "The Chuck Bednarik Award"

4. Steve Van Buren- Known for his clutch performances in big games Van Buren set an NFL record (at the time) with 196 yards in the NFL Championship game giving the Eagles there second NFL title in a rown. He holds the Eagles record for most rushing TD's with 69. Fun fact, Van Buren nearly missed the 1949 championship game because he thought it was cancelled because of a blizzard. He had to catch 3 trains and walk 12 blocks to play in the game.

5. Jerome Brown- "Did the Japanese go sit down and have dinner with Pearl Harbor before they bombed them"...Jerome Brown would most-certainly be higher on this list had it not been for his tragic death only 5 years into his career. He was one of the most feared college players of all time. Bring it home for Jerome!!!

6. Donovan McNabb- I know, I know, he never won us a super bowl. Doesn't matter! Donovan is an all-time eagles great, and is also clearly the best QB this city has ever seen. Donovan is the least intercepted QB in NFL history (per pass attempt), and he nearly took down the Patriots dynasty the one year we gave him some help at WR. 

7. Harold Carmichael- Carmichael is the Eagles all-time leader in receiving yards, catches and touchdowns. He was a physical receiver who ran post routes better then anyone the game has ever seen. He is also the tallest receiver to ever play the game.

8. Eric Allen- Allen is the only player in NFL history to have 2 seasons with 3 or more pick-6's. He is also tied for the Eagles all-time interception record with 54.

9. Tommy McDonald- Tommy McDonald was not a pussy. Standing at 5'7 180 he had to be the toughest mother fucker to ever suit up as  a WR in Eagles history. Did I mention he didn't wear a facemask?

10. Brian Westbrook- Known for his versatility as runner, blocker, and receiver Westbrook is one of the best backs modern day football has ever seen. He set the NCAA record with nearly 10,000 all purpose yards in his time spent at Villanova. This list just wouldn't be complete without Brian Westbrook.


Honerable Mention:

Pete Retzlaff, Bob Brown, Trent Cole (he's gonna be on the top 10 real soon), Tra Thomas/Joh Runyan, Al Wistert, Jaws, Randall Cunningham, Troy Vincent, Sheldon Brown,  Tom Brookshier, Mike Quick, David Akers, Jeremiah Trotter, Hugh Douglas, Duce Staley, Jeff Garcia, Jerome McDougle...I'm sure I missed some but I think I got some good variety, lemme know what you think.

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