Where will Kolb go?

Now that the draft is over and some of those teams looking for QB's addressed their need at the position. In everyone's mind where is Kolb most likely headed? These are the teams I think had somewhat of a need before the draft.

                           Starter                                 Drafted a Starting Caliber QB

Miami                Chad Henne                      None

Buffalo              Ryan Fitzpatrick                 None

Cincinnati        Carson Palmer???            Andy Dalton

Cleveland        Colt McCoy                         None

Jacksonville    David Garrard                     Blaine Gabbert

Tennessee      Rusty Smith                         Jake Locker

Oakland           Jason Campbell                 None

Washington    Rex Grossman                    None

Minnesota       Tarvaris Jackson                Christian Ponder

Carolina           Matt Moore                          Cam Newton

San Francisco Alex Smith?? UFA             Colin Kaepernick

Arizona             John Skelton                      None

Seattle              Charlie Whitehurst            None


So with this being said in my opinion you gotta figure that automatically this takes Cinci, Jacksonville, Tennessee, Minnesota, Carolina, and possibly SF. I believe Kaepernick needs a couple of years to groom under a veteran. They are probably going to resign Alex Smith and give Kaepernick that time. Dalton, if he doesnt start he will probably groom for a year and then be handed the ball. Same with Ponder and they are rumoured to be interested in Mcnabb. So that leaves Seattle, Arizona, Washington, Oakland, Cleveland, Buffalo, and Miami. 

Cleveland and Miami could stick with McCoy and Henne and get away with it for this year. Although Tom Heckert took part in the drafting of Kolb and could make a move. Washington is within the division and can't see the Eagles trading him within it because he is still about to hit his prime not like Mcnabb who was pretty much on his last legs. This leaves Seattle, Arizona, Oakland, and Buffalo.

In this order is my opinion of where Kolb will have the biggest chance of ending up.

SEA-Carroll was interviewed during the drafted and when asked about the starter for next year he said, "He's all we got" about Whitehurst. That doesn't seem like he's got a whole lot of confidence in him. If they gave up a 3rd for Charlie and they know im sure they made a mistake then they could easily afford a 1st and maybe a little more for their franchise QB.

ARI-Surprisingly they did not got for a QB at all during the draft but are rumoured to be interested in Marc Bulger which could be smoke and mirrors? Cause really Bulger? Come on, the best receiver in the league wants a QB and you want to give him Bulger. Look I like Bulger but he's not exactly in his prime anymore. 

BUF- No QB in the draft and Buffalo looks to depend on Fitz for a .500 run. There's no way in that division that they come out with a better than .500 record if he stays there. They could be a play for Kolb but Ralph Wilson is extremely cheap and this probably won't end up happening. 

OAK- Jason Campbell can handle the duties for another couple of years so I can see them taking a QB in next year;s draft to be groomed. 

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