All signs point to Nnamdi

With the lockout still in place we as fans have been forced to hyperanalyze what little news there is coming from the NFL . So I may very well be wrong, but I think it's been the Eagles plan ever since the season ended to not just to put a bid in for Nnamdi, but to do what ever we have to do in order to get him. I say that for the following reasons.

1. We had the opportunity to trade up and get Prince Amakumara who fell a good 5-6 picks lower then most mock drafts had him going. Not only did we fail to trade up, but we allowed an NFC East rival to pick him up.

2. We passed on Jimmy Smith. If Patrick Peterson and Prince Amakumara are the best CB prospects Jimmy Smith can be 2b(Although I personally I like him more than Amakumara). Much like Nnamdi some of his stats are extremely misleading...he only had 3 career interceptions in his time spent in Boulder, the reason. Teams refused to throw his way, and in a pass oriented league like the Big 12, thats saying a lot. Not to mention he's 6'2/205 and runs in the 4.3's. 

3. We passed on Brandon Harris. Although I'm not a huge fan of his he posseses all the necesary characteristics to be a solid defensive back in the NFL. Decent size, fantastic closing speed, and he's excellent in man coverage. 

4. Andy Reid has been quoted saying, once the lockout is over the Eagles have an aggressive plan for free agency. Theres a lot of ways you can interpret that, but I see that as Reid saying "peace Kolb, waddup Nnamdi"

5. We drafted Curtis Marsh. Curtis Marsh may or may not be NFL ready in 3 or so years. Signing an aging corner allows us time to groom him in while at the same time not putting all of our chips in the basket of someone who is most likely going to be on the tail end of his career. It doesnt make sense to pick up someone young like Cromartie when theres a guy who can start when Cromarite would still be in his prime. Signing Nnamdi would allow us time to asses Curtis. Hopefully Nnamdi wouldnt mind signing a 3-4 year deal and it could work out perfectly.

6. If we don't get Nnamdi it's a strong possibility that the Dallas Cowgirls (or another NFC East Rival) are going to make it happen. The last thing we need is Nnamdi twice a year on our schedule. It would be an absolute nightmare.

7. We have some serious cap room. If the Eagles don't make it happen its going to be for one reason. Management was afraid to spend money.

8. This may sound ridiculous to some people, but it would be in the Eagles best interest to start keeping up with the Phillies. The Phils have shown that there not afraid to spend money to get the big free agents, and they've brought our city a championship (championship is turning plural come Novemeber, cause it's imminent that these Phils are gonna get ATLEAST one more). Slowly but surely this town has turned into a baseball town, and with a pickup like Nnamdi the Birds can really turn the tables.

It's because of those reasons I think that picking up Nnamdi is not only a strong possibility, but rather a matter of time.

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