2012 NFL Mock Draft


I will make a couple throughout now and next April, and here is my first.
(Teams ordered based on how well I think they perform)

I projected Cards traded for Kevin Kolb for a first and Cleveland and also New England has two first round picks.So Arizona, New Orleans and Atlanta has no first rounder.

 I rated Pro Bowl Potiental from:
Pipedream 1-5%
Slither of a chance 6-20%
Low 21-45%
Medium 46-54%
Somewhat Likely  55-65%
High  66-75%
Very High 76-85%
Nearly Immenent  86-99%

Also, I compared these prospects to actual players. Note: I am comparing players by attributes, not how well they turn out in the NFL.  I may compare a prospect to Jared Allen, but may turn out as bad as Jeromie McDougie.

1.The Miami Dolphins select  Dan Marin- err Andrew Luck QB Stanford

With a Quarterback who failed to put up even average numbers with Brandon Marshall as his top wideout and two decent RB's off the team come 2011, the Miami Dolphins season will freefall.Cue Andrew Luck, the best quarterback prospect since Peyton Manning who chose to stay one more year at Stanford  will give the 'phins the most excitement in a quarterback since Dan Marino.

Pro Bowl Chance: Nearly Immenent

NFL player comparison: Dan Marino, except more mobile


2. The Carolina Panthers select Alshon Jeffery WR South Carolina

Cam Newton will be thrusted onto the field next year with no decent wideouts in sight.Luckily for the Panthers, the wideout class next year will be one of the deepest- if not the deepest of ALL TIME.Jeffery caught 9 TD's with 1500 yards recieving.

Pro Bowl chance: High

NFL player comparison: Marvin Harrison


3.The Denver Broncos select Matt Barkley QB USC
A couple of years ago, Mel Kiper stated that Matt Barkley would be the number one overall pick in the 2012 or 2013 draft (He hadn't heard of Andrew Luck). In his freshman year, he made a ton of mistakes with a 15-14 TD-INT ratio, and I thought Kiper was an idiot.In 2010, he blossomed, cutting down on his stupid INT's with a 26-12 TD-INT ratio, and, most importantly, he became a leader.He wil give Andrew Luck a run for his money with the 1st pick if he blossoms even more.

It wont take Denver long to figure out Orton(though underrated) or Tebow is not the answer.Barkley will shine with a great O-line(Ryan Clady) and recieving core(Brandon Lloyd, Jabar Gaffney).

Pro Bowl Chance: Very High

NFL Player Comparison: Phillip Rivers


4. The Cincinatti Bengals select Quinton Coples DE-OLB North Carolina
Quinton Coples is probably the best defensive stud in 2012 after a breakout sophmore season with 15 TFL sacks.If Antwan Odom can't produce for the Bengals by 2011 , he will be gone in 2012 and this pick should be an absolute lock.

Pro Bowl Potiental: Very High

NFL Player Comparison: Demarcus Ware


5.The San Fransisco 49ers selects Dre Kirkpatrick CB Alabama

Patrick Peterson didn't fall to the Niners, who was projected to be the popular pick.They won't be able to hold this need much longer.

Dre Kirkpatrick wasn't used much as a freshman because he had an ankle injury, and was stuck behind Kareem Jackson and Javier Arenas. However, he performed well as a sophomore and lived up to all the hype coming out of high school. Barring another injury, the agile 6-3 corner will almost certainly be a top-five pick.

Pro Bowl Potiental: Very High

NFL player comparison: Nnamdi Asomugha


6.The Tennesee Titans select Steven Gilmore CB South Carolina
Something tells me Cortland Finnegan won't be a Titan in 2012.After all, his contract is up next year.
Gilmore is a speedy "playa" expected to run in the high 4.4's will be one of the best all around corner's to come out in a while. In other words, he will be a stud.

Pro Bowl Potiental: High

NFL player comparison: Joe Haden


7.The Philadelphia Eagles(from Arizona) select Johnathan Martin LT-RT Stanford

First of all, you ask with Kevin Kolb a Cardinal, how do the House of Cards land a top 10 pick?If you haven't seen, the left side of Arizona's O-line is terrible with Alan Faneca gone and the terrible Levi Brown (12 sacks allowed) the Card's QB of the future is bound to get hurt, which will thus hurt them.
Winston Justice is not all that bad at tackle protecting Vick, but you have one of the most delicate QB's in the NFL, a stud will be needed. Martin succesfully protected the blindside of the best QB in college football (Andrew Luck).He can play on both left and right sides, and could be one of the best tackles in the NFL on day one.

Pro Bowl Potiental: Nearly Immenent

NFL player comparison: Orlando Pace


8.The Minnesota Vikings select Matt Kalil  LT-RT USC

Bryant McKinnie has to be moved over to right tackle because he's terrible protecting the blind     side at this stage of his career. Since the Vikings didn't spend the No. 12 pick on Tyron Smith or Anthony Castonzo, they'll have to wait until 2012 to find a new left tackle, which is bad news for Christian Ponder.

 The brother of Ryan Kalil of the Carolina Panthers, the younger Kalil had a great year protecting the blind side of Matt Barkley.Highly touted and athletic, he was so good, he forced Tyron Smith to play on the right side.

Pro Bowl Potiental: Vey High

NFL player comparison: Jordan Gross


9.The Washington Redskins select Landry Jones QB Oklahoma State

It's funny Mike Shanahan chose to trust a guy like John Beck, and he'll learn his lesson to trust the bust(No Rhyme intended) pretty soon. I expect this to happen despite the Redskins avoiding QB's early in the past couple of years since they drafted Jason Campbell in 2005.

Jones had a great year for the Sooners, throwing for 38 TD's to 12 INT's, and has his favorite man back in Ryan Broyles, which means he will improve from his already outrageous statistics.

Pro Bowl Potiental: High

NFL player comparison: Drew Bledsoe
10. The Oakland Raiders select Cliff Harris CB Oregon

Nnamdi Asomugha is out of Oakland and despite having him cover half of the field, the Raiders still gave up 29 TD passes and with him gone,disaster will strike.

Enter Harris, who is a perfect "playa" for Al Davis is speedy and is a "playmaka".He doesn't seem to be worth a top 10 pick, so this could be a reach.

Pro Bowl Potiental: Somewhat High

NFL Playa comparison: Charles Woodson


11.The Buffalo Bills select Donte-Paige-Moss DE-OLB North Carolina

Butch Davis seems to do a brilliant job with his linebackers, eh? They had Quinn and Carter this year, Coples,Moss and others this year.

Buffalo may need a quarterback,but instead, maybe they go after a rush linebacker after missing out on Von Miller in the 2011 NFL Draft.The athletic 245-pound Donte Paige-Moss had 13.5 TFL and seven sacks as a sophomore in 2010. He is oozing with potiental.

Pro Bowl potiental: High

NFL Player Comparison: Brian Orakpo


12. The Seattle Seahawks select: Nick Foles QB Arizona

The Seahawks may have made the playoffs last year, but not having a legit QB will bite them, HARD.
The talent around him is terrible, especially the defense, but Foles keeps his Arizona team in contention, leading his team to a Bowl Game.He threw for 20 touchdowns and 10 picks in 11 games, so he will need a more productive year to make him worth this pick.

Pro Bowl Potiental: Medium

NFL player comparison: Josh Freeman


13.The Jacksonville Jaguars select  Jerel Worthy DT Michigan State
The Jaguars have  terrible pass rushers by sacking the QB only 26 times. They didn't even adress the need in the draft and the FA market for DT's is not so good anyway.

Worthy didn't put up great stats this year, but he was double teamed and injured. Expect a breakout season next season for the potiental top 10 pick

Pro Bowl Potiential: High

NFL player comparison: Kevin Williams


14. The Cleveland Browns select Justin Blackmon WR Oklahoma State

Paul Holmgren pulled off a hell of a trade for the Browns, but didn't get the star wideout Colt McCoy wanted for his Christmas gift.  WIll the star  wideout Justin Blackmon end the WR problem in Cleveland?
Blackmon, has recieved many comparisons to Terrell Owens or Randy Moss, because he's a diva, but he's hard worker, willing to give 100% every day and a great competitor.

Pro Bowl Potiental: High

NFL player comparison: Terrell Owens in ability only.


15. The Dallas Cowboys select Trent Richardson RB Oklahoma
The RB situation is in disarray for the Dallass Cowgirls, but fear not(Meant to Cowboys fans only- not me or any other NFC east supporters) Trent Richardson is going to be a Cowboy (oh shit).

Many have named him the top running back of his class, and some have already claimed he's better than former Heisman winner Mark Ingram.The question is, can he withstand the heavier load?

Pro Bowl Potiental: Medium

NFL player comparison: Clinton Portis


16. The Houston Texans select: Alfonzo Dennard CB Nebraska
This is a tough mock draft projection because I don't know how Houston's defensive players will adjust to Wade Phillips' new 3-4. However, the cornerback position remain a big area of need if Kareem Jackson doesn't improve and Brandon Harris doesn't flash as a rookie.

Dennard was Prince Amukamara's partner in crime last year, and could blossom this year.

Pro Bowl Potiental: Medium

NFL player comparison: Nate Clements


17.The New Yolk Giants select Knile Davis RB Arkansas

Before I say anything, Ginas fans will curse at me for putting them this high, but they know it's true.

Anyway, the Giants failed to address the running back position in the 2011 NFL Draft until the seventh round. If Ahmad  Bradshaw has fumbling and durability issues in 2011, Jerry Reese may find a replacement early in the 2012 NFL Draft.

Davis isn't super experienced at starting, but he ran for 1,322 yards and 13 touchdowns on a 6.5 YPC average despite playing in a pass happy offense

Pro Bowl Potiental: Somewhat High

NFL player comparison: Arian Foster


18. The Detroit Lions select Manti Te'o ILB Notre Dame

The extremely talented Lions struggled to find a CB,OT or linebacker, but the Lions have major issues at linebacker. If they find someone new to play the middle, they can move DeAndre Levy outside. I know Jim Schwartz would rather keep Levy where he is, but he may not have much of a choice here with Te'o unflexible.

The Lions always go with the best player available strategy, and the best players available at need are Reilly Reiff, Manti Te'o, Vontaze Burflict and  Brandon Jenkins. This would be a close call, but I'd take Te'o, who racked up 123 tackles and 8.5 TFL in 2010.

Pro Bowl Potiental: Very High

NFL player comparison: Ray Lewis


19. The Chicago Bears select Reilly Reiff OT Iowa

The Bears are starting to improve their O-line, but to play in a  Mike Martz offense that puts QB's in the pocket longer, you need an Offensive Line worthy of protecting a QB for 4-8 seconds.

Reiff, a top 10 worthy pick has fallen through the picks, so the Bears go happy get lucky.

Pro Bowl Potiental: Somewhat High

NFL Player Comparison: D'brikishaw Fergeson


20. The New York Jets select Courtney Upshaw DE-OLB Alabama

YAY! The Jets miss the playoffs,  because of the loss of some players, I don't think the Jets make the playoffs.
Despite the addition of Muhammad Wilkerson via draft , the Jets still need to improve their pass rush so Rex Ryan doesn't have to call blitzes every SINGLE  down.

Here's his gift, a projected rush linebacker at the next level, the 260-pound  Upshaw  put up14.5 TFL and 7.5 sacks in 2010.

Pro Bowl Potientlal: Somewhat High

NFL player comparison: Taylor Mays


21. The Kansas City Chiefs select Kheeston Randall DT Texas

No, the Chiefs didn't add Phil Taylor, as they seriously need a good NT, instead they chose someone to compliment Dwane Bowe.

Randall could play DE in the 3-4 as well, but DT is what KC needs

Pro Bowl Potiental: Medium

NFL player comparison: Calias Campbell


22. The St. Louis Rams select Vontaze Burflict LB Arizona State

He is one of the most fearless and violent tacklers to come off a draft in a while, and has slid to a team that needs a good linebacker crew. He should be a top 15 pick, but has fell through the picks.

Pro Bowl Potiental: Very high

NFL Player Comparison: Patrick Willis


 23.The Baltimore Ravens select Micheal Brewster C Ohio State

Matt Birk will be a 36-year-old free agent during the 2012 offseason. He even said that he'll help the team groom a replacement. Birk is the best center in next years class.

The impressive Michael Brewster took over as Ohio State's starting center as a freshman and played well, too.

Pro Bowl Potiental: Somewhat Hgih

NFL Player Comparison:  Nick Mangold


24. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Janoris Jenkins CB ??????????????????????

Aqib Talib will not be a Buc next year, and they didn't adress this problem in this years draft. Steven Gilmore, Dre Kirkpatrick, and others are off the board.

Janoris Jenkins has been kicked off Florida's football team because of three drug arrests. It was speculated that he would enter the supplemental draft ( I don't think so) but he's currently considering transferring to a 1-AA team. If so, the Buccaneers will consider the ultra-talented Jenkins late in round one, or possibly round two.

Pro Bowl Potiental: Low

NFL player comparison: Devin McCourty
25. The Indianapolis Colts select Lamicheal James RB Oregon

The Colts threw for a record amount of times because their running game was terrible. The O-line gave holes big enugh for any RB to rush through, but the RB's had little success.

Lamicheal James won't be an every down back, but he will give the Colts their best RB since Edgerrin James

Pro Bowl Potiental: Somewhat High

NFL Player comparison: Jammal Charles


26. Cleveland Browns select Jayron Hosely CB Virginia Tech

After Sheldon Brown retires, there will be help needed opposite Joe Haden.

I honestly don't know how high Hosely  could fly or how low he'll go.He could be a top 5 selection because of his amazing nine INT's , including one off Andrew Luck in a spring game.He could fall into the second round due to his bad tackling.

Pro Bowl Potiental: High

NFL Player comparison: possibly Charles Woodson


27.The New England Patriots select Micheal Floyd WR Notre Dame

Tom Brady may have thrown for 36 TD's, but he has lost a legit number one wideout since Randy Moss was traded to the Vikings.

Floyd was charged with a DUI, but expects to be back soon

Pro Bowl Potiental: Medium

NFL player comparison: Larry Fitzgerald


28.The Green Bay Packers select Jared Crick DT-DE  Nebraska

Yay, no repeat for the Pack!!!

Cullen Jenkins won't be a Packer in 2012, so the DT position may go in disarray.
Crick could have a breakout season this fall, if he does, he should go up draft boards, after all, he drew praise from Ndamukong Suh.

Pro Bowl Potiental: Somewhat High

NFL Player Comparison: Igor Olshansky


29. The New England Patriots select: Robert Lester S Alabama

Damn, the Pats got two first rounders again.

Anyway, Brandon Merriweather didn't play that well after his Pro Bowl season, so he could be off in free agency. Robert Lester is almost identical to Merriweather in terms of potiental and a couple of attributes

Pro Bowl Potiental: Medium

NFL Player Comparison: Brandon Merriweather



30. The San Diego Chargers select Jeff Fuller WR Texas A'M

Either Micheal Floyd or Vincent Jackson won't be a Charger in 2012, which will hurt an already depleted WR core.
Fuller had a great year, recieving for more than 1000 yards and was on the recieving end of 12 TD's

Pro Bowl Potiental: Somewhat High

NFL Player Comparison:Anquan Boldin



31.The Pittsburgh Steelers select Kevin Zeitler OG Wisconsin

I guess you know who the champs will be.......

The Steelers aren't done improving their offensive line, as they should specifically improve at right guard, where Zeitler would fit in.

Pro Bowl Potiental: Low

NFL Player Comparison: Rich Seubert



32. The Philadelphia Eagles select Dwight Jones WR North Carolina

Anyway, I correctly predicted the super bowl champs twice in the last four years so I decided to give the Eagles 50/50 luck here.

We don't need a wideout, but we need another big player who's gonna help us in the red zone.Jones is a massive 6'5, and has speed.If he lives to his full potiental, we could be the  wideout trio comparable to the Chargers of the 80's

Pro Bowl Potiental: Low

NFL Player Comparison: Randy Moss

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