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I am posting this here because we have seen a lot of Giants fans here, and I don’t want to clutter up the FanPosts section of BBV, where this may be seen as unwelcome.  I hope that members of BGN and BBV, as well as any others who agree with the sentiments of this petition, will put their names in the comment section in support of this petition.  If not, at the very least we can get some good discussion going about the subject.  This is not intended to open up old wounds, and I’m sure we can all remain civil here. 


This petition focuses on a group of BGNers known as the BGN 17.  They were banned for their comments on BBV on December 19-20th, 2010 after the “Miracle at the Meadowlands 2” game.  This petition calls for these individuals to be reinstated at BBV.  Here are the known members of the BGN 17:










So without further ado, the petition…


Dear Mr. Valentine and BBV,


On December 19th and 20th of 2010, the Eagles and Giants played one of the most epic football games in the illustrious history of one of the greatest rivalries in sports.  Arguably, that game was the most exciting in NFL history.  Emotions ran hot throughout the entire game on both sides, as these rivalry games often bring out the true fanaticism of being an NFL fan.  Pre-game taunting, bashing, and bet-making was seen from fans of both teams, and the atmosphere was nearly that of a playoff game – as the implications of the game did have considerable bearing on the playoffs.  This pre-game attitude carried on into the game, as Giants fans ribbed the Eagles fans about the pounding our team was taking.


Late in the game the tide turned, and remarkably, the Eagles won.  Amped up by the unbelievable comeback, pre-game tempers, and the ribbing and preemptive celebration during the game, the Eagles fans celebrated to an excessive degree.  About 20 Eagles fans joined the threads at BBV and celebrated there.  Some fans were very respectful, others were not exactly trolling, but would have been wise not to have visited at such an emotionally charged moment, and a number of fans took the celebration way too far.  Because of this, 17 individuals (although it was later revealed that it was actually far less, with a number of new profiles being created by the same few people) were banned.  This moment and the individuals who were banned have come to be known as the BBV 17, or the BGN 17.


This petition is calling for the reinstatement of the BGN 17 to BigBlueView.  Over the past few days we have seen the awesome debates and contributions that can come from discussion between fans of these two great teams.  I am not saying that these individuals did not deserve to be banned, as most of the individuals themselves would admit that they deserved it.  But I think we can all acknowledge that it was a very emotional time and that rash decisions were probably made on both sides.  I would really like to see the gates opened to these individuals again.  I enjoy visiting BBV and discussing with the intelligent members there, but I sense that the majority of inter-team discussions go on here at BGN.  We BGNers, especially some of the BGN 17, could really contribute a lot of positive information to BBV, and I think they would be more than willing to do so.


Thank you for considering this proposal.  I sincerely hope that the signatures and notes of support from my fellow fans below will help persuade you to consider readmitting the BGN 17.






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