The Linc - Why "Simplifying" The Defense Is A Great Thing

Why Castillo has the right idea for Eagles defense | National Football Post
I respect Mike Florio’s opinion over at, but after reading his post today about new Eagles defensive coordinator Juan Castillo "simplifying" his scheme for the 2011 season, I felt the need to give my own thoughts from a player’s perspective.

My Sunday Best: Impact Assistants | National Football Post
Juan Castillo, Eagles defensive coordinator. The former offensive line coach will be the most scrutinized assistant in the NFL. The possibility of him failing spectacularly is there, but those who know Castillo think there is a much greater possibility of Castillo succeeding spectacularly. Worth noting: Andy Reid has an excellent track record with assistant coaches.

Brandon Graham Says Knee May Keep Him From Starting Season | Philly Sports Daily
The latest test showed that his knee is at 65 percent. Graham will be allowed to resume running once it hits 80 percent, a mark he anticipates reaching by the end of May. "I’m telling you, I’ve been working hard," said Graham, "trying to come back strong."

Iggles Blitz " Blog Archive " The Quiet Man
Lost in all the talk of players and coaches in regard to the lockout is the strength/conditioning side of things. Players can go to local gyms or hire a trainer or do whatever to push themselves, but they aren’t getting the direct supervision of Barry Rubin.

McCoy Reps His Hometown | Eagletarian | 05/14/2011
LeSean McCoy welcomed several hundred people from his hometown to his community day at Reservoir Park Saturday.

NFL Notebook: Lockout will make product suffer
If the league tries rush through an abbreviated pre-season, what will the NFL look like when the curtain finally goes up? There will be more injuries because the players won’t be as well conditioned. The execution will be sloppy because the timing will be off and the new players won’t know which way to turn. In short, it will be ugly and the fans – who will be cranky after listening to months of labor talk – will be quick to voice their displeasure.

Fan-Demonium: The Learning Curve
The labor dispute between the owners and players has delayed offseason activity so far this year, but until now it had not really affected football activities. That changes as this weekend was supposed to be the Eagles’ post-draft mini-camp. While it isn't a crucial event, it does give the rookies their first taste of life in the NFL and it really begins the process of player development for the upcoming season.

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