Grading the 2010 Eagles Draft

I've heard a lot of people on BGN wondering if anyone is going to attempt to grade our 2010 Draft now that everyone is grading our 2011 class. I know some people are probably saying it's too early but if we can grade our class less than 24 hours after the draft, I think one year is plenty of time to pass judgments.


Round 1 pick 13- Brandon Graham DE Michigan- B-

His ACL injury at the end of 2010 really hurts his grade. Had a good rookie season but not great. Numbers weren't great, but he got after the quarterback and showed a lot of promise. We won't really know how good he will be until the 2012 season, when he has a full year to recover from his injury, though he should see plenty of time this season.


Round 2 pick 5- Nate Allen FS South Florida- A

Bottom line, we got a starter at the most important position on our defense for the next 10+ years. Also suffered a season ending injury but should be 100% by the beginning season.


Round 3 pick 22- Daniel Te'o Nesheim DE Washington- C+

Okay pick for the third round, but don't really know what to expect from him especially with Coach Wash leading our DL now. Labeled as a high motor guy, but needs to improve  his pass rush moves. With Graham recovering from a major injury and Jaqua Parker nearing the end, this is a make it or break it year for DTO with plenty of opportunities.


Round 4 pick 7- Trevard Lindley CB Kentucky- B

Didn't start as an outside corner, but didn't get an opportunity from McD. A lot of potential and proved he can stay healthy which he really didn't show his final two season at Kentucky. Did play as a nickelback in place of Hanson when he started for injured Asante. Good grade because he has potential to be a starting corner for years to come, good value in the 4th.


Round 4 pick 23- Kennan Clayton LB Oklahoma-  A

He is undersized and just supposed to be a special teams or nickel LB. I totally disagree, I think he will be our WLB this season right away. Tons of speed and showed a ton of potential againist dallas in week 17 where he got the opportunity to cover pro bowl tight end Jason Whitten and was outstanding. We will see what happens with Clayton in 2011, but I see great things for him in 2011. Great value.


Round 4 pick 24- Mike Kafka QB Northwestern- C+

Probably the toughest pick to grade, the QB position usually is after one season. Hear a lot of high praise from the coaches about Kafka and he even got trade offers for him. I think he is a year away from being a reliable backup, but looks like a good fit in our offense. Not all our QB's have to be track stars despite popular belief.


Round 4 pick 27- Clay Harbor TE Missouri State- B-

Not really a big fan of Harbor but he has some potential. Needs to work on hands and really needs to improve his blocking skills. We wouldn't have to use Celek and Harbor so much as blocker if we could sign a blocking tight end, but that seems to be at the very bottom of this team's priorities. Good potential for Harbor as our #2 tight end, thanks for this pick dallas.


Round 5 pick 3- Ricky Sapp DE/LB/? Clemson- B-

He is a tweener with potential to be a good roation pass rusher, especially for Wash. He was coming off an injury in college so we knew coming in 2011 would be his true rookie season. Everything I hear from the coaches and from Ricky Sapp himself, it sounds like rehab is going great. If he bombs out, it's a wasted 5th round pick. If he can get a few sacks and a lot of pressures as a rotation/nickel DE this is a great pick and absolute steal. I gave it a B- because of the value and potential, can't really grade Sapp on what he has done for us.


Round 5 pick 28- Riley Cooper WR Florida- A-

Late 5th round pick is our 4th wideout and a solid special teams player with potential. Good size and athleticsm, looking to contribute in the redzone. If Michael Vick doesn't underthow him in the playoffs last year, this pick is a A++++++++. Love his potential, size and special teams ability. Great value nearly in the 6th round.


Round 6 pick 31- Charles Scott RB LSU- F F

Another attempt to improve our short yardage/redzone woes. It failed before it had a shot to succeed. That gets an F. This pick also get's an F because we got Jorrick Calvin and he hurt us more than he helped us in the return game or special teams in general.


Round 7 pick 13- Jamar Chaney LB Mississippi State- A+

Our 2011 starting MLB or maybe WLB was a 2010 7th round draft pick. Good size at MLB and great speed, should hold his position down for years to come or into he gets seriously hurt. Seems to be a theme of this rookie class.(Nate Allen, Brandon Graham, Jeff Owens)


Round 7 pick 36(compensatory)- Jeff Owens DT Georiga- D

Didn't make team right away but stuck it out on practice squad and got playing time due to injuries, until he hurt himself severly in that same game. Good value here but bad grade because he doesn''t fit in with Coach Wash and will be cut before week 1.


Round 7 pick 37(compensatory)- Kurt Coleman S Ohio State- A+

Saw time at FS when Nate Allen went down. WIllbe our third safety with the ability to play either SS or FS in a reserve role and in certain packages on the field with Allen and Jarrett. Also a good special teams player. 




Overall Draft Grade- A-

A lot of good values here, we have 4 starters here going into 2011 depending on injuries. Kafka should be our backup QB either this season or next season. Kurt will be a key reserve in our secondary. Trevard should take over for Asante eventually.  Riley will see more production in 2011, tons of opportunites to prove himself. Ricky Sapp should be a good rotation guy maybe even switch to LB if need be. We had 13 picks and 11 of them saw action and 12 could in 2011. I think we got 11 good players that could be a part of this team for a while and at least 2 future pro bowlers.

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