Eagles Drafted for Need and not for BPA

I have been a big believer in Howie Roseman and the Eagles scouting corps after watching them work their magic last year.  I truly believe that will go down as one of the strongest drafts from top to bottom in Eagles' history.  They also added Owen Schmitt and Jerome Harrison whom I think were fantastic additions.

Fast forward to this weekend's draft.  I had no problem with Danny Watkins or Jaiquawn Jarrett as they were both on my board.  It's where we drafted them that causes me pause. 

Danny Watkins - OL - Baylor - Analysis - Provides much needed nasty to the Eagles OL and fills a gaping need.  That said could we not have traded down a few picks and acquire an extra 3rd round pick?

Jaiquawn Jarrett - S - Temple - Analysis - Once again, he fills a need and can play SS.  He was an intimidating force at Temple, but might he have lasted until the 3rd round?

Curtis Marsh - CB - Utah St - Analysis - Honestly, I know little about him but wonder if we might have been able to get him later.

Casey Matthews - LB - Oregon - Analysis - I'm not as high on Casey...the LB I wanted was Colin McCarthy, but he was long gone.  Solid value and great bloodlines.

Alex Henery - K - Nebraska - Analysis - Ummm, a Kicker?  Once again, it may very well be the time to replace David Akers, but couldn't we have got him a little later?

Dion Lewis - RB - Pitt - Analysis - My guys were Daniel Thomas or Alex Green to add a little power to our running game.  I would have loved Taiwan Jones as well because he could have given our return game a huge boost.  Given that they were all gone, it wasn't an awful pick.  This guy's fumble prone, slow and small.  That said he's been extremely productive.

Julian Vandervelde  - OL - Iowa - Analysis - I didn't like this one at all.  I'd rather have gone for a LB like Greg Jones from Michigan St.

Jason Kelce - OL - Cincinnati - Analysis - I hated the Brent Celek pick when we went with him from Cincinnati.  I hope the Eagles prove me wrong again.

Brian Rolle - LB - Ohio St. - Analysis - Can't we ever get larger and faster rather that smaller and slower?  That said he is a good football player and has adequate speed.  He's smurf like though.

Greg Lloyd - LB - Connecticut - Analysis - Great bloodlines do not a great football player make.  Now if he turns into his Dad my apologies to Roseman & company.

Stanley Havili - FB - USC - Am I the only one that loves Owen Schmitt?  Do we need a FB?

I see Watkins, Jarrett & Henery starting, so we can't be too upset.  That said, it could have been an awesome draft and not merely an adequate one.

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