Fan's Guide to the Eagles 2011 Draft Days 1 and 2

So after the draft was over I was eager to look more closely at the picks. After carefully analyzing the picks it became quite obvious to me that this draft class was all about now. I'll explain more about this after the jump.

During the past couple drafts I have felt the Eagles have been BPA (Best Player Available) on most of their selections. This year however the eagles seemed to find a position of need and take the highest player on their board. While I love this approach it did increase the number of reaches IMO this year. I am happy, however, that they do want to win now and I hope they take this approach into Free Agency because I still think they have 1 glaring need (more on that later). So without further ado heres the eagles first pick.

Pick 23: Danny Watkins OG Baylor 6-3, 310 34 1/4 arm length and 10 1/8 hand size

WORKOUT NUMBERS: 40- 5.4, Bench- 29 Reps, Vert. Jump-  26, Broad Jump- 92, 3 Cone Drill- 7.61 and 20 yrd Shuttle- 4.62

Analysis: For my analysis on all the players I like to use Sideline Scouting and Draft Breakdown because I believe they have to most in-depth and accurate scouting reports. 

Danny Watkins is a tough, physical, aggressive offensive lineman and former firefighter who has only played football for 4 years. He played left tackle in college, but projects as a guard in the NFL mainly due to lack of length, height and the necessary quickness needed to play outside at the next level. Watkins displays amazing technique for a player with as little experience as he has, which points to his amazing work ethic and passion for the game. He has never missed a game, is mature, and gives great effort on the field. A big concern with Watkins will be his age, as he will be 26 years old when the NFL season starts, and he will be switching positions. NFL teams will have to weigh the risk factors of developing an older player at a new position. Watching Watkins on tape has quickly made him one of my favorites in this draft and he should be off the board early in the 2nd round.

My Take: This represents a lot of our draft: Great player but a reach. Watkins will take Jean-Giles spot I believe and fill IMO our biggest need RG. He also has the mean streak that Andy and Mudd will love. The knock on this kid is his age and while I agree its a concern the thing people dont realize is it isnt 26 football years the kid hasnt played that long and the big reason age is so important to for wear and tear on the body this kid wont have that. He may be 26 in years but hes only 4 in football years. Love the pick love the kid and it fills a need. Great Pick.

Pick 54: Jaiquawan Jarrett S Temple 6'0, 198, 32.2 arm length and 10 hand size

Workout Numbers: 40- 4.65, Bench- 14, Vert. Jump- 30, Broad Jump- 113, 3 Cone Drill- 6.95 and 20 yrd Shuttle- 4.14 

Positives: Has good height for the position, bulk is adequate for a free safety... Excellent production last four seasons including nine interceptions... Is a good hitter for his size, does a good job of wrapping after contact and driving legs forward... Has experience blitzing from five to ten yards deep, appears to be a versatile defensive back, could play multiple positions in the NFL... Has pretty good speed, has enough speed and quickness to cover slot receivers and is tall enough to cover tight ends down the middle of the field in man coverage... Plays the run very well, is extremely active in run defense, is aggressive and instinctual when blitzing and filling holes... Is a hustle guy, looks to have a good motor, takes good pursuit angles and runs hard in pursuit... Durability is not a concern, has not missed time due to injury. 

Negatives: Will take poor angles at times in run defense, needs to play a little more under control... Could stand to add a little weight if he is to continue playing the safety position at the next level... Is not very well suited for playing the center field, one-deep safety position, gives up too much cushion on intermediate routes underneath him... Footwork is a little sloppy at times, especially when breaking forward and changing directions... Will get out-muscled by blockers, takes on blocks well, but has difficulty disengaging from blocks to make plays.

My Take: The guy was the number 2 rated safety on ESPN's ranking but I have seen him as low as 6th on others. He was projected to go between rounds 3 and 4 so this was another reach but hes a good kid and if you read reports on him it says he is a smart kid and a leader on and off the field. He is a local product as well and said he has talked to the eagles numerous times and is excited to be here. This pick also says that Q is on the way out. Overall, while it was a reach, if Q leaves he can step in and challenge Coleman and he provides depth in case Allen has a setback while rehabbing.  

Pick 90: Curtis Marsh CB Utah 6-1, 197, 32 arm length and 9 hand size

Workout Numbers: 40- 4.46, Bench- 12, Vert. Jump- 37.5, Broad Jump- 123, 3 Cone Drill- 6.87 and 20 yrd Shuttle 4.07

Positives: Has good overall speed, recovery speed is also solid... Does a good job of defending passes with the correct hand, avoiding exposure to a lot of big misses... Is a good full-speed tackler, does well with wrapping up in the open field... Is very athletic, played running back his first two seasons in college... Pretty fluid in the hips with good footwork... Has good body control when tackling and going up to defend passes... Physical at the line of scrimmage, likes to mix it up... Has good ball skills, despite low interception totals, shows good, soft hands... Excellent at opening up and running with receivers on deep routes... Backpedal is controlled and fluid, is pretty quick out of breaks. 

Negatives: Is often late locating the football, does not get head around very quickly, especially when defending fade and seam routes... Looks a little thin for his height, could stand to add a few pounds of muscle, especially in the lower-body... Not very productive statistically, only recorded three interceptions in two seasons at corner... Will jump routes a little early when giving up position on the inside, leaving him susceptible to giving up a big play... Instincts are below-average, not a complete corner at this point, and only has two years experience at the position. 

My Take: A great press corner with top end speed that allows him to recover and stay with the fastest WRs. He is very raw however and will not IMO be able to contribute as a starter next season but I see him as a great nickel and can compete with Lindley, Hobbs and Patterson for that role presuming we sign a CB in FA. This guy was projected to go rounds 2-4 so value wasn't bad here. Much more of a project than the others but has huge potential.   

I am still working on Day 3 and who they should target through FA and it should be out tomorrow but I know a lot of you are eager to learn more about future eagles and I hope this helps a bit. 

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