Hey Giant Fans!

Nothing bugs me more than some arrogant, pompous Giants fans. It would seem that this draft is pumping up some Giants fans so I’m taking the liberty of bringing them back down to earth because they're a little bit too happy about their draft class for my tastes. One guy over at BBV even said the Giants grabbed two top 10 talents.

First, lets reminisce... 6 in a row! But really, I would love to thank the Giants for all the great memories. From Chuck Bednarik smashing Frank Gifford to DeSean returning the punt for the walk off win, you have provided the Eagles with some of their best moments in franchise history. The Eagles have an extensive history of whooping the Giants. But anyway, let's get to what I came here to talk about, your draft that has you all fired up.


The CB that Jermaine Kearse roasts right there is Prince Amukamara (7:55 mark).


Feel free to watch Justin Blackmon rape Prince Amukamara

Yep. That’s Prince Amukamara who’s beaten (8:49 mark).

But those are only the TDs, it doesn’t show receivers getting behind him (which tends to happen).

Personally, I love how flat footed he plays, he is going to get TOASTED at the next level if he doesn’t improve his footwork and his transition when he is flipping his hips.

Don’t believe me? Fine…

From Wes Bunting:

Lacks elite speed vertically down the field when asked to turn and run, will allow receivers to get behind him and doesn't possess the type of second gear to routinely make up for a false step. Possesses a little tightness in the hips when asked to turn and run.

From Sports Illustrated:

Ran well at the combine but has not shown great deep speed. Struggles staying with opponents downfield at times. Solid footwork but not explosive in reverse.

Or this…

- Gets off-balance a lot
- Backpedal is too high
- Footwork can get choppy
- Not very fluid
- Ball skills are not that impressive
- Can be too aggressive against the run and pass
- Over-pursues at times and whiffs on tackles
- Bites on double moves and gets caught out of position
- His jam technique needs work
- Will get too physical and can lead to P.I. penalties

Or how about from FootballOutsider and Yahoo writer Doug Farrar

As fast as his trail speed is, and as well as he takes receivers through their routes underneath, Amukamara frequently gets eaten up on comebacks and other quick moves out of more vertical route concepts. Is so intent on following the ball at times that receivers can actually transition him out of coverage.


So, congratulations Giants fans you just got a big, physical corner who can’t run with the Eagles receivers down field and has bad ball skills, I thought you already had 2 guys like that in Thomas and Webster? Please, let me know how Prince is going to do any better at defending DeSean and Maclin any better than Webster and Thomas did. And I’ll be the first to admit that Webster and Thomas are good players too. Personally I can’t wait for a CB who struggles in transition, lacks deep speed and ball skills gets to cover DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin. Just remember this, you may have gotten a Prince but DeSean is still King.

And I know what you Giants fans are thinking as you read this "Yeah but I bet you loved him before the draft!" To which I reply "Uhhh… No."


More Evidence

Prince Amukamara is going to start for a long time but I don’t think he is ever going to be a ‘shut down #1’ like Nnamdi or Revis. To me Prince is very similar to Quentin Jammer.

Even More Evidence

He ran a 4.38 at the combine but that speed doesn't translate to the field. Prince isn't the most fluid corner ever and he can be beaten deep. I've seen Prince beaten up by Justin Blackmon and be beaten badly by Jake Locker and Kearse on Washington.

And ask anyone here, I’ve been knocking Prince and pimping out Jimmy Smith for months now. I’m THRILLED the Eagles didn’t get to take Prince. And you know what the best part is? The Eagles got a guy whose skill set is nearly identical to Prince’s only with more fluid hips in the third round.



Prince Amukamara

Curtis Marsh







Arm Length



Hand Size



40 Yard Dash



Vertical Jump



Broad Jump



20 Yard Shuttle



3 Cone Drill




Physically, they’re nearly clones. Prince is a tad bit heavier and faster but Marsh is more fluid, has better arm length (which will benefit him in press coverage) and is just a bit taller. Both were originally running backs coming out of high school. Both have only been playing corner for two years. The only difference is that Amukamara played at a bigger school and has been coached better (he is more polished than Marsh).

And their games are similar too, only Marsh is more fluid and displays better trail speed on the field.

Here is the scouting report from Wes Bunting on both of them:

Prince Amukamara:

A good athlete for his size who possesses good instincts in coverage and has a real feel for the pass game. Does a nice job quickly locating the football, putting his foot in the ground and clicking and closing on the pass in front of him. Possesses compact footwork in his drop when asked to play in off and does a nice job keeping his feet under him and quickly driving on throws. Improved his overall pad level in his drop from a year ago, does a much better job sitting into his stance through the play and not popping upright the longer he has to sit into his stance.

Lacks elite speed vertically down the field when asked to turn and run, will allow receivers to get behind him and doesn't possess the type of second gear to routinely make up for a false step. Possesses a little tightness in the hips when asked to turn and run, but is able to cleanly change directions and looks really comfortable smoothly getting out of his breaks and closing on the throw. Is an improved tackler from last season, has a physical element to his game, breaks down well and will stick his head in and wrap up.

Looked a lot more poised when asked to play in press coverage in 2010 as well. Did a much better job being patient off the line, using the proper hand to initially press with and was able to sit into his stance and maintain balance laterally through the play. However, doesn't play as physical vs. bigger, stronger wideouts at times and gets content playing press-bail, which will get himself in some trouble trying to play more like a finesse corner. Is fluid when asked to turn and run and his combination of balance, footwork and strength off the line makes him really difficult to separate from even initially into routes. However, he does get a bit grabby at times down the field and will get caught stopping his feet when looking back for the football, allowing receivers to get behind him.

Impression: A fluid, balanced corner who possesses only average deep speed, but looks like a guy capable of starting at a number of spots in an NFL secondary. However, I don't think he will ever be a real blue-chip corner.

Curtis Marsh:

A former running back who made the switch to cornerback in the spring of 2009. Saw only four starts there as a junior but really came on with a productive 2010 season, earning second-team all-conference honors, becoming one of the nation's leaders in pass break-ups. Showcases decent natural flexibility off the line of scrimmage. Has the ability to sit into his stance and at times will get a bit bent over at the waist. Showcases good patience off the line in press coverage, doesn't open up the gate prematurely, does a nice job using proper hand placement when asked to get into defenders and has the ability to re-route off the line. Gets a bit leggy initially in his drop — this is when he will double over at times at the waist — and will allow himself to get a bit overextended off the line. However, possesses good fluidity in the hips when asked to redirect, regains balance quickly and displays a good initial burst to stay in receivers' back pockets out of his breaks and down the field.

Showcases good speed down the field. Has a tendency to lose balance at times, getting overextended in press when he is forced to let go and turn to run down the field, causing him to lose balance and give up some separation vertically. However, displays a good feel of routes off the line in press, is an instinctive corner and has the fluidity to open up his hips and run with explosive receivers down the field or redirect, maintain balance and close in the three-step game. Displays the ability to make up for a false step and exhibits the coordination to go up and use his length to knock the football away at its highest point. Isn't overly physical as a striker, but has a willingness to stick his head in and is a solid wrap-up guy. Breaks down well after completions underneath and uses his length to wrap and bring his guy to the ground. Isn't as comfortable in off coverage at this stage because of his lacking technique and polish in his drop, doesn't have great click and close ability, but displays a good enough feel in his limited experience to warrant some interest as a zone corner as well.

Impression: For a guy who has only played the positions for two seasons, he did a great job vs. a very talented Boise State wide receiving corps, being physical off the line, turning to run and making plays on the ball down the field. He's still raw with his footwork, but has a lot of upside to his game and looks to me like a guy who could make a roster because he is a gifted size/speed kid as well.

I can’t be the only one who sees the parallels there. And it’s not just Wes Bunting either, check Russ Lande (Sporting News) a former NFL scout. Check SidelineScouting. Check Sports Illustrated. Check whatever you need to check. The only thing is that Marsh is a more fluid athlete while Amukamara is a more polished.

And then you drafted Marvin Austin which is just pure comedy. When I think of the Giants I think of a bunch of chokers and I have to say that Marvin Austin is going to fit right in. He is so terrible that NFL Network had to show practice film to actually find decent looking highlights of him. Don’t get me wrong, the guy has talent and he is certainly an intriguing guy but he didn’t play like a second rounder on the field. Probably your best pick so far though considering the Giants propensity for developing DL but considering Marvin Austin’s work ethic, I’m betting against him. Like I said, he was your best pick but when you think about it, that’s kind of sad.

And then you drafted Jernigan… Oh Jernigan. One of the most overrated players in this draft if you ask anyone who knows anything (hint, Scott Wright, the guy you linked to on your blog, doesn’t) they would tell you that. It’s hilarious that someone came over here and tried to compare Jernigan to DeSean Jackson. There is only a slight difference here, DeSean is actually a good player and he is a much better athlete. You just got a worse version of Dexter McCluster. The guy he most closely resembles is Chad Hall.

And again, I remind you that none of these opinions are new.


Marvin Austin DT North Carolina

Remember when I said Kenrick Ellis could be the most talented DT in the class? Well Marvin Austin could be too. He was a top 3 recruit coming out of high school. One publication I remember reading had him pegged as the second coming of Corey Simon. Marvin Austin’s athleticism is certainly intriguing but he has had trouble transferring his elite athleticism to the field. He is every bit as talented as Nick Fairley and Marcell Dareus.

Jerell Jernigan WR Troy

-A guy who is way, way overrated. He looks to me like a guy who at best would be a slot receiver who can move around the offense. He can move into the backfield for some snaps and return kicks. I can’t see him ever being a good starter on the outside.

So congrats Giants fans, enjoy your draft but I’m just here to let you know that while you draft overrated players based off of reputation the Eagles are busy drafting football players who are going to join in on the annual tradition of beating some New York Giant ass next year.

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