10 Random draft musings around the league.

Here are some opinions  I have from this draft.

1.The Broncos will seriously regret drafting Von Miller, a better 3-4 linebacker than a 4-3, which the Broncos boast.If Denver had a 3-4, Miller would be much better, as he is one of the best edge rushers I've seen, and a 3-4 would give him that edge.

2.Getting Julio Jones may make the Falcons dangerous in the pass attack, but it may hurt them as well.Matt Ryan may throw for 35-40TD's, but with an increased number of passes could lead to a skyrocket in Matt Ryans INT's. Also they would  lose their identity from the running game,remember the last team that shied away from the run and bought in a stud wideout?The Bengals did in adding TO, which dipped their record from 10-6 to 4-12.

3.The Niners will regret their pick for many years to come.Seriously?Pass on Robert Quinn,Prince Amukamara,Blaine Gabbert ?Aldon Smith is gonna be a bust.Here's what Midwestern Eagle had to say about him:

Aldon Smith will be a bust. Very raw, horrible technique, a little undersized and lacks the physicality you would like a 3-4 edge rusher to have. Robert Quinn was still on the board and so was Prince Amukamara. They also need a franchise QB. Aldon is the Darius Miles of this draft, very gifted but very very raw. Probably went into the league a year early.

On the spot details right there.

4.Were Locker and Ponder reaches?

For Locker,yes, but not by much.He has everything you want in a stud, but accuracy is a glaring issue.Tennesee should have traded down to get him, would get lot's of draft picks in return and would have their man.

For Ponder, no.He has no glaring issues and I like his mobility and is a safe pick.I would compare him to David Garrard with more accuracy.

5.I'm not surprised Gabbert slid to number 10.He may have the tools,but despite playing in a spread offense, how does he record only 16TD's and has aonly a 60% completion.In comparison, Colt Brennan put up a 72% completion percentage with 58 TD's.Potiental bust right there.

6.Suh+Fairley=OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No explanation necessary.

7.We are going to curse at the Colts for 12 years+ to come:Anthony Castanzo was one of my FAVORITE prospects,and I was going crazy that he may land here.IMAGINE if he learned from Howard Mudd.But these fucking Colts took a multi time pro bowler from our grasp.

8.Titus Young+Megatron could equal one of the best Wideout combos of all time.If you don't understand, Titus can be compared to Desean Jackson, while Megatron is Megatron.And such a fast wideout will rarely be double covered with Megatron at the other side.As long as the China Doll doesn't break, the Lions will not only be on the map, but a dangerous team.

9.We have lost 6 suitors for Kevin Kolb, which means he'll likely be a Cardinal next year.

10.The speedy conga line for Al Davis continues, after drafting Demarcus Van Dyke, who ran a 4.26 40 time.

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