NFL Draft Results: Eagles Select Temple Product Jaiquawn Jarrett In Second Round

The Eagles made a bit of surprise in with their second round pick taking local product Jaiquawn Jarrett from Temple University. Jarret is a 6-0 198 pound safety, who the Eagles did hold a private workout with in recent weeks. The Eagles opting for a safety here could certainly been seen as a signal that Quintin Mikell could potentially be on his way out.

Jarrett going in the second round is interesting as mock drafts have had him all over the place. Some saw him as a potential fourth round pick, while others had him right here in the second. As I've always said though, mock drafts don't determine the value of a player. We never know where a guy is on NFL draft boards, although we can clearly assume that the Eagles were very high on him.

The scouting reports on Jarrett share some similarities. He's often referred to as a very smart player with excellent instincts. However scouts question whether he has the size or speed to be an impact player in the NFL. Everyone does seem to agree that despite his size, he is a good tackler and a big hitter. He was also known as the "quarterback" of the Temple defense and was often seen directing coverage as the offensive shifted.

Scouts inc had this to say about Jarrett

Pros: Shows very good overall recognition skills. Reads keys and is disciplined. Is tough and fills hard for an undersized S. Does a good job of breaking down, wrapping up and finishing as a tackler. Does a good job of avoiding blocks when cheated up near the line of scrimmage.

Cons: Gets in position to make a play on the ball but doesn't always finish. Will mis-time some jumps and hands are questionable. Lacks elite playmaking ability in this area.

Wes Bunting of the National Football Post liked the pick.

Have liked pick Jaiquawn Jarret since tape in 2009, not biggest or fastest, but plays clean, finds ball lots upside still

 More scouting reports and a very impressive highlight video after the jump.


Jarrett's highlights show a guy that's not afraid of contact and is a fantastic wrap up tackler. The physical way he plays belies his seemingly small 6-1, 200 pounds frame. CBS Sports praised his intelligence and football instincts.

Intelligent player with the football instincts necessary to start at the next level. Though he likes to attack run plays before the snap, his quickness and football intelligence allows him to get back into the deep third to be a factor in play action. Patient on misdirection, keeps his eyes in the backfield, plants and drives to the ball once it's clear where the play is going.

ESPN noted his knack for creating turnovers and praised his aggressive nature.

Plays like a free safety in the Owls' scheme but probably better suited to be a strong safety in the NFL. ... Really liked how aggressive he was once he recognized the play and came forward. Only had one missed tackle that I saw and that came on the first play of the game against Penn State when he was stiff-armed in the open field. In other opportunities he was able to come forward, strike a blow and bring the ball carrier down. ... Has a unique ability to cause turnovers. In the three games I studied, he caused a fumble in all of them. He is not afraid to hit you and try to rip the ball free

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