Free agent CB & Safety - Restricted and Unrestricted - You chose!

OK so I compiled a list of guys that could step right in and make sense at RCB for the Eagles - Also my list of Safety's that could step right in and help because we all know Allen will be back and ok but how soon do we rush him. 

So now again remember this is just my opinion and would like to hear your input on this but this would be my top choices for the Eagles at Corner listed in the order I think they stand.

1st - No brainer - but may not happen cause of price to pay -

Nnamdi Asomugha (OAK) – It should say something about the importance of statistics when a player can have an All-Pro season, yet not achieve minimal performance marks, which renders the rest of his contract null and void. The Raiders are unable to place the franchise tag on Asomugha, making the league’s best corner the prize of free agency. There’s some buzz that he wants to go to a Super Bowl contender which the Eagles very well are.

2nd-Johnathan Joseph (CIN) – Joseph brokeout in 2009 to help lead a good pass defense, but 2010 turned out to be a different story.  Joseph regressed and the results showed. Joseph is physical and aggressive and good in any scheme. And in Philadelphia will hav the support that he needs to get back on track to become an all-pro

3rd-Ike Taylor (PIT) – Ike Taylor really intrigues me and I love how consistent he has been over the past 5+ years. His ability to shadow receivers effectively and come up in run support has allowed the Steelers & could allow our beloved Eagles to do a little more creatively up front. I like a physical corner and I would love this one if we could make it happen.  Again he is not the shutdown corner that some are but again he is consistent and will hit people.

4th- Carlos Rogers (WAS) – Rogers has been a solid cover corner for years now but,  Still, I’ve never seen anyone in the league with worse hands than Rogers. Any other corner's set of hands would have allowed him at least a couple more picks per season and that’s why he doesn’t generally get the credit he deserves.  Just a thought :)


Now my safety's -

1st- Sign Mikell back - he makes this a better Defense and has been the most solid peice of our defense over the last few years (since Dawk walked)  He is the best safety out there and you can just not get this in FA this year.sIGN THIS GUY BACK

2nd-Brodney Pool (NYJ) - He is a solid safety and I like the style of play he brings. He is in a very aggressive Def now under a Ryan and I think will fit right in to what our buddy Juan is planning to do.  Bring back that old school Eagles D that teams hated to play against.

3rd-Eric Weddle (SD) – Though Weddle hasn’t made to many impact plays in his career, he’s been a great emerging player in the secondary. He’s a well-rounded player—which stems back from his days at Utah—who can play both the run and pass effectively. That is what we need 

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