My thoughts on this draft, our pick.(First round)

As all who have a simplistic understanding of the NFL draft and the normal workings it normally consists of we all know this draft was a weird one. Very weird. To many reaches, to many players falling, to costly to move up. Taking this into account I actually kinda enjoyed this one a bit, it had a different feel and I think it worked in the Eagles favor a little bit. And here's how

First off let's start with our pick. Danny Watkins.

I'll begin by saying I'm extremely happy this man is an Eagle. He's big, he's strong, he's very athletic. I personally feel he's the interior lineman in this draft, and I think he's one of the more versatile players we could've gotten. I said all offseason how I wanted this kid. Sure he's going to be 26, but he's got less wear and tear on his body than the 21-22 year olds that were drafted today, and will be drafted in the next 2 days. I think he instantly cures our OL woes and gives us a probowl caliber RG again. He also fits Mudds system which is a major bonus.

In my book this pick is solid gold. I kept saying that if it were not for his age he'd be a mid-late 1st rounder, we looked past the age and I think we'll end up with the steal of the draft.

Now for tomorrow...

Tomorrow night we'll have the #54 and the #85 overall.. Assuming we don't move around of coarse. I can see this playing into our hands a bit especially with so many good players still being available. Here's who I see us targeting if we stay put followed by what I feel will really happen:

#54- Colin Kaepernick. 

I feel like he'll fall to the 53 range. With us poised to trade Kolb it might be a good choice to bring in a guy like Colin who can run and throw, seems to fit the WCO and show's loads of potential. and like I said I think he'll fall here and be great value.

#85- Dontay Moch

Dontay's a freak athlete it seems. However at 85 overall he could be worth the shot. 3rd rounders don't seem to stick in the NFL but with his athletic ability why not take a shot?

What I think will happen... 

Akeem Ayers fell into the 2nd round. He's pretty much the cream of the crop for 4-3 LB's. I think we'll make a move up in the draft and take him, giving us 2 players I felt were 1st round quality guys. His speed seems to be an issue with everybody, however on tape he just plays much faster than what the drills showed. He's a gamer, he's worth moving up for.

I can also see us moving up for somebody like Bowers. He fell into the 2nd round also, his knee seems to be an issue, however with this much ammo and no CB's really worth trusting to start day 1 left why not take a shot on a guy I'm very high on?

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