The Falcons' trade with Cleveland is one of the worst trades I've ever seen


WOW!!!!!!!  This is one of the worst trades I've ever seen.  Here's the haul the Browns got from Atlanta for the 6th overall pick:

27th overall

59th overall

124th overall

2012 1st round pick

2012 4th round pick.

Sorry Falcons, you're more than just 1 player away.  Congrats on seriously jeopardizing the future on your franchise on a WIDE RECEIVER.


National Football Post Scouting Report:

A massive physical specimen who really seems to intimidate opposing cornerbacks off the line. Does a nice job using his power and length to fight his way through any kind of press, quickly shrugging off opposing defenders, dropping his shoulder and accelerating into his routes. However, what stands out most about his game is the balance he displays as a route runner and his ability to accelerate so quickly once he gets the ball into his hands. Possesses a real polish to his game as an underneath route runner and does a nice job setting up corners, cleanly getting out of his breaks and working after the catch. The most polished receiver in the three-step passing game in the entire draft does a great job changing speeds to set up his routes and being sharp/sudden out of his breaks.

Exhibits a good feel for reading zone coverages and knows where to sit down underneath. Plus, he gets up to speed quickly when asked to get down the field, does a nice job fighting his way through coverage and tracking the football vertically. Extends his long arms and makes a play on the football in jump ball situations, and I love the grit and power he displays as a blocker in the run game. Is physical into contact, has a passion for blocking down the field and adds a nice element to the run game as well.

Seemed to thin out a bit this past season, which allowed him to generate more separation for himself in the intermediate pass game and more of a burst out of his breaks. However, still has too many lapses in concentration and puts the ball on the ground too often — especially over the middle of the field. Lacks elite top-end speed down the field and won't be able to simply outpace defenders at the next level. However, because of his size, power and acceleration, he's still a threat to make plays vertically and win for you in jump ball situations.

Impression: He really does accelerate extremely well for a guy his size with the feel to consistently set up defenders as a route runner and find soft spots in coverage. Projects as a potential blue-chip caliber No. 1 wideout at the next level, but needs to do a better job holding onto the football.

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