Eagles Needs and Who they Might Take.

Today is the final full day before the draft. Last chance to discuss our needs and who we might take. These players aren't necessary who I think we will take, but guys we should be looking.


RB- LeSean McCoy is our guy at RB, we just need some talent behind him. Jerome Harrison will be here one more year, maybe, and he isn't going to scare any defenses. Eldra Buckley is a bad special teams play away from being cut. Most scouts/writers are reporting that we will be going after a speed back in this year's draft.

Taiwon Jones RB Eastern Washington- Great speed, kick return ability and can catch the ball very well for a back. His ball control however make Tiki Barber(2011 Tiki) look like Marshall Faulk. 17 fumbles the past two seasons, combined with a lot of injuries,none serious but it makes me think if he can't take the big hits in the FCS(DIV1AA) can he in the NFL? A reach in the 2nd round but great value in the 3rd, probably goes to the team that reaches on him in the first 40 or 50 picks. Eagles very interested though.

DeMarco Murray RB Oklahoma- Very athletic back, right up there with Jones. Ran a 4.37 40(Jones 4.35) and 39 inch vert leap. Great hands out of the backfield, more of a on the field start than a combine star. 353 touches in 2010, 1808 total yards 20 TD 1 fumble 0 lost. Already good in pass protection, experience picking up blitizing linebackers and helping chip on defensive ends. Might be the steal of the 2nd round, better combine numbers than Ryan Williams, Mikel LeShoure and Mark Ingram while still producing just as good if not better numbers againist tough BIG XII opponents. Eagles no doubt are interested, longer he slips in the 2nd round, better chance we get him.


Derrick Locke RB Kentucky- Thought I'd throw in a mid to late round player. There's probably 3 or 4 RB's we might take in the 1st round, so if we go after other players we like more and/or the RB's we like in the 2nd are gone before our pick/picks in the 2nd, Locke is a guy we could take in the 4th. Serious injury concerns, tore his ACL and MCL his sophmore season. Doesn't possess good pass blocking abilities to be an everydown back but that's not the player we are looking for. Great speed and cutting ability, speed to make the homerun play and good hands for a back. Should be our kickreturner from the getgo if we take him. Potential to play slot reciever as well.


Right Guard- Everyone is screaming for the Eagles to take a RT in the first round, but it's not going to happen. We probably won't take a RT the entire draft. Winston Justice has the ability to be a pro bowl caliber player at RT and Howard Mudd is the type of coach who can get that done. RG was the major problem for Philly whether it was Nick Cole or MJG. I see one of those guys gone before week 1 and neither of those guys starting late in the season in 2011.

Danny Watkins RG Baylor- His age is a little misleading as he got a late start to his football career when he enrolled in JC at 22. He isn't a project player by any stretch despite only playing football for 4 years. Ready to start right now, which could make him a steal in the 2nd round should he fall there. Excellent technique, mediorce quickness an O-lineman but has a real nasty streak. Ability to pull at the next level. Very coachable and very tough, lost his two front teeth playing high school hockey in BC, Canada(has two fake ones now).

Stephen Schilling RG Michigan- Think Jon Runyan at Guard. Blue-collar type player that is very durable(49 career starts) and very good pass blocker for a guard. Good versatility, can block in any system, great pulling guard. Experience pulling on rollout plays in college. Strength to move linemen back on short-yardage plays, but needs to improve footwork. Probably goes in the 3rd round, could start early in 2011 with a good OL Coach.

Julian Vandervelde RG Iowa- Could be a good fit for Coach Mudd. 6'2 300, not a MJG type Guard but Vandervelde is pretty agile for a Guard. Good durability, making 37 career starts. Looks like next solid OL coming out of Iowa. Ranked around 15-20th overall Guard so could be taken around the 4th round.



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