My final Mock Draft, I promise

This will be my final mock draft, not to be confused with The Final Mockdown. I have been an amateur mocker for about 12 years now and this is the most intune I have been with the prospectsever, which doesn't really say much. My rules for mocking are no trades or trying to predict trades. So my Eagles pick will be wrong, guaranteed.


1. Carolina Panthers- Cam Newton QB Auburn- This pick appears to be a lock. Panthers have some needs on defense but their D wasn't really the probelm. They would have posted better numbers had they not been on the field the majority of the game. This pick will if nothing else generate excitment.


2. Denver Broncos- Marcell Dareus- Best lineman in the draft, which is saying a lot. Will command double teams which will make things easier for Elvis Dumervil coming off a serious injury.


3. Buffalo Bills- Patrick Peterson CB LSU- I think Buffalo will surprise some people next season. Offense is very underrated and if the defense can figure out how to stop the big plays they could finish .500 or above. That's where Peterson comes in. He's an elite corner with great size and athletic ability no to mention better technique than a lot of NFL starters already. He will be ready to help Buffalo as soon as he signs.


4. Cincinnati Bengals- AJ Green WR Georgia- It's a toss up between Blaine Gabbert and Green. Gabbert is a reach here despite the high interest for several teams in the top 10  , but I think more than that owner Mike Brown will not draft a QB early to just to continue this chess match(probably more of a checkers match) with Carson Palmer.


5. Arizona Cardinals- Von Miller LB Texas A&M- Best edge rusher prospect since DeMarcus Ware. Arizona will not need the entire clock to make this pick and will probably excitedly call Rog within 30 seconds if Miller is here. Perfect scenario for the Cards.


6. Cleveland Browns- Robert Quinn DE UNC- Browns need two things probably more than any other team's needs- WR and 4-3 DE. Julio Jones isn't worth a 6th overall pick but Quinn is. WIth Bowers knee in question, Quinn is the best DE on the board and there is no way the Browns don't draft either a WR or DE and you can quote me on that.


7. San Francisco 49ers- Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska- Coach Harbaugh knows QB's and I think he knows that Gabbert at 7 is a stretch and he also knows he can get a solid guy in round 2 that isn't much of a dropoff.  49ers will need another edge rusher but with Quinn off the board, no one is worth taking here at that position.

8. Tennessee Titans- Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri- Going into the draft I think the Titans will be looking to trade down to take a QB somewhere between 21-31, but with Gabbert still available they jump on him. When Rusty Smith and Crusty Collins are your two guys, QB is a huge need.


9. dallas cowboys- Tyron Smith OT USC- The smart pick for dallas here, but that usually means nothng to jerry jones. I think with Romosexual breaking his collarbone last year that the pass protection has to be a top priority but anything is possible in jerry's world.


10. Washington Redskins- Julio Jones WR Alabama- A lot of tough choices for the Skins in the draft this year. No 3rd or 4th round picks means they have to get it right in the first 2 picks or trade down for more picks in the middle of the draft. They need a WR, NT and edge rusher not to mention a QB who can put up with Shannahan's high expectations/Elways comparisions. Jones is the best player available in those needs so I think that's where he will go. I here coach Shan plans on locking Dan Synder in a storage locker so he doesn't ruin the draft like he runis free agency.


11. Houston Texans- Aldon Smith LB Missouri- This is a major reach here, but Smith has great potential. He has all the physical tools to be a solid pass rusher in the NFL but his technique needs a ton of work. CB is a bigger need along with FS but they can address those needs in the next two rounds.


12. Minnesota Vikings- Nick Fairley DT Auburn- He slips a lot later than people expect because he is a little bit weaker than you would like a top 10 DT to be and only two 4-3 teams after the top 5. With Pat Williams either signing with someone else once there is free agency or retiring, and Kevin Williams facing a possilbe 4-game suspension, DT is the top need for the Viks. Should the Viks rather get a QB in the first, they could be the perfect trade partner with our beloved Eagles if they really want eithe Fairley or Kerrigan. Both DT and QB can be address in the 2nd round for MN.


13. Detroit Lions- Anthony Castonzo OT Boston College- Matthew Stafford is injury prone partly due to horrible pass protection. Castonzo looks like a future 10+ year starter at OT. Easy pick for the Lions, even Matt Millen couldn't mess this up. BTW- Next time Matt Millen is on TV, watch him stare down any QB anaylyst he works with, that guy hasn't stopped hating QB's.


14. St Louis Rams- Cameron Jordan DE/DT California- Thinking outside the box on this one. Rams want Jones or Green, but neither guy will get out of the top 10. They could use a DT or DE and they actually get both here. Cameron Jordan projects as a 3-4 DE which is what he played at Cal, but he has enough strength and agility to play DE and DT int he 4-3. Coach Spags will love moving this guy all over the line to make his blitzes even more effective. Hopefully he holds out until week 2.


15. Miami Dolphins- Mark Ingram RB Alabama- Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams appear to be on the way out so taking Ingram here makes sense. His 40 time was slow but that hasn't stopped dozens and dozens of players from having great careers. He had a semi-serious knee injury this past season but he came out of the injury so well that it actually raised his stock in my mind. The Fins are in heavy rebuilding mode here so any position is in play but I like Ingram here because he is the most proven and most NFL ready left on the board.


16. Jacksonville Jaguars- Ryan Kerrigan DE Purdue- You can tell who is a good mocker and who is pulling picks from their ass by who they pick for Jax. They took a 3-4 DE last year to be their DT, and now a lot of so-called experts are only having them pick a 3-4 DE again. I don't think that is their new draft strategy, I just think they really liked Tyson Alau last year. This year they go get a quality DE. As an Eagles fan, my skins will match my jersey as I will be green with envy if they pick Kerrigan.


17. New England Patriots- JJ Watt DE Wisconsin- DE in their 3-4 scheme is a huge need this season. Pass rush was mediocre and Watt can not only create that himself but also draw attention away from the edge rushers.


18. San Diego Chargers- Akeem Ayers LB UCLA- Chargers really need to boost their front 7 and Ayers has good potential in the 3-4 scheme. More pass rush ability than 4-3 LB ability in my opinion, and could form a solid pass rushing duo with Shaun Phillips.


19. New York Giants- Mike Pouncey OG/C- Middle of that Giants line is starting to show signs of age and Pouncey could come in and steal someones starting job before the end or preseason.


20. Tampa Bay Bucs- Da'Quan Bowers DE Clemson - What a horrible bad April it has been for Bowers. A month ago, he was one of the favorites to be the 1st pick of the draft. Now his knee is a major question, some scouts are saying that they've heard from doctors his NFL life may be less than 5 years. I don't know if I buy that, but it's enough to keep him out of the top 10 for sure. The Bucs have drafted so well the last 3 years they can afford to roll the dice in the first round, however with Aquib Talib about to be let go for basically being a criminal, Jimmy Smith is a real possibility here too. Bowers is too good to pass up on though.


21. Kansas City Chiefs- Muhammed Wilkerson DT/DE Temple- His elite stength but lack of explosion make him a better fit as a 3-4 DE than a 4-3 DT. KC needs a LB to replace Mike Vrabel, but no one is worth the 21st pick, they can get a solid guy in the next round(Sam Acho, Bruce Carter).


22. Indianapolis Colts- Gabe Carimi OT Wisconsin- O-line about cost the Colts their playoff streak. It really doesn't matter who Peyton throws to or who they got on D, as long as Peyton has time to throw the ball, the Colts will win 11+ games every year.


23. Philadelphia Eagles- Jimmy Smith CB Colorado- This pick will not happen, but I'm not about to try and predict trades so I'll just say if the Eagles stay put it's because Nnamdi wants another huge contract and the Eagles don't want to pay a 30-year old 16 mil+ a year. Most of the pick left aren't 1st round caliber players so you will see a lot of teams 23-32 take need players or reach on QB's.


24. New Orleans Saints- Corey Liuget DT Illinois- Saints will look to upgrade their D-line as pressuring the QB and turnovers are their entire defense. Liuget is a pretty solid player with a good strength/agility combo for a 300lb DT.


25. Seattle Seahawks- Andy Dalton QB TCU- Surprise, surprise. The Hawks pass on the howetown hero for U-Dub and take a guy who despite being a ginger/daywalker is a flat out winner. Very underrated arm and outstanding intangibles.


26. Baltimore Ravens- Torrey Smith WR Maryland- Ravnes need some speed in the passing game and return game and they get a speed demon on the field. More football speed than track speed, outstanding return man at Maryland who can provite an immediate deep threat for Flacco.


27. Atlanta Falcons- Jabaal Sheard DE Pittsburgh-  A bit of a reach here but the Falcons need a pass rusher to help out Abrahms. Sheard is a better option than Claybron with Jabaal having more speed and production in 2010.


28. New England Patriots- Brooks Reed DE/LB Arizona- Strength is very underrated, actually did more bench press reps than Danny Watkins and Gabe Carimi. Good athleticism, ideal fit as an edge rusher. I actually think he will have a better career than Aldon Smith.


29. Chicago Bears- Nate Solder OT Colorado- Another player who has really fallen on most people's big boards. Good OT with a ton of strength who needs work on his technique and foot work. I don't think there is one clear cut need for the Bears so I think they draft the best player available.


30. New York Jets- Phil Taylor NT Baylor- Kris Jenkisn will have to not only overcome two ACL surgeries, but have to fight off Taylor if he wants to retain his starting NT job. Taylor is massive at 6'3 334 and will draw the double teams that will help free up the edge rusher to actually get pressure on the QB.


31. Pittsburgh Steelers- Derrick Sherrod OT Mississippi State- See what I mean about reaching for need players. When your starting tackle is Flozell Adams, you have to address that position before he posions your entire line. Cornerback is a need as well but not as dire but a lot more depth than OT.


32. Green Bay Packers- Justin Houston LB Georgia- Pack go after an edge rusher to be Clay Matthews' Robin. Good size at 270, and pretty good agility. DeMarcus Ware potential but not nearly as NFL ready. Ideal situation, no excuses if he can't excel here.


Okay, now I'll take a couple of stabs at trade predictions- dallas will trade 5 spots down with STL to get more picks while the Rams will get their deep threat in Julio Jones.

Philly trades up with Minnesota to get their elite DL, whether it may be Fairley or Kerrigan and MN will take Locker or whatever QB they are highest on. I see Ryan Mallet here.

If Nate Solder falls past 20, look for Pitt to trade up to get him.

If Washington can pull something off(remember no 3rd or 4th rounders) they could trade up to get Phil Taylor. Also could just trade their 10th overall pick to the early 20's to get Taylor and get more picks in the 3rd and 4th rounder.

New England has picks # 17, #29 and #33 and I only see them picking at two of those spots. They scouts way too well to need a lot fo early picks.

Tampa Bay will trade up in the 2nd to get a CB they are high on like Aaron Williams or Brandon Harris.

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