Imp's Top-10 Picks Mock Draft

It seem like everyone else is doing one. So why not, here is my perfect mock draft:

#1: Panthers select... Andrew Luck, quarterback

The Panthers really, really want a QB. This QB class also really, really sucks. So the Panthers are going to draft Luck and protest to keep his rights for next year. Screw waiting, they want him now.


#2: Broncos select... Cam Newton, quarterback

What's better than Tim Tebow? A black Tim Tebow! Both are overrated college quarterback from simple spread offenses and lack any form of accuracy. Of course the Broncos love them - just look at Jay Cutler, Jake Plummer,  and Brian Griese.  Plus, Tebow loves Jesus; Newton is Jesus, according to ESPN from an anonymous source.


#3: Bills select... Jake Locker, quarterback

The Bills are getting a steal here. Locker was suppose to go number one overall last year! Over that Bradford guy, who knew? And who cares if his stock drop mightily and lacks any form of accuracy, he should be going number one last year! Besides, who else can run away from defenders while the Bills' offensive line sit around and look pretty?


#4: Bengals select... Danny Watkins, guard

The Bengals love old guys. Their head coach is 52, Chad Johnson is 81 years old, and their owner is 10,000 years old (second oldest in the league, behind Zombie Davis). So who else should go to the Bengals than the oldest prospect in this draft? He'll be 30-32 after his rookie contract! Bengals will love that.


#5: Cardinals select... Kyle Rudolph, tight end

Did you know that the last time the Cardinals had a 1,000 yards tight end? Jackie Smith, in 1967. Tight end has been a missing piece for years with the Cardinals and they finally found their guy.

Breaking news: Larry Fitzgerald requests trade immediately after pick was made


#6: Browns select... Patrick Peterson, cornerback

The Browns now have the pass defense in the NFL, with Peterson and Haden as a one-two punch. Of course, part of the pass defense involve good safety play, which they lack. But they can make up for it! With a great pass rush...which they don't have. Moving on.


#7: 49ers select... A.J. Green, wide receiver

49ers has officially completed their offense. Green, Crabtree, Davis, and Gore as a group will make everyone look good. Which is why 49ers are also bring Joe Montana out of retirement – someone has to play quarterback. 



#8: Titans select... Jimmy Smith, cornerback

The Titans' play has always involved being dirty, rotten bastards. Which is why they picked Smith – they heard about d-jackfan10's love for Smith and decided to pick him. Dirty, rotten bastards indeed.


#9: Cowboys select... Mark Ingram, running back

Apparently Marion Barber sucks. Well, Cowboys enjoys having three good running, so naturally they want the best one in the draft. Good thing Jerry Jones is allergic to offensive lineman, because running back don't need a line - just look at Barry Sanders!


#10: Redskins select... J.J. Watts, defensive end

This pick makes sense. This baffles both me and Dan Snyder.

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