Eagles Mock by Labe35

23. The Eagles select Jimmy Smith.

This guy is too good to pass up. He has that elite skill set that we have been needing for years opposite Asante. He has the height that would really make a difference against the big wide outs of the NFC East and the press and cover skills to make Nate Allen more effective as our ball hawking free safety. I understand he has character issues but I actually like his cockiness. A lot of people didn't like when he said he had better ball skills than Nmandi but Ioved it. His confidence reminded me of Desean. Corners need swagger and this guy has it.


54. The Eagles select Mason Foster.

For those that don't know Foster, he is an OLB from the University of Washington. He stands at 6'1 and 245 lbs. Foster really wasn't on the radar of many scouts before the 2010 season but he had a monster senior year and capped it off with an impressive Senior Bowl. I like this guy because he seems to be the opposite of Ernie Sims. This guy makes his money off of his natural instincts and tackling abilities which cover up for his mediocre physical attributes. He was a team captain his senior year because his team loved the way he played with a chip on his shoulder day in and day out. Foster was only a 2 star prospect coming out of high school and he will never let that rating pass by. This man is perfect for our Eagles.


85. The Eagles select Danny Watkins.

I know a lot of people know about Watkins already on this site so I'll try to lay off a little bit with the analysis. A lot of people think Watkins will go earlier than this but I don't see it. Watkins is a great guard but he is 27 years old. His age is the only reason that he lasts till the 3rd round. 


104. The Eagles select Kendall Hunter.

Kendall Hunter is another good fit for the Eagles. He stands at only 5'7 and 199 lbs but his skills certainly make up for it. He has short but compact with good bulk and a sturdy build. He has great balance and a low center of gravity. He has a exceptional burst and runs with a purpose. He is an Eagles type of player. He excelled academically, earning numerous distinctions for work in the classroom, and was active in the community as well. 


120. The Eagles select Dejon Gomes.

Gomes is a strong safety out of Nebraska. He stands at 6' and weighs 200 lbs. He has solid athleticism as he ran a 4.53 forty time and had a 31 inch vertical. Gomes only played two years at Nebraska as he attended City College of San Francisco first. Gomes worked his way into the lineup his first year at Nebraska. This guy is a true football player. He played strong safety, linebacker, and corner. I think that says a lot about his ability. Some teams will find this versatility as a negative as Gomes is not a perfect fit as a strong safety in many systems. With that said I think the Eagles will find this versatility as a major positive and jump on him in the 4th round. The Eagles like to bring their SS into the box so that LB experience will definitely be helpful. His corner experience is another positive for the Birds as he will probably be responsible for covering tight ends in certain situations. With all this said, I think Coleman gets the job until he loses it (Mikell is gone).


153. The Eagles select Kevin Kowalski. 

This guy should be a good project for the Eagles. Kowalski is a center coming out of Toledo. He has a great football IQ and plays with a mean streak. I think once Howard Mudd starts practicing with this guy he can do wonders for us in a year or two. This guy just needs better technique as he plays too high standing too upright in pass protection. With a year or two of Howard Mudd lessons I think this guy will be contending for the starting Center spot. 


227. The Eagles select Derrick Locke. 

Locke is one of the fastest running backs in the country. He is small at 5'8 and 188 lbs but the Eagles are really just looking for him to relieve Desean on punt returns as well as take over the kick return duties. If Locke can become a situational back in his career that would be great too. I really like this pick for the Birds. 


237. The Eagles select Alex Henery.

Henery is a kicker from Nebraska. His kicking game reminds of Rob Bironas. Henery is so talented I honestly think that if the Eagles picked him here he would've fallen to them (big time). Henery's only issue is that he can't kick the ball deep on kickoffs. The new rule moving the ball up may actually become a positive as he will probably get the ball in the end zone or near the end zone (opposed to always getting a touchback) resulting in some field position opportunites for our defense.

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