The path for the Lombardi



 It's every football players dream to hold this throphy, and for the fans, the Vince Lombari throphy means boatloads of pride for them and their team. But now, you the curious one asks me "oh wise one, how do we obtain this beauty?". I answer, "listen to me, and your wish shall be fufilled"Sorry for the lecture,lets get on with this.

 The NFL draft:Round one:Anthony Castanzo

 "With the 23rd pick in the NFL draft,the Philadelphia Eagles select""-FUCK YOU ROGER GOODELL!!"says a man in the background, and is eventually restrained and tasered by policemen.Look closely at that man, and you notice, he is Evilbanner.After the short delay,we learn the Philadelphia Eagles have selected Anthony Castanzo.Some people have called him the best O-lineman in this years draft., but you ask,how did he slide this far?Well, there were many potiental teams who would draft him Dallas,Minnesota,Detroit and Indianapolis.But I think Dallas picks Tyron Smith,Minnesota picks Derrick Sherrod,Detroit is less focused on protecting their china doll(why should they?They gave up the 6th fewest sacks in the NFL)and picks Jimmy Smith(RAGE) and Indy will pick either Christian Ponder or Gabe Carimi.Castanzo is really a left tackle, but he is versatile and smart enough to play at right tackle .

Round two:Marcus Cannon

Andy Reid himself said he's draft the most talented guys available, but the top guys are off the board and popular guys expected to go in the second(Ras-I Dowling,Dan Watkins,Jake Locker) just to name a few are also gone, and the most talented player he'll see here is Cannon,who, when I saw him play did a terrific job of protecting Andy Dalton.Having a Cannon(no pun intended, okay, yes pun intended) and a Castanzo at our side,we'll have the best rushing attack in the game.

Round three:Rodney Hudson

 When I watched a couple of Florida State games this year,I really payed attention just to see whether Christian Ponder was the real deal, it took me some time, but I noticed Hudson's athletism, which impressed me.I think he can move over to center and thrive in Howard Mudd's system.

Round four:Tiawan Jones

I didn't pay much attention to him because of his negatives,frail legs, bad blocker, etc, but I didn't look into his stats much.You don't have to believe me here,but he ran for 8,yes 8 yards per carry and 14 yards per reception and it is rumored, he occasionally beat Jahvid Best in track meets(they went to the same high school) and accounted for 17TD's catching and running,and is a return threat.We have the fastest offense in the NFL,lets make it faster.

Round four:Austin Pettis

We were one of the worst red zone teams in the NFL,mainly with Kevin Kolb quarterbacking. This happened because, our big play targets such as  D-Jax is not good over the middle, and his speed is affected with little space.Austin Pettis is dangerous in the red zone, despite having great speed,but his height explains it(6'2).

Round Five:Joe Lefeged

I mentioned him in my all underatted team a couple of days ago, because of his hard hitting, he is the hardest hitter in this years draft.Unlesss Q leaves we, don't need help at safety, but it would addd considerable depth.

Round 7:Pat Devlin

This could be the steal of the draft right here,as he had a great season for Delaware.But he still is a 2-3 year work in progress.

Round 7:Tyrod Taylor

Anther WIP.Could do something if he gets time to learn.

Round 7:Darren Evans

He was an emerging star with VT,but a season ending injury, and the emergence of Darren Evans hurt his stock.


-The Eagles trade Kevin Kolb to the Arizona Cardinals for a 2012 first round pick and a 2012 third round pick.

-The Eagles trade Mike Kafka to the team that's reportedly interested in him for a fifth round pick.

Free Agency:

-The Eagles sign Nnamdi Asomugha to a 4 year, 68 million dollar deal

No explanation neccesary

-The Eagles sign Seneca Wallace to a 2 year,4 million dollar deal

Depth is needed at our QB position,Seneca is one of the most reliable backups there is.

-The Eagles sign Manny Lawson to a 3 year,12 million dollar deal

He's a bust in the 3-4, but could be worthwhile in the 4-3.

The Eagles sign Darren Sproles to a 2 year,8 million dollar deal

I added him just for depth at our RB's position





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