Updated Mock draft and other random musings

I read BGN everyday D-jack10 your brilliant. I've read alot of your post and I think your a genius you put alot of work into your post, but here is my mock draft after the jump.  I'm at work so I'l give a more detailed explanation later.

Now that I'm off I can go more into detail. I don't know if any one else misses plays like Reggie Bush crawling or Alge Crumbler getting crumpled by Weapon X. I do and I think Andy does too. We got punked on defense almost every game. So I think our draft will be mainly defense. So here is my mock and random musings:

1(23)Jimmy Smith,CB- Big cornerback who tackle(70 tackles 2 years in a row with 52 of them being solo). A true showdown. I don't expect this in this the first year but eventually he could have almost the same affect as Nmandi(making QB's throw at Asanti). He blankets receiver like their going to bed. Something we sorely need.

2(54)Danny Watkins,OG-Strong lower body, Strong Motor(we all know how much Andy like those guys),A type of Howard Mudd guy, natural athlete who I think falls further than expected because of being 26

3(85)Greg Jones,ILB-Big Quick Tone setter that sheds blockers something Short Bus or Stew couldn't do well. He doesn't miss many tackles.  Has a nose for the football as he was amazingly productive in college. He could play almost a Keith Bulloch role for us.

4(99)Dontay Moch,OLB/DE-Quick LB, who can step in Washburn's system at DE for certain situations. Split him out wide and OT's wouldn't stand a chance. Always gives it 100% percent. That's something you can't teach and he'll go far in the NFL He'll need to eventually switch to LB because of his size. That would kind of sure up the LB core.

4(103)Robert Sands,FS-Big Quick Tonesetter Safety that is a crazy aggressive run stuffer and with Washburn's system that will get us killed with misdirections a run stopper FS will do wonders. He isnt really but a ballhawk but can make plays over the top. If you slide Nate to SS, so he can truly be the ballhawk we saw  flashs of last year,Sands can play FS like BDawk and finally have somebody WR's fear in the middle again -----Weapon X style

5(146)Lawrence Guy,DT-Big Quick DT, He is right up Washburn's alley. Small quick and a hard worker. I still think Patterson is the odd ball out. He would definitely help round of our DT's

5(150)Noel Devine,RB-I still think we get him even if we swap some late rounds to get him. I heard they wanted Dexter McCluster. I think He's better than him and Chad Hall. He has the versatilty  to be play KR/PR/RB/WR so he would be a no brainer


7:DeAndre Brown,WR-Steal of the draft.Calvin Johnson clone at 6'6  231 and rumored to run a 4.45 forty. He has great hands. His draft stock slips because he just wasn't the same receiver he was before the injury. I think we draft him, test him out in training camp, and if he shows he can still play but he isn't healthy yet we IR him l think he can still produce on a high level

7:Jay Valai,S-VICIOUS safety who slips because of his size. He was measured at 5'8. He was said be a dirty player, we could use a guy like that on the team. He idn't that athletic but he will knock you out.He could be a tone setter with a capital T on special teams and small samples

7 Darrin Walls,CB- 

One of our biggest problems was our defense was not physical enough. We didn't have anybody outside of Moises fokou and Ernie"Short Bus" Sims that was even remotely physical in our defensive backfield. We know Juan Castillo was brought in to bring back the defense we all remember. So here's one(shot under my desk) for a more physical Eagles defense. In other random musing:

Our Defense will be amazing this year

I think Juan Castillo will be a great coach,I don't why I just have a feeling

I think LeSean McCoy will take a step back because of the lockout

I think our FA depends alot on if Jimmy Smith falls to us or not.We trade down and draft Martez Wilson and then go aggressive after Nmadi if he doesn't fall to us. We sign Manny Lawson if he does get draft before we grab him.

Kurt Coleman and Nate Allen would get worse not better on the field over the course of the season. Two guys that aren't know as good tacklers on the field together not to  mention really soft and we want to get more aggressive not softer.If we don't draft a physical safety we resign Q

Westbrook was a HUGE part of McNabb success, without a RB to check down on a regular basis.McNabb had a confidence shattering season.


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