GM Number5's Eagles Off-Season 2011

I felt that I would take a crack at a off-season mock after ChaoticEagle, d-jackfan10, and others did theirs. The Eagles always make a great move during the off-season to improve the team overall whether it's signing Leonard Weaver, drafting Jeremy Maclin, signing Mike Vick, or trading McNabb. However, with the CBA mess this won't be normal or easy for anyone especially the Eagles; mostly because they cannot trade the valuable Kevin Kolb to the teams that need him the most. However, I see the Eagles and Andy being calm, cool, and collective and have one of the best off-seasons in recent memory. Why? Because we have the foundation set for a new team.


With Carolina, San Fransisco, Tennessee, etc starting from scratch, they need to be desperate. That's why this draft will be different from any we have seen. BPA''s (Best Players Available) will fall and teams will reach. I don't see Cam Newton making it out of the top ten. Even we've subconsciously know it. JJ Watt fell to the Patriot's second first round pick when most mock draft's have him go in the top ten. Teams with veteran coaches and strong cores will prevail this off-season. So whats my first prediction?

Well I see the CBA begin resolved slightly before the draft, maybe 1-2 weeks. However, free-agency won't start yet. Instead they'll go NBA style on the fans, draft then free-agency. So with the CBA being restored, the Eagles will start making a variety of moves and most will be trades. I see the Eagles moving up several times thought the draft, investing a lot into the next 2 years. Unfortunately, there will be no Kevin Kolb trade before the the draft.


QB Mike Vick, 4-year deal

RB Eldra Buckley, 1-year deal

G Max Jean Gilles, 2-year deal

K David Akers, 3-year deal

P Sav Rocca, 3-year deal

This means the following players will leave/become free-agents:

Jerome Harrison RB

Reggie Wells G

Nick Cole C

Erine Sims LB

Akeem Jordan LB

Steward Bradley LB

Omar Gaither LB

Quintin Mikell SS

Notes: I really like Mikell and Bradley, but I believe they will at least test free-agency. Also, Harrison looks to become a full-time starter, rather than a change of pace back.

This gives the Eagles the following picks entering the draft: 1(23), 2(54), 3(85), 4(104), 4(120), 5(149), 5 (153), 7(229), 7(237), 7(240)

Eagles Mock Draft



With the 23rd pick in the 1st round the Philadelphia Eagles select: OT Gabe Carimi, Wisconsin



Whether you like him at RT for the Eagles or not, he is one of the top offensive tackles in the draft. At 6-1 317 lbs he has the size to handle most athletes in the NFL. He has powerful hands and is nasty when finishing blocks. Once inside of a defender, he can manhandle them. He excels in both pass and run blocking. He has a good burst of the line and can be plugged in day one. Mudd, can develop some of his problems and what is interesting for the Eagles is that he can be put in at guard like they did with Todd Herremans. I personally like him as an upgrade at RT over Justice, we've put up with him for too long. Justice is a stop-gap or a quality backup. Carimi reminds me of Jon Runyan besides skin color.

At the early stages of the 2nd round, the Commissioner comes to the Podium. The Eagles have traded DT Mike Patterson and DE Juqua Parker to the Devner Broncos for their 2nd round pick (46) from Miami and a 6th in 2012.

With the 46h pick in the 2nd round the Philadelphia Eagles select: OG Rodney Hudson, Florida State



He has great athleticism and strength, two things needed for Howard Mudd's zone blocking scheme. He has one of the best explosions off the line and has great knee bend. His quickness and speed allows him to pull and seal blocks in the running game. Plays low and can handle the bull rush. He is also very aware, picking up stunts and blitzes, able to play both guard and center. Is probably the best center guard combo in this class. A little short, but can be a real star under Mudd.

With the 54h pick in the 2nd round the Philadelphia Eagles select: CB Ras-I Dowling, Virginia



It's no secret the Eagles need corner back help. The media knows and most here at BGN have been hammering for a corner in threads and mock drafts. However, I have gone with another route other than BGN favorite Jimmy Smith here. Ras-I Dowling is a blue chip is a blue chip player, probably would have contested Jimmy Smith this year as the third best corner if not for injury concerns. He adds much needed size to our core, like Jimmy Smith would have if the Eagles selected him. He adds good game speed, somthing needed with todays speedy receivers. He has had great production in college thought three years: 145 tackles, 8 INT's, and 4 FF's. He can pay zone, man or press although his best is in zone. But my favorite part is his play-making attitude, he's a big hitter and has some of the best ball hawking skills in this class, his swagger and hands is needed opposite of Asante Samuel. In fact, his play reminds me a lot of Samuels, and two Samuels would be a nightmare for opposing quarterbacks.

Trade: Eagles trade 3rd round pick to Baltimore for a 2nd in 2012

With the 104th pick in the 4th round the Eagles select: DT Kenrick Ellis, Hampton



Not only do they have to replace Mike Patterson, the Eagles lack a inside presence on their defensive line, and now with Washburn's installment of the 1-gap system, they need to get one.  Enter Kenrick Ellis, who transferred from South Carolina to Hampton. He led the team with 94 total tackles and second on the team with 15.0 tackles for loss. He penetrates and disrupts running-backs and quarterbacks in the backfield. He plays the nose or five technique on the defense. Plays low and relentless motor will interest the Eagles.

With the 120th pick in the 4th round the Philadelphia Eagles select: WR Austin Pettis, Boise State



The league is changing. Shotgun sets with 4-5 WR's are the new focal point of  NFL offenses. Lots of teams use the shotgun more often, including the Superbowl champs and the Eagles. You can never have too many good wide receivers. And Austin Pettis is a very talented prospect at 6'2" 204 lbs. The Eagles WR's are fairly undersized from last years roster: DeSean Jackson 5'10", Jeremy Maclin 6'0", Jason Avant 6'0", Riley Copper 6'3", and Chad Hall 5'8". He would add some nice size to a small but quick core of receivers. Pettis isn't a very fast receiver, however he gets off the line extremely well. His catching skills are top ten worthy, he plucks the ball out of the sky and uses his hops and size to his advantage. He is extremely tough. And probably my favorite part about his ability to be a play maker, runs routes well and although he lacks speed, he has good run after catch abilities. Will become an elite possession receiver and one of the best WR's from this class.

With the 149th pick in the 5th round the Philadelphia Eagles select: LB Casey Matthews, Oregon. 



He is not the player his brother is, but is a dam good 5th round linebacker. He is smart and athletic, a combo Erine Sims obviously doesn't possess. He can cover extremely well, playing in the zone scheme Oregon uses often. While he isn't a great pass rusher, he is a high motor guy and hits hard. Plays with good fundamentals, again an improvement over Ernie Sims. He can play special teams and could even start at WILL for the Eagles, the biggest hole in the Eagles linebacker corps. A really good pick up in the 5th round. Looks good in green and is BETTER THAN ERNIE SIMS.

With the 153rd pick in the 5th round the Philadelphia Eagles select: RB John Clay, Wisconsin



Although he is a one dimensional runner, he is great at his one dimension. He runs angry and violently, rushing for 1,517 yards in 2009 and 1012 yards in 2010. He has a mean stiff arm and runs thru arm tackles. Even with a guy or two on him, continues to pump his legs. A north south runner and packs a punch when running into guys. However, he doesn't always look to avoid defenders and his vision struggles at times. However as a change of pace runner for Shady, they could be a mean smash and dash. He'd be a great short yardage and goal line back, scoring 18 times in 2009 and 14 in 2010. And best of all he protects the ball.

With the 229th pick in the 7th round the Philadelphia Eagles select: QB Tyrod Taylor, Virgina Tech



I wrote an extensive article on Taylor a while ago here. Both sides will benefit from this selection. The Eagles will get a player that has similar skills to fit their current offensive plan, have a prospect that is an extremely underrated quarterback that showed his senior season that he can be a quarterback at the next level, showing he can be accurate, take snaps under center, as well as stay and manipulate the pocket while keeping his eyes down the field. For Taylor, the Eagles offer a mentor that has a similar mindset and skill set in Mike Vick, explosive offensive weapons around him, and two people that can develop quarterbacks in Andy and Marty. And this seems more realistic for three reasons: One, Kolb will be gone. Two, the Eagles have worked him out. Third and most important, Kafka is becoming more and more valuable. He Eagles are high on Kafka and other teams are interested. The Eagles are getting the biggest bang for their smallest buck.

With the 237th pick in the 7th round the Philadelphia Eagles select: C Ryan Pugh, Auburn 



There is a lot of things for Mudd to work with in Ryan Pugh. He is versatile, smart, athletic, uses his arms well and punches, extremely aware, low and stays square with the defender, plays with good leverage, has good feet to redirects. He pulls well and seals blocks. Overall, he is a smart and technique oriented player, making up for raw ability and strength. 

With the 240th pick in the 7th round the Philadelphia Eagles select: OLB Kenny Rowe, Oregon



Reid is continuing his selection of extremely late linebackers with Oregon linebacker Kenny Rowe. Would probably play SAM linebacker for the Eagles, however has experience playing DE. He has great size and bulk for the position. He is a heavy hitter, forcing 9 FF and has 36.5 tackles for loss. Has good production for two years as a starter. His best attribute is his pass rushing abilities, 18.5 sacks his last two seasons. He has an arsenal of moves and is very patient when rushing and sheds blocks at the right time. One upside for Rowe is that he makes plays on the football, something that the Eagles need on the linebacker core.




Eagles sign Ricky Williams to a 2 year deal

The Eagles fans that have booed McNabb in 1999 rejoice, for Ricky Williams has joined the Eagles, just a little later than expected. Ricky Williams has stated that he sees his time with the Dolphins over. The Eagles are looking for a veteran back with experience with all phases of the game for RB's in running, blocking, and catching. The Eagles sign Williams to complement McCoy with a veteran. He showed he has something to offer the game still at 33, with 159 carries, 673 yards, and 2 TD's.

Eagles sign Harvey Dahl to a 2 year deal, with a team option

The Eagles need to have a upgrade at the RG position and with the win now attitude of the Eagles, they sign one of the best vets available to help keep Vick off the injured list. Dahl is a nasty blocker that is extremely good in run blocking situations. Look for Shady and Ricky to thrive next season.

Eagles resign Quintin Mikell to a 1 year deal

BGN fans rejoice as the Eagles come to their senses and realize he is the best option for now. They also need someone to play FS whether that be Mikell or Coleman for Nate Allen. However, the Eagles will look for his replacement or someone for Kurt Coleman to compete with in the next draft.

Eagles resign Akeem Jordan to a 3 year deal 

Jordan hasn't had an amazing stay with the Eagles, but resigning him allows the Eagles to do a lot more with structuring who plays where next year. He will probably be allowed to compete for a starting spot and will at least be a great special teams player.

Trade: The Eagles send Kevin Kolb to the Begnals for a 1st round pick in 2012 and a 3rd round in 2012.

Nuff said.

2011  Roster



QB: Mike Vick (starter), Mike Kafka, Tyrod Taylor

RB: LeSean McCoy (starter), Ricky Williams, John Clay

FB: Owen Schmitt

WR: DeSean Jackson (starter), Jeremy Maclin (starter), Jason Avant (starter), Riley Cooper, Austin Pettis

TE: Brent Celek (starter), Clay Harbor

LT: Jason Peters (starter), Austin Howard

LG: Todd Heremans (starter), Max-Jean Gilles

C: Rodney Hudson (starter), Mike McGlynn, Ryan Pugh

RG: Harvey Dahl (starter), Rdoney Hudson, Mike McGlynn

RT: Gabe Carimi (starter), Winston Justice

LE: Darryl Tapp (starter), Daniel Te'o-Nesheshim, Ricky Sapp

RE: Trent Cole (starter), Daniel Te'o-Nesheshim, Ricky Sapp

DT: Antonio Dixon (starter), Kenrick Ellis (starter), Brodrick Bunkley, Trevor Laws

SAM: Mosie Foku (starter), Reshard Jeanty, Kenny Rowe

MIKE: Jamar Chaney (starter), Casey Matthews, Kenny Rowe

WILL: Akeem Jordan (starter), Keenan Clayton, Casey Matthews

CB: Asante Samuel (starter), Ras-I Dowling (vs Lindley), Trevard Lindley (vs Ras-I), Joselio Hanson, Dimitri Patterson, Brandon Hughes

FS: Quintin Mikell (Starter), Colt Anderson

SS: Kurt Coleman (starter), Jamar Adams

K: David Akers

P: Sav Rocca

LOS: Jon Dorenbos

PUP: LE Brandon Graham, S Nate Allen

IR: Leonard Weaver


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