The all underated prospect team.

Tired of hearing about the big name prospects?Well, lets step back at players who are not as hyped, and have potiental.Much more after the jump,beware,long,long post ahead.(1406 words)

The Quarterback:Pat Devlin.

Pat has gotten some attention from scouts,but not enough.Playing in a FCS school,Deleware,the same college Joe Flacco attended.He had a 68% completion percentage,threw 22TDS and a whopping 3 picks,in 384 PASS ATTEMPTS! If you don't  know your math, thats one interception in 128 pass attempts!Yes,it will take time for him to develop,but his mechanics are oozing with potiental!He's got the rocket arm of a guy like Flacco,beautiful arm speed and like Ben Rapelisberger,can escape pressure with scrambling ability.Also, Devlin is as tough as a linebacker.

Running Back:Demarco Murray

He has a case of fumblitis,but his big play ability and versatility shouldnt be overlooked.Murray accounted for 20 overall touchdowns in 2010, 15 rushing,5 recieving, inluding a 73 yard reception.There's a chance he'll be drafted with a team where he'll play a backup role, but his versatility will help him make an impact on his team.He can play wideout and can help in return duties.A couple of years ago, Murray was expected to be the next AP, but injury concerns have stopped him.On a side note,the last 2 running backs who were expected to be good in their final season at college who didn't live up to the hype were LeGarrete Blount and Arian Foster.

Wide Reciever:Randal Cobb.

I like Cobb's speed,big play ability and versatility,but what I like most is the respect he gets from his fans, which is a good sign for whoever's gonna get him.Also,he's great at avoiding jams which good CB's are good at forcing, such as Nnamdi Asomugha.

TE:Jimmy Rudolph

Despite nearly being 6-7,he doesn't get as much attention as he's suppposed to, he's fast for such a great size, he's great in the Red zone,yet, what, he's supposed to go in the second round?He should go late in the first round.

OT:Lee Ziemba "The Lion King"

Despite playing the most games in Auburn history,this guy,who has the mobility to run with a guy like Cam Newton is often overlooked.With some teaching from Jim Washburn,Ziemba could protect Micheal Vick.

OT:Anthony Castanzo


Terrible quarterback play has hindered his draft stock early,but the combine has made him a top twenty pick,if only he'd been noticed earlier.Sideline scouting has him as their number 2 prospect under Tyron Smith and had this to say about him....

Intelligent, heady... Very good athlete... Good pass blocker... Plays with good overall technique... Natural knee bender... Good length and long arms... Agile with reasonably quick nimble feet... Good initial quickness, sets up quickly... Good body control... Quick kick step, sits into his stance well and stays square... Good lateral movement and slide... Good blocking range... Does a real good job mirroring defenders... Reasonably good hand placement... Very solid run blocker... Very good short area quickness... Carries his pads well... Does a good job bringing his feet along with him... Gets into defenders quickly, explosive... Very solid strength at POA, does a nice job versus bull rushers... Good quick punch with reasonably good force... Gets good position and walls off opponents... Can get to the second level... Reasonably good flexibility and COD... Does a nice job blocking in space... Plays with good balance... Tough, mean streak... Works hard to finish blocks.

 As you see a lot of things to say.

OG:Danny Watkins

I'm not very smart when it comes to offensive lineman,but I know Watkins is an intelligent bull, which here is not an oxymoron.Coming from a small colege such as Baylor has made it hard to scout,which has hurt his stock, but SS has an interesting scout report on him,which has a ton of positives,despite expected to only be a second rounder:

Solid athlete... Reasonably good arm length... Good strength and power... Good drive blocker... Stays low and plays with good leverage... Can get movement in the running game... Explodes into his blocks... Can pull reasonably well... Can get to the second level... Does a nice job blocking in space... Good short area quickness... Reasonably good footwork lateral movement and slide... Good anchor, holds his ground versus bull rushers... Does a nice job re-setting and re-establishing position... Good balance... Not a natural knee bender but is consistently getting better... Good arm extension and solid and improving hand placement... Heavy and violent hands, uses his hands well... Controls defender once locked on... Sustains his blocks... Patient, sits into his stance and lets defender come to him... Mean streak, very physical... Good motor, hard worker, competitive, tenacious... Similar to former St. Louis Ram Adam Timmerman.

OG/OT:Demarcus Love

Versatility in prospects is why some of the players mentioned here are on this list, Love(an ironic name for an o-lineman)can play both RT and RG.He could be a huge steal if we pick him up in the third/fourth round.

DE:Cameron Heyward

Thanks to being double teamed all year, Heyward only had 2.5 sacks.Despite this, Heyward was a pain in the ass for quarterbacks(ask Ryan Mallet) and great in Run D.With the deep DE class this year,Heyward will fall to the 20-25th pick,but could have been a fringe top 10 if the D-line calss wasn't so deep.

DE:Sam Acho

If you like hard workers and leaders, you'll love what Sam Acho brings to the table.He has argueably the best character in this draft, winning the William Cambell award for for combination of academics, community service and on-field performance.On the field Acho put up 8 sacks despite being inexperienced at the D-line level.I don't expect him to come here since he's a 3-4 guy.


 DT:Steven Paea

49 bench presses,WOW!But that didn't need to tell me how good he is,Paea has been a nightmare for OG's and can disrupt the play with authority,even when double covered.He will be a steal in the late first to second round.I'm comparing him to Sedrick Ellis and the 4-3 version of Haloti Ngata, a former Oregon DT.


DT:Drake Nevis

It's kind of surpising Nevis is expected to go in the third round despite being an All SEC teamer.He's too explosive to go this low and will be a steal to whoever gets him.

OLB:Chris Carter

Chris Carter will be one of the best 3-4 linebackers to come in the next decade

I think Djackfan10 said this but whoever did,I agree.I like his mix of power and speed,which is the scariest mix to any quarterback.Sideline scouting said:

Can put big hits on opposing quarterbacks, generally gets to the quarterback going full speed and uses momentum to punish him

If you're a fan of passing offense, this is not what you want to hear.

OLB:Bruce Carter

UNC has a ton of great linebackers to go in the draft this year and next, and Carter is one of the fastest in the OLB class,especially when you hear he blocked six punts in his career, yes SIX.

ILB:Casey Matthews

Now,i don't think he is extremely underated, but if you've seen some Oregon games this year,he has excellent footwork and is an underated tackler which is almost, almost comparable to Clay Matthews,his brother.

CB:Johhny Patrick

Misdemeanors aside,Patrick is a ballhawk who can catch the eye of any QB(5 picks 1TD) and is an exeptional run defender with 49 tackles 6TFL.He is a work in progress that needs a year or two to develop.

CB:Ras-I Dowling

Due to several injuries, 2010  hurt Dowlings stock,but me watching a healthy dose of ACC football, I have seen the play-maker he was in 2007-2009, when healthy.His ability to jam wideouts is comparable to Nnamdi Asomugha, but he has a couple things even Nnamdi doesnt have.

1.He is a fearless tackler and great in run support.Even if we had Asante-Nnamdi, we'd have not one- but two CB's terrible at tackling the wideout/running back

2.Size:Dowling is 6-1,Nnamdi Asomugha is one inch shorter.

And he's supposed to be a second rounder,huh, what a steal.

S:Joe Lefeged

In recent years,the top safeties in the game(Troy Polomalu,Brian Dawkins,Laron Landry,Sean Taylor.etc) had one major attribute with them;their smack ability.Well, to say Lefeged was a hard hitter is an understatement.He forced four fumbles and littered the highlight reels with his hard hits.I also forgot to mention his 40 time;4.43, even though this stat is overated.He can play both FS and SS.

S:Ahmad Black

Despite his 5-9 height,you can't shy away form the fact he's a playmaker,as he had 5 picks,107 tackles and a touchdown.Don't sleep on him.

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