Prospect Game: Yeah, I'm Judging You

So this time the instructions are a little bit simpler, just vote for which team you like best.

Jimmy K's Team:


QB – Andrew Luck, Stanford, 2012 prospect
RB – Mark Ingram, Alabama, 1
WR – Torrey Smith, Maryland, 2/3
WR – Titus Young, Boise St., 2/3
WR – Jeremy Kerley, TCU, 6/7
TE – Kyle Rudolph, Notre Dame, 2/3
LT – Anthony Castonzo, Boston College, 1
LG – Jason Pinkston, Pitt, 4/5
C – Kristopher O’Dowd, USC, 4/5
RG – John Moffitt, Wisconsin, 4/5
RT – Tyron Smith, USC, 1


LE – Robert Quinn, UNC, Top 10
DT – Marcel Darius, Alabama, Top 5
DT – Stephen Paea, Oregon, 2
RE – Cameron Jordan, Cal, 1
OLB – Justin Houston, Georgia, 2
MLB – Casey Matthews, Oregon, 6/7
OLB – Mark Herzlich, Boston College 6/7
CB – Brandon Harris, Miami, 2
FS – Jaiquawn Jarrett, Temple, 4/5
SS – Shiloh Keo, Idaho, 6/7
CB – Johnny Patrick, Louisville, 4/5

DeSean10's Team

QB: Andrew Luck (2012 Prospect)
RB: Ryan Williams (2nd rounder)
FB: Owen Marecic (6th rounder)
TE: Jordan Cameron (4th rounder)
WR: Julio Jones (6-10 pick)
WR: DeAndre Brown (6th rounder)
LT: Tyron Smith (1st rounder)
LG: Marcus Cannon (2nd rounder)
C: Rodney Hudson (2nd rounder)
RG: Ray Dominguez (6th rounder)
RT: Gabe Carimi (1st rounder)

DE: Christian Ballard (2nd rounder)
DT: Muhammad Wilkerson (1st rounder)
DT: Kenrick Ellis (2nd rounder)
DE: Pernell McPhee (4th rounder)
OLB: Akeem Ayers (1st rounder)
MLB: Casey Matthews (6th rounder)
OLB: Lawrence Wilson (4th rounder)
CB: Patrick Peterson (Top 5)
CB: Brandon Harris (2nd Rounder)
FS: Chris Conte (4th rounder)
SS: Ahmad Black (4th rounder)

Consolo's Team

QB Colin Kaepernick 6 Nevada Rounds 2-3
RB Jacquizz Rodgers 11 Oregon State Rounds 4-5
FB Henry Hynoski 4 Pittsburgh Rounds 6-7
WR Julio Jones 2 Alabama Picks 5-10
WR Niles Paul 10 Nebraska Rounds 4-5
TE Kyle Rudolph 1 Notre Dame Rounds 2-3
RT Tyron Smith 1 Southern California Round 1
RG Mike Pouncey 1 Florida Round 1
C Brandon Fusco 5 Slippery Rock Rounds 6-7
LG Benjamin Ijalana 3 Villanova Rounds 2-3
LT Matt Kalil Southern California 2012 Pick

DE Muhammad Wilkerson 4 Temple Round 1
N Ian Williams 14 Notre Dame Rounds 4-5
DE Stephen Paea 6 Oregon State Rounds 2-3
OLB Aldon Smith 7 Missouri Round 1
LB Colin McCarthy 4 Miami (Fla.) Rounds 4-5
LB Casey Matthews 8 Oregon Rounds 6-7
OLB Bruce Carter 5 North Carolina Rounds 2-3
CB Patrick Peterson 1 LSU Picks 1-5
CB Buster Skrine 17 Chattanooga Rounds 4-5
SS Joe Lefeged 5 Rutgers Rounds 6-7
FS Rahim Moore 1 UCLA Rounds 2-3

ChaoticEagle's Team:

QB – Matt Barkley – Southern California – 2012 Draft Prospect
RB – Roy Helu Jr. – Nebraska – 4th/5th Rounder
FB – Charles Clay – Tulsa – 4th/5th Rounder
WR – Jonathan Baldwin – Pittsburgh – 2nd/3rd Rounder
WR – Cecil Shorts III – Mount Union – 6th/7th Rounder
TE – Julius Thomas – Portland State – 4th/5th Rounder
LT – Tyron Smith – Southern California – 1st Rounder
LG – Marcus Cannon – Texas Christian – 2nd/3rd Rounder
C – Brandon Fusco – Slippery Rock – 6th/7th Rounder
RG – Mike Pouncey – Florida – 1st Rounder
RT – Gabe Carimi – Wisconsin – 1st Rounder

LE – Cameron Jordan – California – 1st Rounder
LDT – Stephen Paea – Oregon State – 2nd/3rd Rounder
RDT – Jarvis Jenkins – Clemson – 2nd/3rd Rounder
RE – Robert Quinn – North Carolina – Top 10 Pick
WLB – Lawrence Wilson – Connecticut – 4th/5th Rounder
MLB – Colin McCarthy – Miami of Florida – 4th/5th Rounder
SLB – Mark Herzlich – Boston College – 6th/7th Rounder
CB – Patrick Peterson – Louisiana State – Top 5 Pick
CB – Justin Rogers – Richmond – 6th/7th Rounder
FS – Rahim Moore – California Los Angeles – 2nd/3rd Rounder
SS – DeAndre McDaniel – Clemson – 2nd/3rd Rounder

Well, since everyone else is doing it...

As we all know, the game of football is won in the trenches. And as you can see, the team I created is primarily based on three principles: 1. Protect the QB, 2. Open lanes in the running game, and 3. Put a relentless onslaught on opposing QBs with the Defensive Front Four.

With Luck returning for his senior season, practically everyone has him penciled in as the No. 1 Overall Pick next year. However, I’d like to make the case that Barkley could give Luck a run for his money. And when looking at the case, you have to look at a few key points:

Luck will not have the same talent surrounding him like he did last year, so it will be very interesting to see how he holds up, especially with most of the starting offensive line and players at the skill positions moving on. In Barkley’s case, he’s already proven himself to be an elite talent; even with the way the Trojans struggled last year on the football field, he still managed to throw for 26 TDs and only 12 INTs. And let’s not forget the fact that the Trojans have been beset by all the off-field controversy, so Barkley also has the poise to perform at a high level even with the distractions surrounding the football team. With that said, it’s a bit of a surprise that you don’t hear about him more often, but make no mistake, by the time the 2012 draft rolls around, expect everyone to know the name Matt Barkley.

As for the rest of the team, on the offensive side of the ball, the running game is fueled by a powerful, in-between the tackles, hard-nosed style of running from Helu Jr. and Clay, both of whom can catch out of the backfield as well; and the offensive skill positions are manned by two huge, fast, skilled targets in Baldwin and Thomas, while Shorts III is an incredibly underrated prospect who can provide a triple threat at running, receiving, and throwing as well. And do I really need to go into detail about the beastly offensive line that will allow all this to happen?

And on the defensive side, again, emphasis is placed on the lines: the front four is loaded with elite-tier talent and will operate with the sole purpose of making the opposing teams’ backfield a living nightmare. Whether it be demolishing the QB or blowing up the run in the backfield, this front four will bring it every down. In the second-tier of the defense, the positions are filled by three veterans who are well suited to playing every aspect of the LB corps; all three are players that have great instincts, can cover the field and defend against the pass and run, and are physical, tough players whose tackling abilities are second to none. And in the final level of defense, what else is there to be said about having the best-rated players at the CB position and both safety positions as well? Not to say that Rogers is inadequate by any means; he’s another vastly underrated prospect who shuts down opposing WRs and can make the big play.

TheRealMcCoy's Team:

QB: Jake Locker, Washington (1)
RB: Mikel LeShoure, Illinois (2/3)
FB: Henry Hynoski, Pittsburgh (6/7)
WR1: Leonard Hankerson, Miami (2/3)
WR2: Niles Paul, Nebraska (4/5)
TE: Andre Smith, Virginia Tech (6/7)
LT: Nate Solder, Colorado (1)
OG: Ben Ijalana, Villanova (2/3)
C: Tim Barnes, Missouri (4/5)
OG: Stephen Schilling, Michigan (4/5)
RT: Marcus Cannon, TCU (2/3)

DEFENSE (3-4):
DE: J.J. Watt, Wisconsin (1)
DT: Phil Taylor, Baylor (1)
DE: Cliff Matthews, South Carolina (6/7)
OLB1: Von Miller, A&M (Top 5)
MLB1: Vontaze Burflict, ASU (2012 Prospect)
MLB2: Colin McCarthy, Miami (4/5)
OLB2: Justin Houston (2/3)
CB1: Prince Amukamara, Nebraska (Top 10)
FS: Rahim Moore, UCLA (2/3)
SS: Joe Lefeged, Rutgers (6/7)
CB2: Johnny Patrick, Louisville (4/5)

This includes player rationale in terms of interesting/unusual picks, as well as the synergy of the offense/defense. It might be a bit long, so added a title.

Jake Locker: Jake Locker is a true dual threat quarterback. He’s got a strong arm and is a mobile threat (in the sense of Roethlisberger, not Vick). Most of his flaws revolve around two things: his durability and his inconsistency. I’m not too concerned about a few low to moderate dings, and inconsistency can be coached. The rest of his attributes make him a sky high potential pick and a good start for a franchise QB. I placed a bit of emphasis on an offensive line that excels in two areas: pass blocking and zone blocking, which I’ll go into a bit later.. That fits right up Locker’s alley.

Marcus Cannon: The pick isn’t weird, but the position might be for some. A lot of buzz was made about Cannon being able to step in immediately at G for most teams (especially since this was everywhere for the Eagles’ line needs). However, he’s a RT by nature. He played RT in college ball, and has both the intangibles and work ethic to play on the outside just as well as on the inside of the line. It wouldn’t be unusual for a team to draft Cannon and groom him to move outside (or even start him there).

Vontaze Burflict: You might not know this player (weird name, I know). Currently, he’s projected to go somewhere along the 10-15 pick range in the 2012 NFL Draft range. He’s a stud ILB for Arizona State University. In case you want to see a bit of him in action, here’s a URL to some game footage.

This should give you a better idea of this kid’s potential. He’s a monster, and is projected to have a similar progression to Patrick Willis / Ray Lewis in terms of success.

Von Miller: Why pass on Peterson and choose Von Miller? It’s actually more of my respect of Amukamara than it is Peterson’s fault, but Von Miller is really the guy to shoot for in the Top 5 range if you’re trying to build a strong 3-4 defense. He’s fast, athletic, can get to the QB in a hurry, and has above average run stuffing skills. He’s physically gifted and will instantly make an impact in the 3-4 scheme. No one is denying Peterson’s intangibles, but Amukamara is the smarter player. He’s just about as gifted too, and because of that, his knowledge trumps that short-term intangible boost Peterson has. Football and general knowledge increases ceilings just as fast as natural skill.

OFFENSE: We’re going for a pretty balanced offense here: a combination QB with a strong, athletic RB in tandem with a large receiving threat (think Andre Johnson) and a medium-sized quickster (think Mike Wallace, but slightly slower). The TE excels at protection (in fact, he was labeled as the best in this draft), but also has decent enough ball skills to be a passing threat. FB is big and bruising, while also having good blocking skills. The offensive line is designed to focus on pass blocking and zone blocking, opening up holes in the front line to get RB’s into the secondary. You need a decently fast, athletic RB to fit this scheme, and Leshore is the perfect fit. Solder, Ijalana, Barnes, Schilling, and Cannon all excel in pass blocking while are all athletic enough to shift out to zone blocking for run schemes, meaning that it’s a pass-oriented o-line that isn’t one dimensional. It’s the perfect scheme for Locker.

DEFENSE: We’re looking at a 3-4 here, which has been rising in popularity over the past few years. We have an emphasis on a few positions here: a dominating DT, DE support, pass-rushing OLBs and balanced ILB’s, a shutdown corner and a strong Safety in the backfield. Taylor is the best 3-4 DT this draft. He’s massive, and yet is one of the most athletic DT’s in this draft. Combined with Watt and Matthews (Cliff), this line should be able to pressure that front line immediately while also getting through holes fast. Miller, Burflict, McCarthy, and Houston make up an extremely strong LB corps. Miller and Houston are known as athletic, 3-4 OLBs who excel at getting to the QB. Burflict is the multi-talented, hard hitting ILB needed for the 3-4 Defense to succeed, while McCarthy provides additional run stuffing support for the line and has decent coverage skills. In the back, we have Amukamara, Moore, Lefeged, and Patrick (Johnny).Amukamara is your traditional shutdown corner and Patrick is speedy and athletic, giving the defense the coverage it needs to blitz. Moore is the best FS this draft, and while currently a 2nd Round talent, his athleticism allows him to cover with ease. Lefeged is somewhat one-dimensional currently, but he’s an excellent run stuffer in the secondary level and hits with conviction. If he can learn to cover NFL-caliber WR’s, which is possible, he will easily become a solid starter on most teams.

D-Jax10's Team:


QB: Andrew Luck – 2012 – Stanford Cardinal
HB: Jacquizz Rodgers – 4th/5th – Oregon State Beavers
TE: D.J. Williams – 4th/5th – Arkansas Razorbacks
WR1: Julio Jones – Top 10 – Alabama Crimson Tide
WR2: Titus Young – 2nd/3rd – Boise State Broncos
WR3: Ricardo Lockette 6th/7th – Fort Valley State Wildcats
LT: Tyron Smith – 1st – USC Trojans
LG: Benjamin Ijalana – 2nd/3rd – Villanova Wildcats
C: Jake Kirkpatrick – 6th/7th – TCU Horned Frogs
RG: Justin Boren – 6th/7th – Ohio State Buckeyes
RT: Nate Solder – 1st – Colorado Buffaloes


Luck – No surprise here, if you guys hadn’t reminded me about him I would’ve went with Cam.
Williams – No clue how he’s so low on this board, monster TE who won the Mackey award for best TE in the country.
Jones – Not AJ Green, but close.
Young – Small quick receiver to complement the 6-4 Julio Jones.
Lockette – Physical specimen 6-2 ran a 4.3 40 but played at a very small college against weak competition.
Kirkpatrick – Anchor of TCU’s o-line, one of the best in the country.
Austin – Projected top 10 pick before the season but sat out the whole year due to NCAA violations.
Bailey – Reppin the U.
Herzlich – Former top prospect who beat cancer, steal in the late rounds.
Peterson – I feel like in terms of pure talent he and Cam Newton are 1A and 1B.
Black – Underrated in an already weak safety class.
Harris – Again with the U, also underrated on this board.

LDE: J.J. Watt – 1st – Wisconsin Badgers
DT1: Stephen Paea – 2nd/3rd – Oregon State Beavers
DT2: Marvin Austin – 2nd/3rd – North Carolina Tar Heels
RDE: Allen Bailey – 2nd/3rd – Miami Hurricanes
OLB: Mark Herzlich – 6th/7th – Boston College Eagles
MLB: Jeremy Beal – 4th/5th – Oklahoma Sooners
OLB: Akeem Ayers – 1st – UCLA Bruins
CB1: Patrick Peterson – Top 5 – LSU Tigers
SS: Ahmad Black – 4th/5th – Florida Gators
FS: Robert Sands – 4th/5th – West Virginia Mountaineers
CB2: Brandon Harris – 2nd/3rd – Miami Hurricanes

Subetron's Team:

QB-Andrew Luck -2012
RB-Ryan Williams-2/3
FB-Owen Marecic -6/7
WR-Leonard Hankerson-2/3
WR-Randall Cobb-2/3
WR-Terrance Tolliver-4/5
LT-Tyron Smith – 1
LG-John Moffitt – 4/5
C – Brandon Fusco-6/7
RG-Mike Pouncey – 1
RT-Gabe Carimi-1
DE-Cliff Matthews-6/7
DE-Robert Quinn – top 10
DT-Muhammad Wilkerson – 1
DT-Stephen Paea – 2/3
OLB-Lawrence Wilson – 4/5
OLB – Mark Herzlich – 6/7
MLB – Martez Wilson – 2/3
CB – Patrick Peterson – Top 5
CB – Aaron Williams – 2/3
FS – Robert Sands -4/5
SS – Ahmad Black – 4/5

Lip-Out's Team

The O

QB-Cam Newton, Auburn-1
RB-DeMarco Murray, Oklahoma-2/3
FB-Owen Marecic, Stanford-6/7
TE-Lance Kendricks, Wisconsin-2/3
WR-Titus Young, Boise State-2/3
WR-Dane Sanzenbacher, Ohio State-6/7
LT-Nate Solder, Colorado-1
LG-Marcus Cannon, Texas Christian-2/3
C-Zane Taylor, Utah-6/7
RG-Ben Ijalana, Villanova-2/3
RT-DeMarcus Love, Arkansas-4/5

The D

LE-Robert Quinn, North Carolina-top 10
DT-Lawrence Guy, Arizona State-4/5
DT-Muhammad Wilkerson, Temple-1
DE-Brandon Bair, Oregon-6/7
WLB-Bruce Carter, North Carolina-2/3
MLB-Vontaze Burfict, Arizona State-2012 player
SLB-Nate Irving, NC State-4/5 (moved from stated ILB, think he could play SAM)
CB-Patrick Peterson, Lousiana State-top 5
FS-Robert Sands, West Virginia-4/5
SS-Ahmad Black, Florida-4/5
CB-Jimmy Smith, Colorado- 1

The CB’s do some shut-down work while the safeties play in some simple coverage schemes.

I know Newton attracts hate, but the guy is a winner, and this is a run-first designed team anyway. With some absolute hosses on the O-line and IMO an underrated Demarco Murray who is capable getting a heavy load of carries when healthy.

Newton has a nice variety of dependable targets with the speedy Titus Young, the reliable Dane Sanzenbacher, and an athletic TE in Lance Kendricks who was the focal point of Wisconsins Pass-O

The D has a deadly combination of size and speed. This is mostly a hang back Defense with blitzes thrown in here and there as it won’t need to do anything gimmicky to beat you. It can beat you with raw athleticism.

The D-line has a relentless rusher in Quinn, and a stout Bear off the edge, with an athletic interior.

The LB’s are stout and proven guys with a beast in Vontaze heading the corps.

Britt Bill's Team:

QB: Terrelle Pryor (2012 pick)
HB: Ryan Williams (2nd round)
FB: Owen Marecic (6th round)
WR: Julio Jones (1st round)
WR: Dane Sanzenbacher (6th round)
TE: Virgil Green (4th round)
LT: Tyron Smith (1st round)
LG: John Moffit (4th round)
C: Brandon Fusco (6th round)
RG: Will Rackley (3rd round)
RT: Ben Ijalana (2nd round)

LDE: J.J. Watt (1st round)
DT: Stephen Paea (2nd round)
DT: Marvin Austin (2nd round)
RDE: Robert Quinn (top 10)
WLB: Ross Homan (4th round)
MLB: Martez Wilson (3rd round)
SLB: Nate Irving (4th round)
CB: Patrick Peterson (top 5)
FS: Tyler Sash (4th round)
SS: Jermale Hines (7th round/UDFA)
CB: Jimmy Smith (1st round)

Goldenbird09's Team:

QB Andrew Luck ( 2012 Player)
HB Jordan Todman ( 2nd/3rd)
FB Owen Marecic (6th/7th)
WR AJ Green ( Top 5 )
WR Jon Baldwin ( 2nd/3rd)
TE Andre Smith (6th/7th)
RT Marcus Gilbert (4th/5th)
RG John Moffitt (4th/5th)
C Tim Barnes (4th/5th)
LG Stephen Schilling (4th/5th)
LT Tyron Smith (1st rd)

DE Cameron Jordan (1st rd)
DT Marvin Austin (2nd/3rd)
DT Sione Fua (4th/5th)
DE JJ Watt (1st rd)
OLB Adrian Moten (6th/7th)
MLB Martez Wilson (2nd /3rd)
OLB Bruce Carter (2nd/3rd)
CB Prince Amukamara (top 10 )
SS Jeron Johnson ( 6th/7th)
FS Quinton Carter (2nd/3rd)
CB Jimmy Smith (1st rd)

Brza37's Team:

QB Andrew Luck STAN 2012 Pick
RB Demarco Murray OKLA 2nd/3rd (58 Overall)
WR Julio Jones BAMA Top 10 (9 Overall)
WR Dane Sanzenbacher Bucks 4th/5th (185 Overall)
WR Aldrick Robinson 6th/7th (227 Overall)
TE Rob Housler FAU 4th/5th (130 Overall)
LT Anthony Castonzo BC 1st (16 Overall)
OG Demarcus Love ARK 4th/5th (133 Overall)
C Brandon Fusco ROCK 4th/5th (175 Overall)
OG Benjamin Ijalana NOVA 2nd/3rd (52 Overall)
RT Marcus Cannon TCU 2nd/3rd (51 Overall)

DE JJ Watt WISC 1st (15 Overall)
NT Phil Taylor BAY 1st (29 Overall)
DE Brandon Bair ORE 6th/7th (204 Overall)
OLB Akeem Ayers UCLA 1st (30 Overall)
ILB Martez Wilson ILL 2nd/3rd (38 Overall)
ILB Jeremy Beal OKLA 4th/5th ( Overall)
OLB Bruce Miller UCF UDFA (306 Overall)
CB Patrick Peterson LSU Top 5 (1 Overall)
CB Aaron Williams TEX 2nd/3rd (33 Overall)
FS Rahim Moore UCLA 2nd/3rd (60 Overall)
SS Jermale Hines BUCKS 6th/7th (217 Overall)

My goal with the offense was to get the best QB available and build around him. That included adding a stud WR, an Eagles Championship Style O-line and a Pass-cathcing do-it-all HB. Went with a One back system to get more weapons on the field.

QB Andrew Luck STAN (The only sure-shot franchise QB in the next 2 drafts)
RB Demarco Murray OKLA 58 (A do everything back with 4.4 speed in the 2nd Round? Yes please)
WR Julio Jones BAMA 9 (Game-changer. True No. 1 WR)
WR Dane Sanzenbacher Bucks 185 (Great compliment to Julio Jones. Smart player, Great hands, good route runner)
WR Aldrick Robinson 227 (4.35 Speed and great production 65/1355 in a pass first Offense)
TE Rob Housler FAU 130 (Has the speed to be a pasing threat and the strength to be a good blocker Ran a 4.46 and benched 22 times at the combine. Also produced very well in college. While he lacks the name recognition of a D.J. Williams or Lance Kendricks, like these two stars Housler projects very well in today’s NFL.)
LT Anthony Castonzo BC 16 (Arguably the top LT Prospect. Needed to protect Luck’s blindside)
OG Demarcus Love ARK 133 (Typical Andy Reid Guard. Played T in college known for his quick pulls and mauling ability will be moved down to G once drafted. Also played G as a freshman in a run-first offense. Admitted to liking that position better than his flip-flopping Strong Tackle position in Bobby Petrino’s Pass-first offense the past 2 years.)
C Brandon Fusco ROCK 175 (Impressed many scouts at the Senior Bowl. 4 Year Starter at Center claimed top OL honors at DII Level)
OG Benjamin Ijalana NOVA 52 (Exceptional pass blocker at the FCS level, dominates defensive ends on most plays with great length with athleticism. Excellent foot quickness to mirror his man. Works to sustain even if his man backs off a bit. Has the bulk, length and footwork to be a very effective run blocker. Excellent agility to get out of his stance, capable of moving behind the line and into the hole to negate linebackers. Excellent durability; started all 52 career games. Has potential to play Tackle in Pros but could dominate at Guard right from the start)
RT Marcus Cannon TCU 51 (Real Road Grader. Best suited for RT although teammates identified him as one of the best athletes on the team. He is quite light on his feet for a man his size, a combination of size and athleticism that makes him a coveted prospect among NFL scouts.)

I’m a big proponent of the 4-3 defense but I think the best value and depth in this draft would be found in building a 3-4. Built the D around a lockdown corner and a blitzing man coverage attack. Lots of speed in the backfield and OLBs with power and instincts on the line and ILB.

DE JJ Watt WISC 15 (Best 3-4 DE in the draft.)
NT Phil Taylor BAY 29 (Arguably the Best NT in the draft. Strength and technique to control two blockers, enough quickness to split double teams and provide push)
DE Brandon Bair ORE 204 (Not much of a pass rusher. Could add some bulk but has the body frame and strength to be a very good 3-4 DE)
OLB Akeem Ayers UCLA 30 (Athletically gifted Pass rusher. Solid Run Stuffers Watt, Taylor, Wilson and BEal will allow Ayers to concentrate on what he does best; rush the passer)
ILB Martez Wilson ILL 38 (No. 1 ILB Prospect. Great Speed (4.42), Size (6-4, 250) and production)
ILB Jeremy Beal OKLA 146 (Poor Combine Stats but great on-field Production. Smart player with power in the middle and a nose for the ball. Being surrounded by speed will help mask his lack of it and allow him to play straight downhill)
OLB Bruce Miller UCF 306 UDFA (strong pass rusher plays with a low center of gravity and relentless “motor”. Good compliment to Ayers’ atheltic gifts on the other side. Has played both 4-3DE and 3-4OLB)
CB Patrick Peterson LSU 1 (Best overall Talent in 2011 Draft. Lockdown Corner will allow Defense to blitz)
CB Aaron Williams TEX 33 (Two great Man corners will allow the D to get after the QB on blitzes even more)
FS Rahim Moore UCLA 60 (Top Safety Prospect in Draft. True centerfield-type safety with the skills to develop into a ball hawk at the next level. Had 10 INTs in 2009. Reported to have great work ethic)
SS Jermale Hines Bucks 217 (Free Safety Speed in a SS Body. Originally a LB so used to contact despite playing FS Senior Season)

DCEagles29's Team:

QB – Tyrod Taylor – Virginia Tech – 6th rd
RB – LaMichael James – Oregon – 2012 pick
RB – DeMarco Murray – Oklahoma – 2nd rd
WR – Julio Jones – Alabama – Top 10 pick
WR – Leonard Hankerson – Miami – 2nd Rd
WR – DeAndre Brown – Southern Mississippi – UDFA
OT – Gabe Carimi – Wisconsin – 1st rd (4)
OT – Derek Sherrod – Mississippi State – 1st rd (4)
OG – Stephen Schilling – Michigan – 4th rd
OG – Benjamin Ijalana – Villinova – 2nd rd
C – Kristofer O’Dowd – Southern California – 4th rd

Defense –
CB – Patrick Peterson – LSU – Top 5 pick
CB – Brandon Harris – Miami – 2nd rd
SS – Da’Norris Searcy – North Carolina – 4th rd
FS – Rahim Moore – UCLA – 2nd Rd
OLB – Akeem Ayers – UCLA – 1st rd (4)
OLB – Brain Rolle – Ohio State – 5th rd
ILB – Casey Matthews – Oregon – 6th rd
DE – Ryan Kerrigan – Purdue – 1st rd (4)
DE – Ugo Chinasa – Oklahoma State – 5th rd
DT – Stephen Paea – Oregon State – 2nd rd
DT – Chris Nelid – West Virginia – 7th

KByars' Team:

QB: Andrew Luck (2012 Prospect)
RB: Jacquizz Rodgers (Mid Rounder)
TE: Rob Housler (Mid rounder)
WR A.J. Green (top 5)
WR: Torrey Smith (2nd/3rd rounder)
WR: Jeremy Kerley (6th/7th rounder)
LT: Anthony Castonzo (1st rounder)
LG: David Arkin (6th/7th rounder)
C: Rodney Hudson(2nd/3rd rounder)
RG: Zach Hurd (Mid Rounder)
RT: Tyron Smith (1st rounder)

DE: Robert Quinn (top 10)
DT: Stephen Paea (2nd/3rd rounder)
DT: Marvin Austin (2nd/3rd rounder)
DE: Ryan Kerrigan (1st Rounder)
OLB: Sam Acho (2nd/3rd rounder)
MLB: Casey Matthews (6th/7th rounder)
OLB: Lawrence Wilson (Mid Rounder)
CB: Jimmy Smith (1st Rounder)
CB: Aaron Williams (2nd/3rd rounder)
FS: Deunta Williams (6th/7th rounder)
SS: Ahmad Black(Mid Rounder)

DDay's Team:

West Coast Offense built around timing, a elusive all around speed running back anchored by a huge offensive line and wide receivers with great release technique built to withstand the pounding when going to the middle a la slants

QB: Christian Ponder, Florida St, Round 1

RB: Noel Devine, West Virginia, 6th/7th/UDFA

WR: Julio Jones, Alabama, Top 10

WR: Greg Salas, Hawaii, 4th/5th

TE: Jordan Cameron, USC, 4th/5th

LT: Tyron Smith, USC, Round 1

LG: Andrew Jackson, Fresno St, 6th/7th

C: Brandon Fusco, Slippery Rock, 6th/7th

RG: John Moffitt, Wisconsin, 4th/5th

RT: Gabe Carimi, Wisconsin, Round 1

Defense: 4-3 with 1 gap dline with a solid secondary and fast linebackers

DE: Greg Romeus, Pitt, 4th/5th

DT: Marvin Austin, North Carolina, 2nd/3rd

DT: Jurrell Casey, USC, 2nd/3rd

DE: Da'Quan Bowers, Clemson, Top 5

WLB: Justin Houston, Georgia, 2nd/3rd

MLB: Martez Wilson, Illinois, 2nd/3rd

SLB: Bruce Carter, North Carolina, 2nd/3rd

CB: Jimmy Smith, Colorado, Round 1

CB: Chase Minnifield, Virginia, 2012

FS: Deunta Williams, North Carolina, 6th/7th

SS: Ahmad Black, Florida, 4th/5th

Mc5's Team:

QB- Jake Locker (1st)
RB- Trent Richardson (Next Year)
RB- Ryan Williams (2nd/3rd)
WR- AJ Green (Top 5)
WR- Greg Salas (Mid Round)
WR- Darvin Adams (6th/7th)

OT- Lee Ziemba (Mid Round)
OG- Mike Pouncey (1st)
C- Zane Taylor (Mid Round)
OG- Justin Boren (6th/7th)
OT- Marcus Cannon (2nd/3rd)

DE- Ryan Kerrigan (1st)
DT- Stephen Pea (2nd/3rd)
DT- Marvin Austin (2nd/3rd)
DE- Justin Trattou (6th/7th)

OLB-Akeem Ayers (1st)
ILB-Martez Wilson (2nd/3rd)
OLB-Mark Herzlich (6th/7th)

CB- Aaron Williams (2nd/3rd)
S-Ahmad Black (Mid Round)
S- Chris Culliver (Mid Round)
CB- Prince Akunamara (Top 10)

My offense has a big arm, mobile QB with WRs and RBs who match his style. I have the best go deep WR available, Darvin Adams played with a mobile WR, and Salas fits nicely into the slot. My RBs can catch, and both are good enough to be every down RBs.

On my line, I blended athleticism with strength and grit.

Defensively I’m balanced throughout. I feel all three units are strong, mixing up strength and speed on all three levels.

Route36's Team:


QB – Andrew Luck, 2012 pick
RB – Mikel Leshoure, 2nd
WR – A.J. Green, top 5 pick
WR – Torrey Smith, 2nd
WR – Tori Gurley, 6th
TE – Rob Housler, 4th
LT – Anthony Castonzo, 1st
LG – Stephen Shilling, 4th
C – Brandon Fusco – 6th
RG – Keith Williams – 6th
RT – Ben Ijalana – 2nd

Philosophy: High octane speed oriented WCO offense involving the best QB coming out, 2 of the 3 best wide outs, athletic, receiving tight end that had the fastest 40 at the combine(4.55), and an O-line including two of the best tackles commanding the edges with solid late round interior linemen that Howard Mudd can utilize to their full potential.


LDE – Aldon Smith – 1st
LDT – Marvin Austin – 2nd
RDT – Lawrence Guy – 4th
RE – Robert Quinn – 1st
SOLB – K.J Wright – 4th
MLB – Nate Irving – 4th
WOLB – Mason Foster – 2nd
CB – Prince Amukamara, top 10 pick
CB – Jimmy Smith, 1st
FS – Quinton Carter, 2nd.
SS – Joe Lefeged, 6th.

Philosophy: Jim Washburn style “Whup Ass” 1 gap penetrating D-line involving the top two 4-3 ends in the draft, one of the best penetrating tackles, an excellent, aggressive line backing core with speed and size and a lock down secondary.

Starship_007's Team:

Qb:Matt Barkley(2012)
RB:Mike Leshoure(2nd)
Wr:Randal Cobb(2nd)
WR:Titus Young(2nd)
WR:Torrey Smith(1st)
TE:Rob Housler(mid)
LT:Tyron Smith(1st)
LG:Dan Watkins(2nd)
C:Brandon Fusco(mid)
RG:John Moffit(mid)
RT:Gabe Carimi(1st)

LDE:JJ Watt(1st)
DT:Marvin Austin(2nd)
RDE:Justin Tratteu(6/7)
OLB:Chris Carter(4/5)
iLB:Casey Matthews:(6/7)
ILB:Nate Irving(4/5)
OLB:Lawerence Wilson(4/5)
CB:Patrick Peterson(top 5)
CB:Prince Amukamara(top 10)
SS:Ahmad Black(4th/5th)
FS:Duenta Williams(6/7)

Number5's Team:

QB: Ryan Mallett, Arkansas 2nd round
RB: Lamicheal James, Oregon 2012 Prospect
WR: Leonard Hankerson, Miami 2nd round
TE: Jordan Cameron, Southern California 4th round
LT: Tyron Smith, USC 1st round
LG: J Moffitt, Wisconsin 4/5th round
C: Rodney Hudson, FSU 2nd round
RG: Mike Pouncey, Florida 1st round
RT: Marcus Cannon, TCU 2nd round
TE: Wesley Saunders, South Carolina 6/7th round
WR: Austin Pettis, Boise State 5th round

Main formation is single back duo tight-ends. Strong running game with arguably the best offensive line of any of the teams, defiantly the best run blocking offensive line. One of the best RB’s coming out next year. Two tight-ends that can block extremely well and can be a receiving threat. Big Possession receivers that are tough and are decent route runners, posterboy westcoast WR’s. And a QB that has a great arm that can make all the throws.

3-4 Defense
LE: JJ Watt, Wisconsin 1st round
NT: Phil Taylor, Baylor 1st round
DT: Marvin Austin, North Carolina 2nd round
LOLB: Chris Carter, Fresno State 3rd round
ILB: Casey Matthews, Oregon 6/7th round
ILB: Nate Irving, North Carolina State 4/5th round
ROLB: Da’Quan Bowers, Clemson Top 10
CB: Patrick Peterson, LSU Top 5
FS: Robert Sands
SS: Ahmad Black, Florida 4/5th round
CB: Ras-I Dowling Virgina 2nd round

3-4 D with a strong front seven that can provide pass rush from LE, DT, NT, and both OLB’s, top 10 Da’Quan Bowers and underrated Chris Carter from Fresno state. Good zone defense with coverage from Casey Matthews and Nate Irving. Two athletic ball hawking corners in top 5 pick and arguably best player in this draft Patrick Peterson and Ras-I, with physical safeties in Black and Sands.

D-Jackfan10's (aka mine) Team:

QB: Landry Jones, Oklahoma, 2012
RB: Mark Ingram, Alabama, 1st Round
WR: Leonard Hankerson, Miami, 2nd/3rd Round
WR: Randall Cobb, Kentucky, 2nd/3rd Round
TE: Kyle Rudolph, Notre Dame, 2nd/3rd Round
TE: DJ Williams, Arkansas, 4th/5th round
LT: Ben Ijalana, Villanova, 2nd/3rd Round
LG: Marcus Cannon, TCU, 2nd/3rd Round
C: Tim Barnes, Missouri, 4th/5th round
RG: Keith Williams, Nebraska, 6th/7th round
RT: Gabe Carimi, Wisconsin, 1st Round

Offensive Scheme: Ball control, 2 TE, West Coast Offense (Think 2010 Patriots)
-I’ve got a QB who can make all the throws, has a quick release, makes quick decisions and accurate throws, the perfect WCO QB. He is throwing to two complete receivers who can run all of the routes. I’ve got a hard charging, angry running back running behind a big and mean offensive line. I’ve also got the ideal on the line Y in Kyle Rudolph, he can run block, he can be a weapon in the passing game and he is a big threat in the red-zone with his height (ala Marcedes Lewis). My #2 TE is DJ Williams who is the perfect move guy to compliment Kyle Rudolph. My team would love to play smash-mouth, run you over type football but they’ve also got the weapons to compete in a shootout.

LE: Lawrence Guy, Arizona St., 4th/5th rounder
NT: Kenrick Ellis, Hampton, 2nd/3rd Rounder
RE: Cameron Jordan, Cal, 1st Round
OLB: Greg Romeus, Pitt, 4th/5th round
ILB: Alex Wujciak, Maryland, 6th/7th rounder
ILB: Mario Harvey, Marshall, 6th/7th rounder
OLB: Robert Quinn, North Carolina, Top 10
CB: Patrick Peterson, LSU, Top 5
CB: Jimmy Smith, Colorado, 1st Round
SS: Robert Sands, West Virginia, 4th/5th Round
FS: Duenta Williams, North Carolina, 6th/7th Round

-Pass on this defense, I dare you. I have the two best corners from college who can shut down anyone you line them up against. They’re great athletes, Patrick Peterson is 6’ and 219 pounds with a 4.32 40 time and Jimmy Smith is 6’2 and 212 pounds with a 4.42 40 time. At safety I’ve got two ball hawks who with two shut down corners are free to roam the back end of the defense and believe me when I say that they’re not afraid to lay the wood either. At the LB spot I’ve got the best pass rusher in the draft in Robert Quinn, a guy who would be a first round pick if it weren’t for injuries (Romeus). On the inside I’ve got two physical linebackers who aren’t afraid to go head to head with anyone. Wujciak is a big 6’3" and 247 pound middle linebacker who is fantastic against the run and will have no problem taking on blockers with his size and strength. Mario Harvey only measures in at 5’11" but he is also 250 pounds and runs a 4.46, his nickname is Thumper because of his hard hitting, down hill playing style. On the DL I’ve got Cameron Jordan, Kenrick Ellis and Lawrence Guy who can all stop the run and rush the passer.

AnotherAndyR's Team:

QB Andrew Luck (2012)
WR A.J. Green (Top 5)
WR Julio Jones (Top 10)
WR Aldrick Robinson (Rounds 6-7)
RB Roy Helu (Rounds 4-5)
TE Jordan Cameron (Rounds 4-5)
LT Tyron Smith (Round 1)
LG DeMarcus Love (Rounds 4-5)
C Brandon Fusco (Rounds 6-7)
RG Marcus Gilbert (Rounds 4-5)
RT Anthony Castonzo (Round 1)

DE Aldon Smith (Round 1)
DT Marvin Austin (Rounds 2-3)
DT Stephen Paea (Rounds 2-3)
DE Jabaal Sheard (Rounds 2-3)
OLB Lawrence Wilson (Rounds 4-5)
MLB Casey Matthews (Rounds 6-7)
OLB Mark Herzlich (Rounds 6-7)
CB Jimmy Smith (Round 1)
CB Brandon Harris (Rounds 2-3)
FS Rahim Moore (Rounds 2-3)
SS DeAndre McDaniel (Rounds 2-3)

The NFL favors the passing game more and more each year, so I’m following their lead by taking Andrew Luck, A.J. Green, and Julio Jones. And if that’s not enough firepower, Robinson will burn any defense that tries to focus on the two elite receivers. He has 4.35 speed, reliable hands, and he knows how to find the soft spots in coverage.

Helu is a very explosive RB who also runs good passing routes. He has good size but needs to improve his blocking. Cameron’s combination of speed, height, and leaping ability gives him more upside than most TE.

The offensive line features premier pass blockers at both tackle positions, two heftier tackles at the guard positions, and an experienced center who has good feet and quickness.

A strong defense begins in the trenches, so I chose linemen exclusively from the top 50 players on the board. Aldon Smith has freakish athleticism, Sheard hustles relentlessly, and both of those pass rushers are also solid against the run. Paea has record-breaking strength and Austin is a beast. Both tackles are often considered 1st round talent.

Smart instincts are especially important at LB, so I used the later rounds to find playmakers with a nose for the football. Matthews can blitz, Wilson can cover, and Herzlich could be the biggest steal after a full year of recovery.

The defensive backs are ranked 1st, 1st, 3rd, & 5th at their respective positions and they should be tough to beat. I picked Harris over the 4th ranked CB (Aaron Williams) because of his greater quickness, steadier coverage, and more consistent tackling. Jimmy Smith can handle the bigger receivers.

Mr.electric10's Team:

QB Andrew Luck (2012 Prospect): Best player in either class. Noting more needs to be said
RB Mikel Leshoure (2/3): I was hoping Hunter, Todman or Vereen would be 4th round guys because I like that value a lot more. I think Leshoure is going to a solid pro and should do well in this pass first offense.
TE Virgil Green (4/5): Big guy who can stretch the field him and Luck should be great friends.
WR AJ Green (Top 5): The number 1 guy on my board, think he’s a lock to be a stud for years.
WR Titus Young (2/3): Great player to complement Green and can really stretch the field.
WR Jeff Maehl (6/7): Won’t wow you with anything but a solid football player with great hands. Should do well for me in the slot.
LT Tyron Smith (1): My top tackle should protect Luck’s blind side
LG Benjamin Ijalana (2/3): Love this kid out of ‘nova. Great versatility can play G or T think he will play well with Smith and dominate the left side
C Zane Taylor (6/7): I think he will be a great center the 4 center on my board. Great value.
RG John Moffitt (4/5): Think he is a great guard who is really underrated plus greats to play with Carimi
RT Gabe Carimi (1): Should be a great RT and gets to play with old teammate

DE Da’Quan Bowers (Top 10): My top end should be able to get after the QB
DT Muhammad Wilkerson (1): This kid keeps rising up the boards and him and Bowers on one side will be awesome.
DT Ian Williams (4/5): A bigger tackle but should clog the holes and stop the run.
DE JJ Watt (1): I think he can be a great 4-3 end. Doesn’t wow you but is so solid at everything.
OLB Mark Haerzlich (6/7): A once first round guy with huge potential worth the risk as a 6 rounder
MLB Greg Jones (2/3): A great player and leader is the perfect MLB for this team.
OLB Brooks Reed (2/3): Can really get after the QB and will make opposing QBs life miserable
CB Aaron Williams (2/3): A really solid Corner with great ball skills
CB Johnny Patrick (4/5): I think the most underrated guy in the draft and I want the Eagles to get him in round 3. I have him as the 6 best CB
FS Eric Hagg (6/7): Wanted to get Sands here only pick I don’t love but ESPN has him high so I took a shot.
SS Ahmad Black (4/5): Maybe its because I still remember him dominating PSU but I think Black is a beast and should be pretty good at the next level. Great value here.


Hopefully this method of judging proves to be more effective than the last. I'll take the top 8 vote getters and create a final showdown post.


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