Brian Dawkins Twitter Interview

Well if you don't already know, former Eagles safety Brian Dawkins has joined Twitter. Over the last couple of weeks, he's had a lot of fans ask him questions, and he's actually responded to most of them.

With that being said, I decided to compile a bunch of questions(asked by a bunch of different fans) that he responded to, and turn it into a "Twitter Interview". Keep in mind that people that use Twitter don't have the best grammar(including myself).

Twitter Interview with the great former Eagles safety...Brian Dawkins

Dawk's message to Eagles fans: I'm new to the game(Twitter). Take it easy on your boy. Lol. For my Eagles fans. I so miss u cats as well. U have know idea how much!

Question: When's the next time you coming to Philly?
Answer: I don't know. I would love to come c a game at some point!
Question: Who have you laid your hardest, i mean your absolute hardest hit on? Did u pray for him afterwards? LOL
Answer: Probably Mike Vick! I try to Always pray for Anyone that goes down!
Question: Dawk... Who is the all-around hardest working teammate you've ever had in the NFL?
Answer: James Thrash!!
Question: What safety in the NFL do you like to watch the most?
Answer: Troy

More of Dawk's questions answered after the jump!


Question: Dawk, what do you think of some of the young guys in the Eagles secondary now like Nate Allen and Kurt Coleman?
Answer: Got chance to watch Nate. I believe hes gonna be a good one!!
Question: Who is the hardest TE to cover in the NFL?
Answer: Shockey in the day!!
Question: How often do you talk with Coach Reid?
Answer: From time to time. Much respect for Big Red!!!!
Question: What was your fondest memory as an Eagle?
Answer: When we finally won the NFC. Hugging the late, great Jim Johnson!!
Question: No Rockies Dawk?
Answer: I cut my teeth with baseball in Philly. Watching Phillies go from pretty good too WC/Contenders.
Question: Would u consider coaching after football? Come back to Philly?
Answer: If I ever desired to coach pro. Waaaayyy down the line in retirement. Sure I'd consider it.
Question: Are you gonna show up WHEN they retire your jersey in Philly? You were the heart & soul of that team.
Answer: If ?NO DOUBT
Question: Do u still bleed green??
Answer: I'll always have love for the city of brotherly love dog.

Dawk's message to Eagles fans: Eagles fans. I may have gone to another team. But the Lord has given me enough love. That i have more than enough for the Mean Green Crew!!

This next message was Brian Dawkins responding to a website that awarded him the "2011 Barstool Philly Madness Award" It's a nice message that's directed to fans as well.

Dawk's Response to winning a websites award: Thank u for the award and the meaningful words. I will ALWAYS have a soft spot in my heart for the fans of Philly. I know this. When u love, u love Strong and true. And when u dislike. It's STRONG as well. ! Not a lot of in-between. I've been blessed to have found a kind of kindred spirit with u. That'll be there for as long as the good Lor has me here!! Thanks for all the Love. And the feeling is mutual!!!!!

I had to post some of these questions, and answers from Dawk's Twitter. He will always be the greatest safety to wear an Eagles jersey. I hope you enjoyed reading some of his responses as much as I did.

I apologize that some of the formatting is messed's because I copied the coding from my blog.

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