For those who don't think Chaney will be a good MLB due to size.

Well BGN, this post is mainly directed towards Kevin M. who seems to think that Chaney doesn't have what it takes to play MLB in the NFL. And so I've decided to make a post to show why Kevin is wrong, and why I think Chaney not only can play MLB in the NFL, but be a STUD.

First off let's look at what Chaney did in the regular season.

Dallas: (the game he replaced Stew pretty much at half time)

In this game Chaney, an unknown 7th round rookie LB came in and posted 7 tackles. But that doesn't portray the whole story. When he went in he gathered his troops, lead the defense with a sense of belonging and honestly made me feel like we're ok with this kid at MLB for a little bit. He made some mistakes in coverage, but it was more technique than anything and the good thing is his speed allowed him to make up for being a little out of position.

Giants: (His first start)

In this game we walked in with the whole world knowing we're starting a rookie at MLB, and the Giants running game was in exceptionally good form the 2-3 weeks prior with Brandon Jacobs roughing up defenses, and Bradshaw doing what he does minus the fumbling.

In this game Chaney had 16 combined tackles. That's the highest mark of any LB on our team this season. And he caused 1 fumble.

Now once again this doesn't paint the right picture, so let's look at the RB's numbers from this game. Bradshaw had 19 carries for 66 yards, 0 TD's and added 2 catches for 14 yards. Jacobs had 12 carries for 34 yards. The week prior they both broke 100 yards. Oh and might I add the Giants pretty much ran right at Chaney the entire 1st half? 

Vikings: (His 2nd start)

In this game Chaney had 1 pass def. And posted 7 combined tackles. That's not bad at all. But this game was an off game for the entire team. 

Now for the playoff game:

Chaney had 10 tackles, 1 FF and in my opinion was one of the lone bright spots of that day. 


In the last 3 1/2 games of the Eagles season Chaney had 50 tackles, 2 FF and 1 pass def.. That's impressive.


Now let's get take a look at Chaney...

Chaney is 6 ft, 242 Lb's. Runs a 4.5.

Scouts said this about Chaney on

The Good: Explosive, hard-hitting linebacker who makes plays against the pass and run. Remains disciplined with assignments, displays a good head for the ball, and works to make plays. Fast moving sideline to sideline, breaks down well, and nicely flows to the action. Gets depth on pass drops, quick footed moving in reverse, and keeps his head on a swivel, displaying good instincts. Quickly changes direction, easily redirects to ball-carriers, and wraps up tackling.

The Bad: Very slow adjusting off the initial hit then getting back to playing form. Possesses poor hands for the interception. Easily blocked from the action.

The Verdict: Chaney did a terrific job returning from injury last season and really presents himself as a potential three-down linebacker for the next level. He's a hard-working player with good athleticism and football intelligence. Cheney has the possibility to be used at several linebacker spots in a number of systems, which will only enhance his value to NFL teams.

In my opinion Chaney disproved all of the "bad" against him except for the poor hands, and I can live with him not being able to catch the ball most of the time, if he's putting up 50 tackles in 3 1/2 games.


As Kevin would say "Chaney can't be a good LB because he's only 6 ft"

This is wrong. Many Lb's roughly his size can play MLB, and be very good. Here is a list.

  1. Patrick Willis (6-1, 240lbs)- One of the best MLB's in the game, if not THE best. He averages 148.75 tackles over his 4 years.
  2. Ray Lewis (6-1, 240lbs)- The only man to give Willis a run for his money as top MLB. He averages 118.4 since 2001.
  3. Jon Beason (6-0, 237lbs)- Another very good LB. He averages 135 tackles over his 4 years.
  4. Curtis Lofton (6-0, 242lbs)- In 3 years he's averaging 115 tackles a year.
  5. Stephen Tulloch (5-11, 240lbs)- He's averaging 91.4 tackles over his 5 years, and he became a full time starter in 08.
  6. London Fletcher (5-10, 245lbs)- Here is yet another HOF quality MLB. Since 2001 he's averaging 138 tackles a year.
  7. Barrett Ruud (6-2, 240)- He's averaging 127.75 tackles a year since becoming the full time starter in 2007.
So, Chaney at 6-0 and 242lbs puts up 50 tackles in 3 1/2 games, that averages out to 14.3 tackles a game, and if you take that average and expand it over 16 games you get 228.8 tackles in a season. Now that's unrealistic, I doubt he ever reaches that number, I'd place money he'd never reach that number. But it's not completely unreasonable to say he could get anywhere around 150 tackles in a season.

Now. I'm going to turn it over you, my fellow BGNer's to tell me if my thoughts on Chaney are unrealistic.
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