Another OL post I've been working on all day before a

I'm going to go through who I think will be where next year in this post.


As we all know we need to do something about our offensive line. I know how vital the OL is, this is a look at who we have for each position in house RIGHT NOW... As in no rookies coming in, no speculation on who we'll sign.. but at the end I'll say some thing about who'd I'd like, but I'll just leave it at that.


We'll start with the LT position.

Jason Peters- Jason no doubt will be our LT next season barring a surprise trade (which would be stupid) or some retards idea to move him to the RT position which would be completely unnatural for him. Peter's a probowler and blah blah blah.. You all know about him.

King Dunlap- King is one big guy. I honestly thought at times last season when he was on the field that he was the biggest guy out there, but he still seems to thin. Dunlap had a few good games in place of Justice and Peters throughout the year, he's what you want out of a backup OT who can swing both ways and be decent for a game or two. As of now, not a guy you want starting full time.


Next is the LG position.

Todd Herremans- Todd is a nasty player. I think some of us really don't give him enough credit. When he was out during the preseason our line looked like super ultra shit, with him we look bad-good depending on the week. He and Peters make that right side McCoy likes to run behind time and time again to close out a Cowboys game and kill the clock with 4 mins ago.

Backup? As of now we don't have a backup. The only other OG on the roster is Max, who hasn't signed his tender yet. So obviously theirs no B/U yet.


Now for the Center.

Mike McGlynn- Mike is the starter in my mind. He actually never played center until last offseason when he began snapping, so for him to play as well as he did actually amazes me, if he can go from OT and OG to playing center in about a 1/2 an offseason of work I can't wait to see what he can do with another offseason and preseason under his belt. I know McGlynn wasn't the best center, I know I'm going to take some flak for this but take a look at what he did, he was very good in the screen game, he didn't fuck up many snaps (I never saw him mess up at all actually, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen). He's our starting center going into next season, he had a solid year and got better as it went along, he needs to work on his blocking calls a little and recognizing the fronts, I think he can be elite if he gets those mental aspects down.

Jamaal Jackson- I don't think Jamaal is going to be here much longer. He's had what? 9-10 snaps in 2 years? His knee is untested, his triceps are fucked up.. He's messed up 2 essential components to an OLman (especially a center) in 2 consecutive years. I know we all love Jamaal, but he's over 30 (will be 31 or 32 this season) and has now been injured. Healthy players over 30 don't last here so I don't see how one who's been injured and over 30 does. I like Jamaal, but I think we go with the younger option and make Jamaal a backup or free agent.


Ugh, RG....

Max Jean-Gilles- Max is the only other OG on this team, and that's only if he signs his tender. Max is pretty much a "look out!" blocker. This means when Vick gets the snap, Max stands up, dusts the DLmans jersey off and turns to Vick and says "look out!"... He's an average backup at best, and can swing both sides. Our starter will most likely (hopefully) come via FA or the draft.


And now for the RT.

Winston Justice- I know you guys are all down on Justice. I see no reason to get rid of him, if we get an upgrade he's a better option than Dunlap and Howard as a backup. But as a starter he was actually doing pretty well till he hurt his knee last season, and that playoff game was bad, but honestly he was just getting back from a knee injury and sat 2-3 games. As the starter I'm ok with him, if we got an upgrade I'd feel better but i don't see why everybody wants him gone, even as a b/u he's valuable.

Austin Howard- The kid is big, and apparently he was good enough to go from undrafted to making the team. He had one game this season and went against Ware. Not enough knowledge on/from him to really make a decision, but if he keeps improving I think his ceiling is higher than Dunlaps so if we add a very good OT I think we keep Howard and go with Dunlap.


What OG's really appeal to wild_eagle?

Free Agents.

(1) Harvey Dahl- He's a nasty little man. Honestly he'd fit right in with Herremans and McGlynn. He gets after people and is slightly cheap. I watch Falcons games from time to time just to watch him. Yes, I mean what I say I will watch a Falcon's game when the Eagles aren't on to watch an OLman play. This is my first choice if the Eagles asked me who to go and get. (Note: I don't know if Dahl was tendered or an UFA)

(2) Davin Joseph- Joseph has been up and down as a player, last year he had a pretty good year till he got injured. I think he's pretty good, he's further down on my list but he's worth a look.

(3) Mike Gibson- He's started for Seattle the past few years, he's done a pretty good job there at LG. We drafted him once, he's worth bringing in, most likely the cheapest FA option out there.

Draft Prospects.

(1) Pouncey- I'm up and down with Pouncey, I'd like to have him but I'm not to sure he's really gonna be as good as everybody things.

(2) Watkins- He's 26 I know. But I think he's one who can step in right away and play at a level beyond what MJG can. That and I see probowl type talent in him.

(3) Hudson- This FSU boy in my opinion will the the best of the three listed here. That's my gut feeling. I like watching him play and he fits Mudds scheme pretty well ( I think better than Pouncey and Watkins)


(Note: I know that Howard played LT in that Cowboys game while Dunlap played RT. I put them in those positions because I didn't really care which side the backups were on because they can both play either side if needed)

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