Draft day scenario


28th April 2011 - 2hrs until the start of the draft


Howie Roseman has gone down ill. He’ll be back for day 3 of the draft, but Joe Banner has asked BGN to run the war room for rounds 1-3.


At exactly the same time, the owners and players have finally got the CBA sorted. Trading for picks is back on the menu!


For each trade offer you receive, choose to accept or decline it. No negotiating.

For each pick you hold, pick the player you would choose.

Obviously you can only trade picks and players you still have.


One rule: Don’t look through the post and think how to get the most out of the scenario. Play it in the order it is set out. If you make a bad choice, you’ve got to deal with it.


What picks and players have you lost/gained? What grade would people be giving your draft in the comments section of BGN on April 30th?



Lets go . . .


Panthers select Nick Fairley

Broncos select Da’Quan Bowers

Bills select Patrick Peterson

Bengals select AJ Green.


Choice 1:

The phone rings. Pretty simple: the Arizona Cardinals are listening to Mr Fitzgerald and want Kolb but they also recognise they need to add some talent and really want to keep their first rounder too.


Cardinals’ #5 overall pick for the EaglesKevin Kolb and #23 overall pick


Choice 2:

Unless you traded, the Cardinals picked Von Miller and Cleveland went with Julio Jones. The 49ers front office is on the phone. Tennessee are rumoured to love Gabbert and one of the many screens in your war room is showing Jason La Canfora from NFL network reporting that he’s been told that Jerry Jones is leaning heavily on Jason Garrett to select Cam Newton at 9.


49ers’ #7 overall pick and Alex Smith for the Eagles’ Kevin Kolb and 2nd round pick


Choice 3:

If you didn’t trade, the 49ers took Dareus. Gabbert and Newton went at 8 and 10 respectively. The Cowboys have got the Prince while Houston took Robert Quinn. Minnesota have decided they don’t want Kolb, but would like to grab some extra picks in the late rounds.


Vikings’ #12 overall pick for the Eagles’ #23 overall pick, both 4th round picks and first 5th round pick


Choice 4:

Miami are on the clock and really like Mark Ingram. They are interested in getting Kevin Kolb, but with Ingram available, they aren’t going to break the bank. Amukamara, Peterson and Tyron Smith have gone, but no other DBs or OL. Otherwise, make a reasonable assumption about who is left on the board.


Miami’s #15 overall  pick for the Eagles’ Kevin Kolb and 3rd round pick


Choice 5:

Eagles are on the clock at #23 (if you still have it). Nate Solder is still available and someone obviously wants him. Jimmy Smith has gone, as has Castonzo and Carimi. Brandon Harris, Derek Sherrod and Akeem Ayers are all still available, along with any reasonable assumptions. There are 2 offers on the table. Both from the same phone.


Eagles’ #23 overall pick for the New England Patriots’ #28 overall pick and their first third round pick.


Eagles’ #23 overall pick for the New England Patriots’ #60 overall pick and Logan Mankins.


Choice 6:

At pick 34, the Denver Broncos are looking to trade down to accumulate picks. The following players are notably still available: Aaron Williams, Ben Ijalana, Jake Locker, Rahim Moore, Mikel Leshoure and all the OGs except Pouncey. Any other reasonable assumptions are fine.


Broncos’ #36 overall  pick for the Eagles’ 3rd round pick, first 4th rounder and first 5th rounder.


Choice 7:

The Cowboys are on the clock with pick #41 and on the phone. 5 cornerbacks are gone. 6 OTs including Sherrod and Ijalana as well as Safeties Rahim Moore and Quinton Carter are off the board. I’m glad we resigned Mikell!


Cowboys’ #40 overall pick for the Eagles’ Quentin Mikell and 2nd round pick.


Choice 8:

Detroit want to keep their QB upright this year and are not convinced by any OTs remaining in the early 3rd round.


Lions’ #75 overall pick for the Eagles’ Winston Justice and 3rd round pick


Choice 9:

Very end of the 3rd round after you’ve picked with the Eagles’ 3rd round pick (if you still have it) and you’re happy to be handing over to Howie again after all those phone calls! Speaking of which, its gone off again. Carson Palmer has gone to Seattle and they’re desperate for a QB.


Bengals 2012 1st round pick for the Eagles’ Kevin Kolb.

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