WarGeist's 4 round Eagles mock draft(CBA was reached in here, boys.)

Ok, normally, I hate doing these things. I really don't like to take the time nor effort to go through a shit load of players and rank them myself so I read a lot of other people's mock drafts. Also, I don't like doing it because I feel like I'm either valuing someone too high or too low sometimes. Also, I'm afraid I'm so damn used to Madden limiting picks to 10 that I'm not sure if thats a legitimate rule in the NFL or not. Correct me if I'm wrong. After watching most of the combine, I think I could make a better mock. Also, I'm only doing 4 rounds because I'm lazy. Sorry fellas.

Our picks are as follows:


Round 1- 4(from Bengals)

Round 2- 12(from Detroit) and 22

Round 3- 3(from Bengals) 21

Round 4- 7 and 23

Also, I know the deadline for the CBA is midnight tonight but forget that, lets say it's done already and trades are on.


Stew got a 2nd round tender, MJG got a 4th round tender and Kolb is a hot commodity. Lets just say all this stuff holds up with the new CBA and whatnot and be happy and continue reading.

What I see happening, should the tenders hold up, is Detroit going for Bradley and moving him to SAM because Landon Johnson is gonna be 30 this month, plus he isn't THAT great. Stew is young and could help bolster their LB corps leaving only the other OLB spot to be filled, most likely in the draft. So now we have 2 second round picks.

I'm not sure where MJG could go. Perhaps Houston for their 4th? Maybe even Carolina? I'm not going to add another pick above because the MJG thing could really go anywhere.

Now onto Kolb. I think Arizona will do the trade with us. Either them or Cincinnati. I believe it'll be Cincy only because Arizona needs a LB pretty badly and will probably end up taking Von Miller and possibly(should he fall) get Jake Locker in the second. If not, I think Ryan Mallet could be their guy at that point. I think we package Kolb and our first for Cincy's first and their 3rd or 4th.

Also, in this draft, keep in mind that I'm picturing us without Namdi. Not because I want to, but because I have a feeling someone will give him a bigger payday than we will.

Anyway, onto the mock.

Round 1, 4th overall selection: Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU- Ok, I know some of you think that Denver will take him before we can. I think Denver goes defensive end or tackle instead. They have Champ Bailey back and while he isn't AMAZING he's still doing his thing. Patrick Peterson is the stud in this draft class at CB. Over the past few weeks I've been pretty mixed about the guy. I've been mixed about each of the top 3 CB's in the draft. Peterson's game film is extremely impressive though. He's got excellent ball skills, he's fast, he's physical, he's an all around athlete. I like what he offers in the return game but for the sake of injury risks, I would not put him there. I would draft someone later for that. If Denver DID take him, we could just go ahead and nab Amukamara. Not a terrible consolation, huh?

Either pick would clearly improve our secondary. I wouldn't really mind any 3 of my projected first round CB talents but if we manage to move up this far and get the chance to take Peterson if he's there or Amukamara if Peterson isn't, I'd call that a good day in my book.

Round 2, 12th selection: Bruce Carter, OLB, UNC- While we ship Bradley, we bring in Bruce Carter. That would allow us to keep Chaney at MIKE, Fokou at WILL and put Carter at SAM. I like Carter, he's a solid athlete, a sound tackler, alright in coverage(can definitely improve) and he's fast. He can hawk WR's down the sideline. I like the kid and think he'll definitely end up in our lap if we can get Stew to Detroit for their 2nd.

Round 2, 22nd selection: DeMarcus Love, OT, Arkansas- solid player, very experienced, can play both RT and LT. Has the size and strength for it, also pretty good footwork. Well rounded for the most part but theres always room for improvement. I may have undervalued him, I'm not sure but if I have and he's gone by this pick, then I would go with Marcus Cannon, G/T, TCU- He had a pretty solid combine and looks good on tape. He's very good at staying engaged with his man and not giving up the sack. He has solid footwork and he's relatively quick to get to the second level and keeps his head on a swivel once there. He can play either Guard or Tackle at the next level in my opinion.

Round 3, 3rd selection: Marcus Cannon, G/T, TCU- see above. If he isn't there at this point, I could see us going with Greg Jones, OLB, Michigan- now I know I just mocked up Bruce Carter for us at outside linebacker but just because I did that and we have Clayton and other backups at the LB position, that doesn't mean we can't draft this guy. I think he'll fall to the 3rd and be the only reasonable option with this pick since, to me, I don't see significant defensive players in this round unless you believe Ahmad Black will fall here but I'm not that big of a fan of that guy. I don't much like this pic for Jones either but we need some linebackers and we could get two decent ones with Carter and Jones. Anything is an upgrade over Sims.

Round 3, 21st selection: Derrick Locke, RB, Kentucky- Well if Harrison leaves, we need a no. 2 guy. Locke is small but he's a playmaker in the passing game. He can turn a check down into a big play much like McCoy. If he bulked up a tad he could turn out to be Shady v2. I like the pick here. He can move well, catch well and despite his size, can run pretty well between the tackles. Not afraid to hit but won't look to truck anyone but thats alright because we're more of an east west running team after we're a pass first team.

Round 4, 7th Selection: Robert Sands, S, West Virginia- Oh how predictable of me. Yeah, I think he's gonna make an immediate impact in the NFL. His size, speed, tackling and big hitting stand out to me. His coverage needs a little work but he can be coached up for it. His combine wasn't that great and thats why he'll fall to the 4th or 5th round. I see us taking this guy and putting him at Strong Safety and he'll emerge the starter after training camp.

Round 4, 23rd Selection: Owen Maricec, FB, Stanford- He's a tough player, solid in both pass protection and run/lead blocking. If he's on the board at this point I don't see why we wouldn't take this guy. Replacement for Weaver if he cant come back and a back up to Schmitt.


Let me hear your feedback on my first ever mock draft and also, let me know if some players are overvalued/undervalued. Thanks for reading.

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