Game Day Rituals / Habits / Preparation

This is my first post and in lieu of having very little to talk about w/the current CBA situation, I figured this would be a nice break from the normal "I hate the (owners/players)" argument.

I want to see what my fellow Eagles fans did for gameday.  Some of us have a traditional, regimented schedule before we play and I thought it would be interesting to hear what everyone does to get fired up or prepared.  

This goes for anything; 1:00 o'clock games, 4:15 kickoffs, night games, Monday night games, playoff games, etc, as I know all of these scenarios could yield a different response, so please specify if possible =).

Personally, I'm a huge fan of the 4:15 kickoff, so consider this my Sunday regiment for a 4:15, Sunday kickoff:


Up no later than 9:00 am - Off to the local Heritages for coffee, the paper and a breakfast sandwich to get the day going (need to coat the stomach before the beer rolls in)

10:00 am - Don the DeSean jersey and play the day's matchup in Madden, cursing and screaming if I'm not up by 3 TD's at half...

10:45 - Head over to the food store to pickup ingredients for the day's dish as well as walk up and down the aisles high-fiving everyone wearing anything Eagles related

11:30 am - First bloody mary and tune in to Countdown to listen to Keyshawn bumble through what he considers a rational thought process.

12 Noon - Bloody Mary #2

1:00 - Depending on the days schedule, tune into a matchup that pertains to the Eagles or throw on RedZone to hopefully get a glimpse of the Giants or Cowboys crumbling (extra points if I see the "Awww Shucks" face by halftime)

1:02 - Crack open the first beer (Hometown or Coors) as fellow fans arrive to watch the games and heckle my roommate who happens to be a Giants fan...poor guy...

3:00 - Snack time, usually a homemade nacho dish or pizza...drinking heavily by this point

4:15 - Gametime.  Fight song once, Bro Hymn once (yes, I know it's not a Flyers game, but not many songs get a guy as jacked up as Bro Hymn).

4:25 - The whole place is more than likely cursing at Andy Reid's first mistake of the game

5:00 - Taking turns on the grill cooking up Cuban Burgers.  Yes, every week I prepare these bad boys for the game. 

6:00 - Eagles are winning, hopefully over an NFC East opponent.  Roommate is livid because we haven't stopped bashing Eli since 1:00.  We've moved on from beer to Ketel.  First, taking shots for Eagles scores or turnovers and eventually turning into taking shots for anything we deem necessary (i.e. a McNabb vs. Vick comparison, a Djacc celebration, etc etc)

7:00 - Game is usually over by now.  Eagles fight song along with a shot of Johnny Walker for a win, Rumpleminz for a loss.  

Post 7:00 - Eagles win = continuance of drinking and celebrating, talking about the good, the bad and the Andy. 

     Eagles lose = everyone leaves and I stay pissed off until at least Tuesday, cursing at every other game that comes on and (in denial) talking about how we wouldn't have screwed the pooch "if"...


So there you have it.  Please feel free to be as detailed as myself or just throw one or two things up here that you get into every Sunday. This is not limited to anything in particular, so if you have a favorite brew, food, halftime tradition, recipe you want to share or whatever else, please do so!  

Look forward to seeing everyone's responses!

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