In defense of the Players


While many fans seem upset at Union for decertifying, let's really look at what the NFL was doing.




Addressing the NFL's negotiations on a new CBA:


1. The NFL choose to opt out of the current CBA- Not the Players.  The players would have been more than happy to continue with the way things are going. Instead the NFL chooses opt out, because they wanted more money. It's important to remember that despite the recession both the NFL and Players were making more money than ever before( check out the TV ratings ) However, the owners were determined to opt out in an attempt try to grab even more $. There should be no sympathy when the owners opted out in plain greed.


2. The NFl further appears driven by greed to engage in deceitful and even illegal practices in their drive for greed. Notice the prices at the concessions stand lately?- I think those prices offer a microcosm into how owner operate. So far they've acted with what seems like an intent to lockout the players and play hardball negotiation( 4billion stashed away?) What should the make the fans trust any of the "negotiations" or things they say?


  a.  remember way back when before the NFL's war chest was taken away. The NFL certainly wasn't talking about their amazing offers or negotiating. All of a sudden after the ruling theirs an extension and  what seems to be a lot more talk... I wonder why? It's pretty obvious that the NFL was going to play hardball and bet that the players would squander the money in the time of a few months and they would set tight with their billion dollar assets. They would get everyone of their outrageous demands which they set with their eyes only set on $$. When they realize that couldn't play hardball they went to plan b.


b. It's standard negotiating tactics to ask for 3 times of what you want then "then compromise down". The NFL appears to have done this with their 18 game season and their "split the difference". The NFL never intended to have a 18 game season- they simply used it as a bargaining chip to claim that they were compromising. In fact almost every compromise" gives favor to the NFL more than the players compared to the original agreement. What the nfl offered was no compromise- it was what they wanted- and their final offer would have ended up being 5 billion dollars spread out through a few years.


3. The NFl refuses to open their books, which would justify the need for the extra money they demand. They even make ridiculous claim that they've turned over more information than ever before- Sure, if the NFL pays out one cent of compensation to injured players- that's more than ever before- but that doesn't mean that it's significant.  Why won't the NFL  turn over the data, I think it's pretty obvious, that 1. The owners really are already making tons of money and demanding more makes them look even greedier. 2. They've been spending money on "business expenditures" (most likely highly questionable)- It's likely that both scenarios are true and that NFL  has no need for the extra money.




Consider the Value of what the owners offer



The NFL is focused on one thing-  $$ and paying the owners and executive into billionaires. The billionaire owners sit around and hire and fire people, while they profit off a stadium built often  times with taxpayer $. These owners already own 100's of millions of dollars in assets and can set around as owner for 20-30-40-50 years..  On the other hand players are the ones that spent years training- and fought through injuries and incredible competition to reach the level to play in the NFL. Their careers are shockingly short and fraught with risk, they are the very best their is to offer..  Would you rather watch the " Philadelphia eagles"  with high school players in the "eagles " stadium. Or watch professional level players on a high school football field- I don't feel that the owners deserve their initial demand of 2 billion off the top then 60-40 split for setting up a stadium and owning a name.. Really think about how much the owners have done and consider their past actions regarding parking season tickets and concession and you know why the owners are demanding a new CBA. They don't offer very much besides expensive logos items, a field, coach+ staff, and gear.  It's pretty shocking how greedy and baseless the argument the NFL makes and I hope the Players end up getting what is rightfully theirs.


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