Why all the hate for Roger Goodell?

His job is to make sure the NFL remains prosperous and keeps a high level of integrity?


Common Arguments:

"He has pussified the NFL with all the fines and fabricated these so called "illegal hits."

Was there anyone calling the NFL pussy for fining Dunta Robinson's hit on DeSean Jackson? Was there anyone not screaming for a 15 yard flag after it happened?

Furthermore, players AND fans are breathing down the NFL's neck for increased player health benefits and sports scientists are encouraging even more research for the detrimental effects concussions may have on the brain.


Now does it make sense that the NFL would allow players to SPEAR other players in the head and neck area with their helmets? Not only is it an INSTANT concussion but now that player has to miss time and now that player is suspectable to more concussions. And if you can't figure out the financial problems a player would have by a career cut short with too many concussions or entering free agency with multiple concussions on the resume due to these hits, than your IQ and your age are probably very closely related.

Another common

"He takes the fun out of the NFL by limiting celebrations!"

Again, the NFL is a business and just like in every other business it needs to hold a high standard of professionalism. Spiking the ball and celebrating with your team mates on the side line? Professional. Taking the pylon and acting like you're putting a birdie, not.

The hardcore fans might find a good celebration funny, someone who is casually watching the game and not yet a hardcore fan, very well might be turned off by these elaborate celebrations.

Let me interject with my own analogy. I own a metal roofing business and like any and all businesses I try to be as professional as possible with a customer at all times. After I complete a job, the customer is pleased, and hands me a check, do you think it would be a good idea for me to do the Nestea Plunge in their pool in celebration? Or run into the middle of their lawn and spike my hammer and do the Dougie? Or perhaps fake mooning the neighbors and rub my ass on their mail box?

Likely, I would be thought of as a jackass and an unprofessional one at that.

I think some celebrations and funny and entertaining and the rules may be too harsh, but at the same time it forces some integrity.

And lastly:

He's making the NFL too business like

Uh yeah, that's his job. If the NFL started losing revenue then he wouldn't have one. I don't agree with the 18 game season either, but if you think about it from a monetary perspective it makes perfect sense. His job isn't to please us -- the hardcore devout fans. And why would it? We aren't going anywhere. His job is to reach out to the people who are just casual fans and potential fans. The more fans, the more TV viewership, the more merchandise sold, etc... The NFL is a business, and business decisions aren't going to please everyone.


With all that in mind, it's getting old seeing 10000 posts weekly declaring that Roger Goodell is Satan. All he is doing is continuing where Taglibue(SP) left off and he's doing a good job of it.

And remember, the reason why Michael Vick isn't stocking grocery shelves is because Roger gave him a second chance.

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